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Good afternoon, gorgeous people! And boy are we glad to see Friday this week (like that’s a new thing, ha!). It’s been a long one, and I seriously cannot believe that we are into July already, but we’re sharing some awesome ways to make life lovely with you today! From a TV show that literally took over my life, to a totally guilt-free ice cream fix (no, really though!), then there’s a bargain blusher that you cannot live without this month, and a tried and tested hair drying routine perfect for the summer!

Are you ready for this?! Grab yourself that third second coffee and let’s do this!

One: Now Listening

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a huge Flume fan for a while now! His first self titled album has been my go-to driving jam since its release in 2012, so when he released Skin in May of this year, you better believe mama was on board and LOVING it!

Often, and arguably cynically labelled  “Disclosure from Down Under”, Flume’s described by Rolling Stone Mag as an ‘EDM artist with a pop side, mixing shades of R&B into his relaxed tracks’ and that’s what I adore about his style. This second album is a little different though, as Rolling Stone describe:

Layered, abrasive electronics set a grimy backdrop for MC guest spots by Vince Staples and Raekwon, and even when Flume angles for the radio, with female vocals from breathy Canadian Kai and dirty-talking Swede Tove Lo, his beats slam and skitter. But for all its harsh textures, Skin is also richly melodic. On the opener, “Helix,” a flutelike overture yields to a synth ripple that’s punctured by a pummelling beat and rumbling squelches. That restless versatility is all over the LP, generating the emotional crests and sensory overload a festival crowd demands, but with a nuance that’ll make it work even if you aren’t shirtless in the desert.

Whatever, we LOVE it!

1a 1b

I think ‘Never be Like You’ has gotta be my favourite track, but does anyone else hear Justin Timberlake’s ‘My Love’?!

Two: That Summer Flush

Oh my! So y’all know that a good blusher is a staple in my makeup collection, and the more bargain, the better!

Remember Milani’s Luminoso blush we raved about earlier in the year?! Seriously though, still swooning!

Well, the high street beauty industry has done it again, and for a grand £4.99, you simply cannot say no to Sleek’s Blush in Suede.

2a 2b

I stumbled across this brand in my local Tesco superstore, but they’re available in Superdrug too, and this shade is just the perfect peachy summer matte. Check out this video by beauty YouTuber Kathleen Lights, she uses the blush at 6:13 mins and you’ll see what I mean… Just GORGE!

Three: Ice cream, You Scream…

So I know the weather’s been a little all over the place since the start of this month, but here in the Midlands we’re had some pretty hot/muggy days that have had be craving something ice cold.

Now, y’all probably know I’m vegan, so ice cream is in pretty short supply for me any way (Grrrrr…), but with this healthy alternative, I have not been left wanting!

So whether you guys are trying to keep your diet a little cleaner and up your fruit consumption, or if you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative, “Nice Cream” is your new best friend.

I like to keep things super simple: using a food processor to blend 1 frozen banana (sliced up pre-freezing) with a level tablespoon of pure peanut butter and level 1 tablespoon of cocoa/cacao powder, periodically scraping the sides of the blender down and continuing to blend until I get that delicious creamy texture.

Or, if we’re talking super clean, just blend the frozen banana alone until it’s creamy… What’s not to love?! It’s just fruit, blended!

That said, if you wanna get a little more deluxe, check out any of the following recipes for inspiration! (Click to read more)

3a 3b 3c

I mean, I might have to go get my blend on right now…

Four: Now Watching

This show has been an addiction for me. No joke.

When Game of Thrones finished, and then by beau and I rinsed through the most recent series of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, I was at a loss! (Yes I’m a serial box set junkie, no shame!)
Then I stumbled upon this on Netflix (or 4 On Demand): Jane the Virgin. In my hour of need thought I’d give it a try…

Well, let me tell you. If you’re looking for something lighthearted, a little silly (well, borderline ridiculous if I’m honest!), with loveable characters, a lot of laughs and some serious eye candy to boot; this show is for you!


