Good morning, you beautiful lot! Friday is here, we are hitting up this month’s second 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely and, let me tell you, we’ve got a baller in store for y’all today!

From the easiest way to get your healthy green hit every morning, to the ultimate journalling tool for list makers, we’ve also got a couple of August street style spots that are set to be huge, a super smooth debut album from Noname and as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got two Netflix picks that we wouldn’t have been without this month…

Are you even ready for this?! We about to have some FUN! Grab a coffee, put your feet up (you know how we do!) and let’s get into it…

One: A Spoonful of Green

First things first.

Girl, you gotta get your greens!

Now, I have been on a major smoothie fix these past few weeks. They’ve been my go-to breakfast (no really, all day everyday!) and sometimes they’re even my go-to lunch too! I dunno, just the heat makes me crave super cold, blended fruit… What can I say?!

Like most, I’m a huge fan of adding some greens into my smoothie, whether it be a couple of big handfuls of spinach, or a bunch of kale… It’s a great way to get those all important greens (which are oh-SO-important for digestion, but you already knew that right?!) into your day.

So when I recently discovered the HUGE benefits of Barley Grass juice powder, you better believe I started adding this green powder to my daily blend.

This amazing article describes all the fabulous qualities and benefits of Barley Grass and is well worth a read, but to select just a couple of benefits of Barley Grass:

  • Ulcerative colitis: Barley grass is valuable in treating ulcerative colitis attributing to its stimulating effect on the gut friendly bacteria. Barley grass also assists in balancing the fluidity in the bowel and helps eliminate accumulated toxins
  • Detoxification: Barley grass is a wonderful natural detoxifier. Furthermore, abundance of chlorophyll and beta carotene in barley grass stimulates the eradication of waste materials such as mucus and crystallised acids. It also supports the metabolic processes and aids in strengthening and detoxification of liver
  • Immune system: Barley grass supports in boosting the immune defence mechanism of the body
  • Cancer: Barley grass is effective against cancer owing to the power of superoxide dismustase enzyme. It has preventive as well as curing reaction against the cancer cells
  • Acid-alkali balance:  Barley grass beneficially contributes in establishing the acid alkali balance of the body attributing to its super alkaline nature. Imbalance of acid-alkali in the body may lead to problems like sleep disorders, cardiac pains, fatigue, constipation and fragile fingernails

…There’s a reason why they call it a ‘Wonder Tonic’! I know my smoothies will now never be without it!

1a 1b 1d

And just 10g a day will see you right through! I’m completely enamoured with this stuff, and no strong nasty flavour either!

Two: Now Listening

Oh my, you guys.

This album is about to smooth out ever crease in your Friday morning.

One of my best buddies over at Chemikal Recipe recommended Noname’s debut project, Telefone, to me. It’s safe to say, he knows my taste in music very well!

A fusion of hip hop, neo-soul and jazz, Noname’s got some serious flow. It’s easy-going, it’s got that lyrical prowess, and you guys are gonna love it.

If you’re stuck in an office today, get your headphones in and kick back; Noname’s got you


Swoon. Swoon hard. Noname’s one to watch.

Three: The New Choker

Following on from the huge 90s-esq choker trend we’ve seen everyone donning this summer, as we begin (very slowly and rather reluctantly on my part) to transition through the end of summer and, dare I even say it, into autumn, there’s a new scarf style choker making its way onto the street.

A simple bandana style scarf, folded to create 2-3″ deep band, and haphazardly tied around the neck. Layer with a gold pendant chain, your favourite basic tee, or a chunky knit on those cooler evenings.

We love these frayed scarfs by Free People.

3a 3b 3c

Just the perfect transition accessory. We love our bandanas in an inky navy blue or a pale blue/grey… There’s something a little European about it.

Four: Hammock + Chill

How to make the most of what’s left of warm summer evenings and being able to enjoy the fresh air in Britian before the inevitable chill sets in?

String up a hammock.

Whether you head to warmer climates to get yourself some hammock time, or whether you string one up in you back garden with the addition of a cosy blanket for cooler evenings, there’s nothing quite like a little ‘me’ time, with a podcast or a really good book suspended in your own little cocoon in amongst the trees.

But seriously, *searches Amazon for next day delivery hammocks*

4a 4b 4c

I mean, obviously the dream is to have her tan and be swinging by a glorious pool like that, but make it work wherever you’re at hey?!

Five: One For the List Makers

So, I am definitely late to the party with this one, and I don’t pretend to have this figured out yet either (not by any stretch of the imagination!), nevertheless I feel like this is about to become a game-changing tool for me…

Enter: the Bullet Journal.

If you’re one of those people that is constantly making listings and then struggling to keep on top of what’s been actually been achieved, or where the lists even are (*raises hand* this is totally me) then this system is for you.

Free People recently wrote a super helpful article on Bullet Journals, here’s their run down of why you need one and how it works:

What is the Bullet Journal?
An analog system, created by Ryder Carroll. According to him, “it’s meant to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” It’s an organizational system inside of your notebook that is meant to help you keep track of anything written. 

Key Concepts.
The bullet journal is broken down into 4 key concepts:

Index. This is the brain of your new journal. Each time you start a new page, you will number it, add a title and page number to your index. This makes it easy for you to find it later.

