If you guys are anything like me, then I should say that this post should come with a warning: things are about to get T-A-S-T-Y!

Donuts, guys, we’re talking donuts.

They’ve been on the peripheral of the wedding world for a little while now, with the occasional daring couple opting for a donut tower in place of, or alongside, a wedding cake, but things are getting WAY more exciting!

We’ve got a whole seven different ways to rock the wedding donut trend lined up and ready to put the icing on your amazing day…

Stack ’em High

One of the easiest presentation styles to DIY, the donut stack is an alternative and wonderfully casual way to display your sweet treats.

Perfect for all those doughy delights that are without fancy toppings (and therefore won’t get spoiled in the stacking process), simply attach a piece of cut dowel wood to a sturdy base of your choice and stack ’em high!

I mean, how awesome are those copper pipe stands? Kinda quirky, kinda industrial, we love it!

Wonder Wall

If you’re in it for the ‘WOW’ factor then the donut wall is definitely your scene!

Again, a relatively achievable DIY, a sturdy room divider or large piece of painted ply wood makes to perfect ‘wall’ for you to hang your highly sugared carb fest on to!

We absolutely love the drama of a floor to ceiling wall of donuts and the addition of a calligraphy sign and a string of fairy lights is never a bad idea (obvs!).

Of course, if you just happen to have a completely shelved wall at your venue…

Doughy Decadence

Because sometimes, the donuts themselves can be enough to wow!

I mean, donut bakers are stepping it UP, guys! They’re bigger, drizzled in more delectable sauces, with more incredible embellishments, luxurious flavour combinations, more gold leaf, more fresh fruit, more edible flowers… All the yummy excess!

What more could someone want in a dessert?!

If you’re STILL yet to be convinced (?!) be sure to check out Nectar and Stone’s instagram feed, they are truly donut creator royalty!

Tower of Power

Probably the most popular presentation trend thus far, and with good reason, the donut tower makes for a perfect tiered cake alternative.

Ask your florist to add an array of beautiful coloured blooms and a little foliage, and be sure to tower them tall, the more abundant looking the tower, the better!

Got lots of little people attending the wedding? Worried they might send the tower flying through the air? Simply opt for an entire donut table instead, using crates to create (sturdy) height and interest! Sorted.

The Shape Shifters

So I’m gonna hedge my bets here and assume that if you’re the kinda couple even contemplating donuts at your wedding, you’re some pretty fun-loving people! Am I right?!

With that in mind, meet the shape shifter donuts. Playful, unexpected, themed, whether its donuts or shaped churros we are on board with this fun little idea!

Those sugared hearts though… Would they not make the cutest little cocktail accompaniment?!

A Baked Bachelorette

Enjoy that pun-laden title for a second there *face palms*

And continuing on with the shaped donut idea… Let it be known by all bridesmaids planning a sweet hen party: ring donuts make the perfect diamond engagement ring!

Simply add a not-so-little diamond cut out, and you have a seriously cute, super fun dessert!

Or, of course, if your girl’s not much of a bling lover, festival ‘Bachella’ themed letter donuts, or the addition of a flamingo head and legs for a tropical bridal shower are also totally viable options! Just so crazy fun!

Sugary Side Order

And finally, if you love the idea of incorporating donuts, but don’t quite wanna dedicate to an entire wall or tower, then these ideas are for you.

Because really, what could be better than a cake topped with miniature donuts? Or a delicious food-truck style cone of donut holes as a light ‘happy hour’ snack.

Or what about late night donuts, in Bespoke Bride’s gorgeous little boxes, for your guests to take for the ride home? I mean, that’d be my perfect end to the night!

However you go about it, get donuts on the menu at your 2017 wedding! Your guests will most definitely thank you!


Peace + Love


Clare XO




Wedding beauty on its way!

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