A Gigantic Vintage Truck That Caught My Eye!

Enchanted Brides: Matt was launching his new venture; I’m a predator in the hunt of new exciting things to photograph and his gigantic vintage truck caught my eye!

I can’t even remember how we got chatting now, but I met up with Matt from Off Beat Bars last year and just loved his laid back outlook on life and his new business he was launching in Cornwall and I wanted to collaborate with him on a styled bridal shoot.

Now looking back I have no idea why I thought February would be a good idea to do the shoot! The winter had been particularly long, cold, grey and rainy in Cornwall and I was starting to feel pretty miserable so I thought a bright and colourful shoot was in order to lift the spirits and make me feel like it was really summer! Also Matt was itching to throw a party and it all kinda went from there….

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Festival Magic Can Happen In Stormy Weather….

The weather on the day of the shoot was so cold and we battled 50 mile an hour gales! I hate cancelling anything, especially as by this point we had so many local suppliers involved too. So we did what we could and got some shots regardless on the day! Matt also decided to do the launch party on the same day as the shoot so it was just madness and one hell of a muddy field to contend with! But Matt threw one first-class launch party with lots of awesome local bands and everyone in fancy dress dancing the night away in a muddy field!

The styled shoot was to inspire couples getting married during the warmer summer and festival months! The colour palette was colourful with gypsy circus fiesta colours, lots of oranges, pinks, purples, greens and yellows! Cirque Du Soleil theme was the rough baseline. Each supplier had free reign however and was able to create what they felt best suited the theme and luckily it all came together on the day!

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Amazing Suppliers = An Amazing Shoot…

Bev from Design My Day is my superhero and she came up with the entire table styling at very short notice! If you are after a photobooth that makes large creative backdrops and wacky props you have to use the really hilarious duo that run Matt Stockman Photography! I just loved the big bouquet, buttonhole and centerpiece with the pom poms made by Jen at Twigs and Greens, and the giant tissue flowers for the arch made by Gemma at Box and Cox Vintage hire! The cake and meringues from Peboryon with all the dripping paint effect I thought was amazing! Andrea from Locks and Lashes always does fab boho hair for me with usually no electricity on location and Katherine Rowe also did the makeup wonderfully at very short notice after the original makeup artist cancelled on the morning of the shoot!

I really just wanted a bohemian, laidback, alternative and colourful festival vibed shoot! I also was adamant that I use a real couple, and Vicki who ive worked with in the past who is also a local hairdresser (Vicki Hoskin Hair Artistry) and her girlfriend Laura were perfect to model for the shoot. They were just super cute together as you can see!

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A Bit About Off Beat Bars….

Built on exquisitely restored vintage hardware, Off Beat Bars offer a truly mobile, fully equipped, fully stocked mobile bar!

I’m Matt and I built and operate Off Beat Bars. The concept was a common sense next step from my last mobile bar ‘The Cock And Balls Inn ‘ – a great British pub built inside a double decker bus. It proved to be very popular and was great fun to convert and operate but not very mobile.

It took me a while to find the right vehicle for my project but I finally discovered RGC 820 in a barn in Dorset and it was love at first sight. She’s a four wheel drive 1956 Bedord RL ,ex Green Goddess fire engine. Having spent many months restoring and converting her I truly know her inside and out.

The next step was to find a suitable trailer for the bar. Eventually I came across a WW2 Searchlight trailer that ticked so many boxes it could have been designed for the very job.

Many months of restoration and construction followed and I’m really pleased with the results. I’m sure you’ll like it too.

My team and I can also offer ‘pop up’ bars to cater for any size event, whether it’s an intimate marquee wedding or a high volume festival.

With 24 years of food and beverage experience and 8 years of event bar staging you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Stocks: Draught lager, cider and real ale, a full range of wines, spirits and cocktails

The Line Up

Photography: Jo Clement from Enchanted Brides Photography
Bar & Truck: Matt Roberts from Off Beat Bars
Table Styling: Design My Day
Photo Booth, 2nd photographer and props: Matt Stockman Photography
Evening and Party Photography: Mark Falmouth
Props, Love Letters and Arches: Box & Cox Vintage Hire 
Cake: Peboryon
Flowers and Buttonhole: Twigs and Greens
Hair: Locks and Lashes
Makeup: Katherine Rowe Make-up Artist
Beaded bouquet and headpiece: Caroline Coronado from Alvaro Coronado
Shoes: Cornish Wench Does Art
Venue: Victory Inn
Real couple: Laura and Vicki from Vicki Hoskin Hair Artistry
Strongman: Kevin Callaby
Assistant: Mel Salathiel
Dresses: Vintage


Wedding beauty on its way!

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