Collections. Each page that you create in your journal is given a topic. These topics are referred to as collections. A Collection is a grouping of related ideas. There are three main collections that every bullet journal will have:

Future Log — This is where you jot down what’s going on in the months ahead. Include any important dates.
Monthly Log — The monthly log looks deeper into the current month. I just started my journal in August. So after creating my future log, I won’t create another. But at the beginning of each month I will create a new page for that month’s log, and fill it with important events.
Daily Log — I used two pages, and spread the week out. The date at the top will be the topic, (that you will add to your Index, to make it easy to find). Throughout the course of the day, you will “rapid-log” tasks, events and notes.

Rapid Logging. This form of logging is supposed to be quick and organized. A key will be made in the beginning of your journal, which you will refer to throughout. The dot represents any task that I write down. When I complete the task, I turn it into an X. My event bullet is an open circle. My note bullet is a dash.

Migration. At the end of the month, set aside time to review your journal. See any tasks, events or notes that weren’t completed? If they are worth pursuing, migrate them into next month. If they aren’t, cross them out and move on. Anything that is worth doing, but maybe later in life, should be added to your Future Log.

It’s a lot to take in right?! I swear when I have a moment to truly get my head around it/buy a super cute notebook it’s gonna be a life saver!

Six: Just Keep Swimming

Swimming. One of the greatest all-round body workouts, it’s easy on your joints, arguably very therapeutic and a great way to get your heart beating without a bead of sweat in sight.

Whether you’ve been inspired afresh by the olympics, or whether you’re looking for a workout alternative having overstrained something in a high impact gym session (yes, I’m talking about my silly self!), or whether you’re looking for another way to get outdoors…

Wait what? Outdoors?! In Britain?!

Yes, you heard me right. Wild swimming (yes, even in Britain!) is a thing. It’s been on my “bucket list” for this summer and is something I’m determined to have a go at before the warm weather is out. This rad book is a great guide to the best, most picturesque spots all over Britain (there’s also a guide for Spain, France and Italy, if you fancy something a little warmer!).

What a unique way to explore the countryside, and the cold water is meant to be so good for you too (apparently!) I can’t wait to take a dip!

Just be sure to be safe, and don’t swim alone!

6a 6b 6c

…I mean, I think I might opt for my wetsuit, but you get the gist!

Seven: Now Watching

A little bit terrifying. A major ode to the 80s. Some really great acting. Incredible cinematography. And an 80s soundtrack that just won’t quit.

That’s Netflix’s Stranger Things, and if you aren’t already, you really should be watching it.

(I don’t wanna say a thing more for fear of spoiling it, so just watch the trailer and prepare to surrender your entire weekend to a Netflix binge sesh!)


Gaaaaaah! SO GOOD.

Eight: Sweat it Together

So, I dunno about you guys, but I am a frequent resident at the ‘Stuck in a Workout Rut’ hotel.

Ugh. You know when just sit there, thinking about all the exercise you should be doing, but never actually get there, and then spend the rest of the time feeling so crappy that you didn’t exercise? It’s a nasty little rut, and a tough cycle to break especially if you workout alone.

I recently went to a gym class with my cousin in London, and as we were walking to the studio we chatted about how she loves to attend classes and that’s when it happened: *bing* she switched on a little lightbulb in my head.

Of course, why hadn’t this occurred to me? I needed to be in good company, amongst other people sweatin’ it out and working for their goal. That’s what I was missing. It’s inspiring and it’s straight up camaraderie!

So if you’re in an exercise rut know this: a) you’re not alone, we’ve ALL been there (multiple times!) and b) try booking yourself into a class, that way all you’ve gotta do is show up, and then once you’re in there, you don’t really have much choice! Which is kinda a good thing, in this instance!

8a 8b 8c

Whether it’s yoga, pilates, a spin class (kudos to you!), an aerobics or dance class… Whatever your preference, group exercise could be the very thing that kickstarts your exercise routine again!

Nine: Dirty Laughs

Ok, this recommendation should come with a warning: if you’re easily offended/don’t find crude (while very witty) humour funny best just to skip ahead to number ten!

However, if you do, you’re gonna love Ali Wong!

Her Netflix special, ‘Baby Cobra’ had me in absolute stitches. She’s filthy, she’s funny and she’s 7 months pregnant.

Praised as a ‘comic genius’ and a ‘groundbreaker’, I’m pretty certain any woman over the age of 25 will have plenty to identify/giggle about in her standup special. The Guardian reviewed it:

Aside from the sex – and there is A LOT of sex in Baby Cobra – Wong looks at not obviously comedic subjects including her previous miscarriage and fertility struggles and makes them genuinely hilarious, while also picking apart both sexism and feminism.

If you’re up for it, so to speak, Baby Cobra is the perfect Friday night giggle!

…And when I say that’s the tip of the iceberg, I mean that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Ten: Saturated Summer

Last but by no means least, our colour palette for the end of summer is all things saturated.

It’s that sky blue so deep you could swim in it. That deep mustard yellow that it warms you right through. A rusty deep coral that hints at the Autumn that’s about to fall and of course the perfect dark khaki to sit alongside your summer glow.

The depth of colour in our late summer wardrobe is just divine. It’s colour, but it’s sultry, muted and perfect for the end of the season.
10a 10b 10c 10d

And can we talk about those shoes though. Love that tonal pairing of creamy orange with deep rust.

We’ll see you lovely lot on the flip side, have an awesome weekend.

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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