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Fri-nally! The weekend is nigh good people and Spring is most definitely here, which I, for one, am so grateful for. In a midst the pre-wedding season chaos that I find myself in, my hubby and I have been making time to go for some beautiful sunset walks as the evenings begin to draw out and, I gotta say, it feels SO GOOD to get some sun on my skin.

We’ve got a beautiful 10 Ways to share with you today, we’re chatting about the new trend for ‘Virgin’ brows (I didn’t name them, don’t shoot the messenger!), some amazing cult haircare products, the one and only jacket you’ll be needing for Spring and a couple of amazing sleep tips and tricks to get you well rested during this season of newness and change; you’re gonna love it!

But first, as you guys know, I like to take a second as we start these posts to be real and address that not everything in this life is so lovely, but that, thank goodness, we can take action and make a change in the world we live in…

One: Animal Awareness

Did you know that at 4.5 miles, the Grand National is the longest and most deadly thoroughbred race in the world?

Of course, that’s what makes it so famous, but it comes with a price.

This year alone 5 horses have already unnecessarily lost their lives at Cheltenham and Animal Aid are calling for a boycott of the festival.

…Why include this in a post about making life lovelier?

Because we believe that theses gentle creatures don’t deserve this, and the world would be a lovelier place without it.

Find out what you can do to raise awareness and boycott the sport here.

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Now, onto lighter things…

Two: The Stay Calm GIF

Now, I know they say that there’s a GIF for every occasion (I mean, I love nothing more to communicate with my friends via a series of nostalgic 90s sitcom GIFs), but this one really is everything!

I stumbled across this on Cooler Magazine’s amazing Facebook feed and immediately saved it to my dropbox knowing I could access it at any point, on my phone or laptop, when I found myself needing to take a timeout.

I’m a firm believer in using mindful breathing techniques to take control of your mind and I just love the accessibility of this little image… You haven’t gotta put any headphones in, or excuse yourself from the room, you can simply look down at your phone and start taking some deep breaths.

Right click it. Save it. Love it.


Three: Cult Hair Products

Always craving that truly swish-able hair? You know the kind, it looks effortlessly air dried, while lusciously thick, smooth and full of body…

Uh. Gimmie.

Whelp, let me tell you, the Davines haircare ranges is sure to get you a step closer to those mane goals of yours. Describe by Cult Beauty as:

‘An ethical, original range with all the style & beauty that happens when Italians do something extremely well […] a cult favourite.’

…We are head over heels (no pun intended) for this brand.

Sure, it’s pretty indulgent, but if it leaves you with hair so good you can air dry and go, it’s totally worth it.

Sun-kissed lush looking locks, here we come!

3a 3bDavines

Four: Virgin Brows

Ok, disclaimer: I did not coin this phrase and find it a little bizarre to use, but nevertheless, the beauty gods have spoken: brows are taking a more natural road in 2016.

So what are Virgin Brows? 

Good question! They’re eyebrows that have never been touched: no tweezing, tinting, threading, filling in or (heaven forbid) waxing! Nothing, nada. They’re your god-given brows.

And how do I achieve them?

Well, assuming you have given your brows at least a few of the above treatments, the first step is to grow those bad boys out. No tweezing or otherwise for a minimum of 8 weeks, put them in rehab, so to speak. Then it’s a case of minimum shaping to maintain your natural arch, have a read of Elle’s super helpful article on it here.

But I’m not blessed with good brows, can I still get this look?

Oh girl, I hear yah! Me neither, I naturally have quite dainty, lightweight brows (BOO!). However, I recently discovered ModelCo’s More Brows gel (available via Birchbox in the UK) and it’s incredible!

This clever little gel contains hair-like fibres that, when combed through your natural arches, help to extend, re-shape and thicken your eyebrows. Perfect for women with naturally sparse or over-plucked brows!

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Five: Sassy Pencils

You’re slouched at your desk on a Wednesday afternoon with a case of the hump day blues.

You’re in a meeting which was supposed to finish at four; it’s now half five.

You’re in the supermarket doing the (oh-so stressful) food shop, kids in tow.

What you need is just a little somethin’ somethin’.

