A delicate shade of warm white, its slender elegant shape, and dream-like soft texture… Undoubtedly one of the biggest trends for 2017 and, as far as we see, 2018 weddings too; the ornamental Pampas Grass.

We’re seeing this graceful foliage used time and again in both bridal and fashion editorials: from an original bouquet addition, giving height to aisle decor or show-stopping chandelier-like installations, the Pampas Grass is the hottest addition to your wedding.

Need 5 reasons to get on board with this trend? Well, how convenient! That’s exactly what we’ve got in store for y’all! First up…

One: the perfect neutral ceremony backdrop

Pampas grass has the most deliciously neutral tone. It’s a beautiful, very natural white, with depth, tonal variation and a matte softness that means it won’t outshine any other *kinda* important white elements in your ceremony (ahem your bangin’ dress ahem!).

It pairs perfectly with any colour scheme: working as a subtle variation in a white on white wedding, but also complementing a variety of Spring pastels, Summer brights and it’s totally perfect for those deeper Autumnal colour ways.

Prepare to be obsessed…

Whether you create a stunning Pampas wall, a hanging feature, one of those crazy-beautiful ceremonial crescents… This amazing material is the perfectly understated statement backdrop for your ceremony.

Two: a unique bouquet

This may well be our favourite bouquet look for 2017, guys! Adding length, elegance, and a softness you wouldn’t find in many other natural plants, Pampas Grass makes the most incredible addition to almost any bouquet (perhaps except for a tight posey… I can’t quite envisage that one!)

If you’re looking to create a whimsical dreamy, yet strikingly bohemian bouquet with your florist, then including Pampas Grass, or even an entire bouquet of the stuff is just beautiful.

 It’s just so unexpected, without being at all ‘in your face’. What’s not to love?!

Three: the perfectly understated statement

Haha, so this is a bit of a continuous theme throughout, hey? The whole ‘understated statement’ thing, but it’s so true!

Neutral colour + soft delicate texture + natural element = Understated

Versatility in terms of use and even orientation + originality of the material in a wedding setting + large quantities of the stuff = Total Statement!

This chandelier style instalment has our whole hearts…

  …I was a little worried that as a decor element they may fall a little flat and be too matte in evening lighting, but if anything that last photo seems to prove they look even more alluring!

Four: add eye-catching height to decor

Again, I have previously mentioned this stunning aspect of Pampas Grass, but it’s worth dwelling on for a moment.

One of the foundations of a good tablescape, and styling in general is to not forget to create height/depth. You could have strategically placed the most beautiful elements on your wedding table, but unless the viewer was appreciating it from directly above (bird’s eye view) it’s never gonna look truly awesome.

On the flip side, adding taller elements at intervals (obviously you don’t want just a solid wall of Pampas Grass!) can add such a intriguing dynamic, making it very eye catching.

For example, the use of Pampas Grass to line your ceremony aisle… I mean, I just love it. There’s something almost cathedral like about the slender height and grandeur of this awesome plant…

Try imagining that last floral display, minus the Pampas Grass… Still beautiful, for sure, but how much shape do they add?! Such elegant height too!

Five: that dreamy fluffy texture

So, if you’re loving this idea, but maybe you’re in the later stages of planning your wedding and not sure how/where you can incorporate this idea at this point… Have no fear, babes! I gotcha!

While statement Pampas Grass is truly incredible, it can also be incorporated in a wonderfully subtle way that truly embraces the fluffy texture of this plant, and brings a overall hazy softness to your decor.

You can go for the little and often approach, incorporating smaller stems of Pampas into your table decor, scattering it around lanterns, or including a single sparse stem in small floral decor. Or maybe you still want to include the larger stems, but allow them to fade a little more into the background, as part of the bar decor perhaps, simply adding depth to your decor rather that stealing the show.

Either way, embracing this wholly unique texture will only enhance that dreamy haze your wedding day will take on.

    We simply cannot get enough! It’s really worth asking your florist about Pampas Grass early on in your plans, as it isn’t the most commonly used material, and I believe it’s also seasonally available in the UK, so do get enquiring ASAP if this trend is for you!

Until next time, wishing all your beautifully soft fluffy Pampas Grass dreams come true!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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