TITLE copy Good morning, babes! And happy weekend to y’all! I hope you’ve woken up with a little hope in your heart! It seems only appropriate, in the light of the political issues we’re experiencing here in the UK, that we share a little light and rejoice in some of the simple things!

So, from a healthy take on the oh-so-instagrammable ‘Freakshake’ to a charming French podcast, our favourite Netflix fix (try saying that when you’ve had a few G&Ts!) to our favourite ways to get your feet summer ready… Our aim by the end of this post is to have raised your spirits a little – however trivial these pick-me-ups might be!

One: Freakshakes

This trend is HUGE on Instagram! And we can’t help but drool every time a ‘Freakshake’ pops up on our screens!

So, what’s a Freakshake?! Originating at London cafe Molly Bakes, they’re the milkshake’s more extravagant and arguably slightly fatter older sister!

People queue for hours (and I mean HOURS) for one of these babies! And I gotta say, I’m gagging to try one, but maybe sans the saturated fat!

Fancy making your own? We’re loving these healthy yet no-less indulgent recipes for a silky mango shake or a vegan toasted marshmallow shake… Seriously though, who’s making me one?

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Two: Friendship ’round a fire

Nothing spells summer nights like cosy-ing up ’round a fire with a cold beer and good friends.. Am I right?!

Whether it’s chilling by a chic fire pit in your garden, a bonfire after a hard day of gardening or a beach fire (where permitted of course!) listening to the rolling tide with sand between your toes… It’s magical and it’s where memories are made.

We. Love.

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Three: Now Reading

I’ve heard so many people say (especially of late): ‘Can I return 2016 please? I’ve had my 6 month trial and I’m just not so keen!’

…And I gotta say, there are some days when I’m on the same page! Now, whether that’s your feeling or not, this illustrated meditation book ‘One Year Wiser’ is sure to see you through a little calmer and a little more mindful.

The premise goes:

A good quote can change your outlook – if only for a second. It can give you hope, inspire change, make you laugh and remind you of the richness of life, all in a single sentence! That was my starting point for this book: to take words from the people that have inspired me, adapt them into illustrations expressed their meaning, and share them with you!

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Four: Ultimate Dipping

So when my beau and I visited Festival Bride’s Laura a little earlier in the year for Old Bear Films to shoot a lil’ something-something for her (more on that soon!) she introduced me to the most incredible hummus recipe I’d ever tasted!

For real. Laura was all: ‘Yeah, it’s homemade!’

And I was all:

Seriously though. This recipe is bomb. Better than any homemade hummus recipe I’ve ever tried, and definitely better than anything you could buy in a shop!

And, as Laura said to me, ‘It’s all in the order you blend…’

I mean, who knew?!

If you eat one dip this summer, make it this!


Five: Summer Sprays

Ok, so I think I’m a little late to game with this, because none of these products are new, by any means!


They are just perfection for summer!

Whether it’s needing to quickly get your legs summer ready for a summer night out, or whether you’re looking for a lightweight, quick-absorbing moisturiser to take on your holibobs (’cause nobody likes that sticky after-moisturising feeling when you’re in a hot climate!)… These milky spray moisturisers are where. It’s. At.

Quick to apply, light in texture and quick to absorb.

Get involved and click to shop!

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Six: Now Watching

This has been my TV fix this month: Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

If you’re not a fan already, you really need to be! IMDB’s synopsis reads:

The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money to her drug-dealing girlfriend. 

…But oh my, is that the tip of the iceberg! It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s emotional… It’s everything! It explores race, mental health, sexuality, gender… You name it and the progressive, open-minded directors and cast of OITNB have probably explored it.

Season 4 has been a rollercoaster. I’ve been shocked, I’ve giggled (when it seems so dark, you feel really shouldn’t be laughing!) and I’ve cried. Check out the trailer below and get watching!



Seven: Jewellery Game Strong

Oh my. H&M’s jewellery game is STRONG right now!

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of boho jewellery to accessorise your festival look, or a set of killer earrings to complete your wedding guest look… H&M have got you covered and all for a bargain price!

From the on-trend oversized pendant earrings, to the faux septum nose rings, to that huge shell collar necklace (which I saw recently at a wedding and trust me, it’s insanely cool!) we’re in love!

Kudos, H&M!

Click to shop, guys!

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Eight: Now Listening

This my favourite bedtime listen right now.

I mean, I may be biased by the beautiful sound of her lilting French accent, but fashion photographer, illustrator and writer, Garance Doré’s podcast, Pardon My French, is just divine.

Discussing topics like exercise, marriage and summer travels with her super chic friends, as well as interviews with her intriguing famous friends (I loved her podcast with Corinne Bailey-Rae), Garance Doré is just charming and well worth a listen.

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Nine: Summer Ready Toes

You don’t need me to tell you how necessary a good pedicure is to get (and keep) your feet summer ready!

And if you fancy a homespun treatment, we are loving Lush’s foot care products! We’re loving:

Volcano Foot Mask

cooling and invigorating foot mask contains powerful deodorising ingredients and brightening papaya, while the pumice means it also doubles up as a foot scrub. Ideal for getting summer sandals-ready. Smear this clay-like mask containing kaolin on soles and heels, cover with a plastic bag, and put your feet up for 20 minutes.

Pumice Power

This soapy pumice bar will break down that tough second skin. With brightening sweet orange oil to refresh and rejuvenate from heels to toes. Soap and scrub in one simple motion. We pumice you’ll notice the difference.

Feet Go Faster

Before your feet have run out of steam, treat them to a moringa leaf, baobab and capirona bark reboot with this foot lotion. Lemongrass and bergamot take care of deodorising and protecting soles and toes that get a regular workout. Cocoa and cupuacu butters provide unbeatable moisturising power.

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Ten: Festival Uniform

Anyone that knows me will testify to this, I am LIVING in dungas this summer.

Short dungas, skirt dungas, distressed dungas… You name it, I’ll be wearing it!

Paired with a little choker and whatever top you have to hand, they’re the cutest summer uniform out for 2016.

We love Topshop’s full length striped overalls, this distressed set from Zara, this super nostalgic short set by Tommy Hilfiger and these chic black Calvin Klein dungas.

Really though, I kinda want them all!

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So whether you’re lucky enough to spend your weekend knee deep in mud at Glasto, or whether, like me, you’re sat at home consoling yourself with oversized milkshakes and internet shopping (oh haaaaaayyy!) chin up people, and have a good weekend!

We’ll see you on the flip side!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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