A smile inducer, a little motivator, just a few words that’ll transport you back to a night spent laughing ’til your stomach hurt with your girls at Pitch Perfect

Boy, do I have the thing for you…

5d 5b 5c

Six: A Sleep Tonic That Actually Works

If you’re a light sleeper, we got you.

If you’re an insomniac, we got you.

If you’re just desperate for a good night of deep sleep, girl, we got you.

And just for reference, I’m all of the above, so I truly sympathise with you!

Having tried a million different sleep remedies, herbal, prescribed (you name it, I’ve probably tried it!) when I received This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir in the post, to say I was a little cynical would be an understatement.

Now, let me level with you: it ain’t no quick fix. BUT, and that’s a big but, this amazing little spray definitely did aid me falling asleep and I’m pretty certain, it resulted in a deeper sleep too.

A blend of soothing pure essential oils for sleep with hair boosting Sunflower Extract and botanical oils of Argan, Jojoba & Baobab, the Hair Elixir conditions your hair, while gently aiding your relaxation.

(And it’s also available in as a pillow spray too!)

We love.

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Seven: Nap Queen

On the topic of sleep… NAPS.

Naps are my new everything. A recent discovery for me, I am quickly becoming, I like to think at least, a Nap Queen.

With tonnes of research into the benefits of taking a brief daytime nap (read more in the image below!) and with a whole host of famous figures and companies endorsing regular naps to aid their brilliance, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of napping to make life lovelier!

Be it 10 minutes or an hour, just taking some time to get comfortable and shut those eyes (even if you don’t manage to fall asleep!) could mean the difference between a minor afternoon breakdown and a smooth, productive remainder of the day.

So in this season of change, as the nights begin to draw out and the we’re all so busy, get into napping – your body will love you for it!

7a Info 2 Info 1

Eight: The Spring Jacket

The Spring Jacket.

Like, seriously, it’s the only one you’re gonna need; the bomber jacket.

Light weight, effortless, available in an array of muted pastels, khaki or chic evening-worthy black, the bomber jacket is a go-to for those Spring days when it still isn’t quite warm enough to go out sans coat.

We LOVE the rose gold detailing on this one at Urban Outfitters, a super feminine twist, while ASOS’ jersey bomber is a staple in our wardrobe, in like every colour too… No really, the obsession is real.

8c 8b 8a

Nine: Now Listening

We love an audiobook. For real though, there are so many instances when an audiobook is way more accessible than a book in this modern world we live in (hear me right here, where possible I still love a real book!) but on the train, when you’re exercising, while you cook, while you decorate… Really the multitasking potential is endless!

March is a busy month for a lot of people, so here’s some of our current faves to keep your ears entertained…

9bWild Flower by Drew Barrymore

We’ve grown up with her through the 90s, always admiring her cool nonchalance, but these days Barrymore’s a mother of two, a champion of working mums, a beauty entrepreneur, and a celebrated author. Wildflower is her personal memoir of what it was like to grow up in Hollywood. To listen to her many adventures, challenges and difficulties told in her own voice is incredibly moving.

9cYes Please by Amy Poehler

For when you need a good ol’ giggle, comediene, Amy Poehler’s delivery of her life stories is utterly brilliant, with vocal appearances from Carol Burnett, Seth Meyers, Michael Schur, Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner, and even Schumer’s parents it’s definitely worth a listen, even if you’ve already read the book!

9dJust Kids by Patti Smith

The tragic, albeit beautiful love story of Smith’s relationship with photographer, Robert Maplethorpe, before they were famous. These two young, bohemian lovers in New York will make you laugh, and they’ll make you cry too, but having one of the greatest female poets and rock icons read prose to you some kind of bliss.

Ten: Winter is Coming

Last, but by no means least: if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, and you haven’t yet seen the new season 6 trailer…

Well, my friends, your Friday just got a helluva lot more exciting!

Hold on to your seats and pray to the seven gods of Westeros that Jon Snow (aka the super gorgeous Kit Harrington) will somehowe miraculously come back to life…



And that’s it you guys! I hope your Friday is a little sweeter for having joined us and please do drop us a comment with your favourite ways to make life lovely right now, we’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, have a glorious weekend and we’ll see you on the flip side!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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