Ps. I would attach some funny GIFs or insert a little clip… But literally everything had spoilers! Just trust me and enjoy!

Five: Hang It

We make no secret of our love for Rockett St George, and they’ve gone and stolen our hearts again with their new (and super affordable) hanging art collection.

Spruce (plant pun intended) up any bare walls with an on-trend botanical poster, hung from an understated wooden baton for a chilled version of wall art that’s effortless, painfully cool and wallet-friendly!




So cool right?! And not one of them is over £30, hanging frame included!

Six: Catch a Break

Already this month I’ve been reminded of the importance of self-preservation. In fact, if I’m honest, it’s been playing on my mind for a good few months now (not in a narcissistic way, but out of concern for my peers as we all try and navigate this busy life!).

And so, I decided that in the same way fitness gurus stress the importance of rest days as an integral part of an exercise regime, to focus on scheduling rest days from life!

Whether the week’s been chaotic work-wise, or I’ve had a busy social calendar or the house/garden work has gotten on top of me, or whether it’s a mix of all of the above! Booking yourself in for some self-awarded R+R couldn’t be more important for your wellbeing and mental health.

I’m not saying you should wait for your holiday to Greece to come around, or that you should spend a small fortune on a spa day (although I’d gladly take both right now!), but scheduling yourself a day every week/fortnight/month (however frequent you feel necessary for you) to have some completely undisturbed ‘me time’ can be so healing.

Read that book that’s been sat on your bedside table for months untouched, give yourself a little home spa mani and facial, take a walk, take a bath… Whatever it is. Catch a break.




…Seriously though, that’s like my weekend plan in 3 pictures! #metimeforthewin

Seven: Hassle Free Hair

Now I’m a firm advocate of air-dried hair anyway, especially in the summer, for the following reasons, to name but a few:

  • When successful, it creates that lived-in, nonchalant Parisian bed head look we all crave
  • It gives hair an often much needed break from heat styling
  • It’s cooler in the warm summer months – I cannot be doing with hot blow dryers on a warm summer’s evening #notcool #literally

So when Free People wrote this helpful how-to air dry blog post for all hair types, you’d be right to think I jumped on it and you’d also be right to think I haven’t looked back since. Some awesome styling tips that advocate embracing your natural hair type and making it the best it can be!




…Now I just need my locks to grow a little quicker!

Eight: Ink Cravings

So, it’s no joke that tattoos are addictive. I’m now the proud owner of two (albeit tiny) tattoos, and I have an undeniable urge for a third!

Right now, I am just head over heels for these little works of line art.

From Picasso to Matisse, it’s so awesome to see people literally wearing their favourite works of art on their skin. I may well have to partake…




Would that last one not make the coolest piece? What a gloriously understated celebration of women!

Nine: Summer Uniform

Cotton summer dresses have been my ride-or-die this month so far, and I don’t see that changing any time soon!

I mean, what’s not to love?! You just sling ’em on, slide into your fave summer sandals, whack on a huge pair of sunnies (no make up needed) and you’re good. to. go.

They’re day time appropriate, summer night appropriate, grab a denim jacket as you run out the door and they quickly become all-weather appropriate too…

What can I say, I’m all about that easy life! And these 3 little numbers are ticking all my boxes:
(click to shop)






That last one by & Other Stories though. Hearts for eyes.

Ten: New Moon

If you’re a horoscope kinda gal, then allow me to introduce you to the wonderful Mother mag.

Not only is this one of the coolest mum blogs I’ve come across – I mean I’m not a mum (well not to a human baby at least!) but I read this on the regs – just two cool women sharing the stories of other inspiring women (who happen to me mums too) as well as some of their favourite finds…

…I could go on for days, but all that aside, they write really rad, predominately very positive horoscopes that seem to always ring true (for me at least!).

Check it out!



And with that little round up of loveliness, another week is done!

Go forth and have a beautiful weekend guys, we’ll see you on the flip side.


Peace + Love


Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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