TITLEBoy, oh boy, do we have a feast for your eyes this morning!


Good morning guys, I hope you’re well and having a rad week, but I’m sure if you’re anything like us, you’re probably a little envious of the sunny, musical and all-round awesome Coachella shenanigans that are permeating all our social media feeds right now!

I mean… Come on! Heart eyes. Everywhere.

So we thought it only right that those gorgeously bohemian, perfectly divine festival vibes inspire today’s mood board! We’re gonna be talking wedding style (Bride, Groom and Bridesmaids… The Works!) inspired by the Coachella’s artists and ‘street’ style, decor trends that translate beautifully from festival to wedding, and (of course!) all-American fun festival food!

Let’s get straight into it shall we?!

Decor: Sunset Colours

Hands down. This is our favourite trend from Coachella this year.

Now, normally, you know me, I’m a muted, neutral palette kinda gal, but there is just something about a festival that makes me ADORE colour and pretty much just wanna splash it all over myself, and Coachella has given me all those feels this week!

Embracing a rainbow palette throughout the festival, Coachella’s inspiring us to be a little freer with our wedding colour schemes… Don’t be scared to use colour, and plenty of it, especially you Summer brides.

From funfetti cakes, to colourful dress embellishments, bursts of colour are right on trend and we are just LOVING it.







Groom Style: Bold Florals

Just like his mama, when it comes to style stakes, it’s fair to say Brooklyn Beckham is one to watch. Donning an outfit that GQ have coined ‘Manly Florals […] What you should wear all summer long’

…And I mean, who are we to disagree! These bold floral shirts are another welcome burst of colour and originality to the wedding scene, that we (along with Jared Leto + Harry Styles) are pretty stoked about.

Keep colours on the more masculine side, opting for oversized floral prints and a casual vibe (think rolled up or short sleeves, sans tie or bow tie!) to nail this chilled grooms wear look.





Decor: Botanical Vibes

Guys, this trend ain’t going nowhere.

We’ve spoken about our love for all things botanical for 2016 and 2017 weddings, and Coachella have just solidified this love affair for us yet again.

For real though, we’re pretty much in a committed relationship with our plants.

If you’re looking for the most on-trend, festival inspired way to style your venue, bring the outside in.

From an abundance of indoor plants to adorn your reception, to botanical print stationery… It’s all so ridiculously cool and laid back – we LOVE.





Style: Sheer Luxe + Dusty Blue

Two trends to take note of here:

First up: the ongoing prevalence of sheer ensembles. They’re getting even more luxurious and sophisticated and we just cannot get enough! The bridal gown by Australian designer, Georgia Young, below, is just LIFE.

Second up: that beautifully dusty shade of blue. Pantone’s 2016 colour, Serenity, really has permeated the world of fashion this year and we are head over heels for it as a wedding colour scheme. Check out our Pinterest board, The Blues, for all our favourite ways to incorporate this heavenly shade.






Bridal Style: Wide Leg Jumpsuits

It’s no secret that we LOVE a jumpsuit for 2016 (did you see our faves in last Friday’s lifestyle post?) and the Coachella festival goers are pretty hot on them too.

With laid back loose leg styles proving hugely popular, they’re the perfectly chilled out bridal ensemble all you it-girls have been waiting for.

Chic, original and so comfortable it makes me so happy I could cry a little, the bridal jumpsuit is finally (hurrah!) becoming a thing! And we, for one, wholeheartedly support!





Decor: Signs of Love

Huge letters as decor is a big trend right now, and has been for a good year or so, but Coachella has given it their own new, festival spin and we’re totally on board!

What’s new?


Don’t hold back on your letter adornments! Coachella went big on colour and sparkle, and we’re thinking bold colours, fun textures and interactive letters (see the below donut-adorned ‘YUM’ sign!) are a totally rad variation on this theme!

Love Language

Moving away from his ‘n her’s names, signage is speaking the language of love. ‘Besame Mucho’ translates roughly to ‘kiss me a lot’ or ‘kiss me again and again’… Super cute right? Write your love letters in another language, or take a song lyric or even a vow… Speak love!

Bigger + Better

Subtle isn’t really a thing this year for festival weddings! Big, bold and brash; have fun with your signage!






Bridal Style: Cut out Cool

A pretty out-there trend for brides-to-be, but nonetheless one we’re totally game for!

Coachella saw the beautiful Aluna George sport a very cut-out, almost bandage style ensemble for her performance and I gotta say, we’re in love!

Fashion-forward bridal designers, Houghton NYC, have been embracing this cut-out trend in full force for their Spring 2017 collection, as has the incredible Suzanne Harwrard with her Riley dress.

Blurring the lines between edgy fashion and romantic peeps of skin, this style is perfect for the unique modern bride.






Bridal Style: Impact Jewels

I did warn you, there ain’t much subtle in the festival wedding world right now!

But who needs subtle when you could be donning this utterly stunning, gypsy-esque statement necklace?!

Whether you choose to rock this look for your entire wedding day, or amp up your look for the evening reception, huge impact collars and earrings are a huge trend in both the festival and bridal fashion worlds right now!





Trends: Long live the Polaroid

Who doesn’t love a polaroid though, really?!

Well, Coachella certainly do, and so do we! So grab your self one of those adorable polaroid cameras and whether it’s snapping memories at your hen party, hanging shots of you and your beau as decor or creating a super cute polaroid style Save the Date, it’s right on trend and it screams festival fun.

Now, seriously, who’s buying me a polaroid camera…?





Bridal Style: Forever Fringing

Of course, it wouldn’t be Coachella if Rihanna didn’t step out a statement piece that made us all coo!

And this year, she gave us all the feels with that insanely cool fringed jacket.


The girl just gets it. Every time.

So of course, I scouted out a couple of our favourite fringed gowns so y’all can rock this painfully cool look for your wedding. The first gown below, by Barcelona’s, Yolan Cris, is probably my all-time favourite for 2016! So freakin’ rad.


FA1a please work


Bridesmaid Style: All White Errthang

Yes indeed! Call in your girl gang, each adorn yourselves in a gorgeous, crisp white gown that perfectly reflects your different personalities and then rock the all-white trend for your entire wedding day.

Yes it’s controversial, (‘Really, shouldn’t the bride be the only one in white?!’), but we like to break those rules and it just looks too awesome not to!

From Daughters of Simone, to Grace Loves Lace… The white-on-white-on-white palette continues to be a big deal.





Trends: Fun Festival Food

And of course, what is a festival without a whole host of incredible, boundary pushing street food to delight your senses?!

This year, Coachella’s seen a couple of predominant trends in the food realm, namely:


We’re talking burgers bursting with flavour, loaded Mexican tacos, summer favourite snow cones… It’s all SO good and this American style grub would make a seriously fun, and perhaps unexpected wedding catering choice!

Fun Filled

Neon ice cream sandwiches sprinkled with rainbow cereal, insanely pigmented cocktails, trays upon trays of donuts (Good LAWD the e numbers!)… Who said your wedding food had to be gourmet?! Have some fun, indulge your inner child, I mean, what are your guests more likely to remember, the delicately poached salmon with just a hint of dill, or the entire wall of donuts unveiled at 10pm simply for s**ts and giggles?!

Hints of Healthy

Ok, so admittedly this one might not seem like it fits alongside the above two suggestions, but Coachella’s seen hints of healthier street food sneaking on into the scene… You’ll find kale in those loaded tacos, cones of fresh fruit, coconut water being sipped straight from the nut… Wholesome food’s a huge trend that works beautifully for weddings too, it’s all about what you as a couple are into!










Bridal Style: 70s Crochet

And finally, we had to give a nod to Kendall’s pretty sweet Coachella outfit… Not only is her statement necklace inspiring us in a big way, and of course her glitter parting is totally gorgeous too, but can we just take a moment for that 70s inspired crochet dress… Seriously bohemian-cool. Own it, girl.

We are head over heels for crochet dresses for the ultimate laid-back, beach babe bride.

Whether it’s an entire dress or just a hint of crochet on a dropped shoulder gown, it just speaks to our boho-loving hearts.



FA6bAnd there you have it, our round up of Coachella trends for 2016!

As you might expect (it’s kinda in the name, hey?) we LOVE looking to festivals for wedding inspiration.

Why? Because festivals are about expression, they’re a safe haven that encourages freer thinking, carefree fashion and a whole lot of fun…

When you visit a festival, you make the experience for yourself, you choose the music you want to hear, the new foods you want to try, the way you style yourself, and that’s exactly what we believe a wedding should be – an expression of you!

Have an awesome day guys, I hope it’s sunny where you are!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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