TITLEHappy Friday, you fine lot!

It’s been a long old week, but the weekend is finally here and the holiday draws ever closer! We’re getting super excited over here for Christmas, so from today’s 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely you can expect winter warmers (think booze and bed – Heaven!), Christmas party style (sparkle + pompoms!) and a chance to stop, take stock of the year and look forward to all that the future brings.

So crack open whatever festive snack it is you’ve been fight the urge to indulge in all week, put your feet up and allow the festive cheer to take over!

One: Boozy Cocoa

Because it’s the only time of year when it’s wholly legitimate to put booze in everything, and before midday if you really fancy it! So why not make your cocoa extra fancy with this four ingredient bourbon-laced warmer and top it off with a delicious homemade vanilla cream? Sounds crazy good to me!

…If this post goes live late, you’ll know why 😉


Two: All Christmas Errthang

Ok, so I am still trying to convince my beau that this is a necessary addition, but if you’re a next level Christmas decor lover like me, you’ll totally understand the weight of the next two words I’m gonna say:


I mean, can you think of anything better than waking up on Christmas day snuggled up in gorgeous red flannel or with cheerful little festive critters adorning your bed linen?!

I knew you’d understand, it’s major goals.

Such a craze this year, you can get this seasonal bedding just about anywhere for a range of prices, so really, there’s no excuse (or so I keep telling my husband!)


Three: ‘Tis the Season to wear Sparkle

Oh Christmas, how we love your whole-hearted endorsement of all things sparkly and overkill!

That’s right, this is the season to maximalise (yes, it’s a word… Or at least, it is now!) on all things sparkle. From oversized, jewelled earrings, to a blindingly sparkly collar necklace, take your jewellery to another level for the festive season and adorn thyself anytime and anyplace! Like, if you’re not a walking reflection of fairy lights, you’re not wearing enough! D’you feel me?!

Statement sparkle has never been more legit!


Four: the Christmas Chop

So, hands up if you’ve had your Christmas haircut booked for the last 3 months…

I applaud you, you’re far more organised than me!

This one is a little daring, especially for those of you with super long mermaid tresses, but why not consider what’s set to be THE haircut of 2016… The bob.

Yeah, I know, ‘What’s so new about that?!’

Whelp, let me tell you!

We’ve seen the long reign of the ‘Lob’ in the hair world these last two years, but for 2016 tresses are set to get even shorter (we’re talking jaw-level short, here!), and perhaps with the addition of a windswept and ever-so-slightly-shorter-than-you’d-normally-have-it fringe!

It’s so chic, and with natural texture and bed head waves, it’s certainly taking all it’s cues from those French it-girls we all admire! Or, of course, the simply divine Ms Watson…


Five: Pause + Reflect

As 2015 draws to a close, take a second amongst all the holiday rush to pause and look back.

I’m all for not dwelling in the past, but there’s definitely wisdom in taking a moment to recognise it. Write down your achievements, your high points, and take a deep breath as you let go of those harder moments too.

Life can move all too quickly sometimes, and allowing yourself this moment to reflect, to understand, to celebrate and take stock is so important during this transitional time.

To know where you’ve come from, is to know where you want to go.


Six: Festive Tech

As with the whole Christmas bedding thing, when it comes to Christmas decor, in my mind, no stone should be left unturned, or should I say no gadget…

Yes, that’s right, even my tech is adorned with fairy lights and festive cheer!

We’re LOVING these *free* Christmas wall paper downloads, some complete with a little calendar too (which I now cannot live without on my phone lock screen and laptop wallpaper, sooo helpful!)

Click the pictures for the link through and download! 🙂


Seven: Gift Scandi

When it comes to wrapping (and almost all other aesthetics!) we are ALL about that Scandi life.

Brown paper? Check

Simple red twine? Check

Paper snowflake cut-outs? Major nostalgia and check

Fresh pine springs? Check

…And you’re good to go! This wrapping style could not be easier, nor could it be any more inexpensive and the results are, naturally, gorgeous.


Eight: Party in Pom Poms

THE holiday footwear for 2015, sweet pom pom adorned courts are comfy, cute and statement.

They up-style your skinny jeans for drinks out with the girls or they add just a little something playful to your workwear in the lead up to Christmas… Quite simply, we ADORE them!

And if post Christmas shopping you find yourself holding onto those pennies a little bit (yes, that’d be me! Ha!) then you could simply add a sweet furry pom pom charm to party up your everyday leather bag – à la Ms Moss!


Nine: Now Watching

Resistance is futile, you guys, the Force is strong!

Yes, indeedy! We’ve succumbed to the hype and seen the new Star Wars movie, and I gotta tell you (as a woman who merely likes Star Wars, but is married to a freakin’ Jedi) I actually enjoyed it!

Even if you’re not a fanatic, there were plenty of moments that made me chuckle, a cute little droid (yes, I just called a robot cute, go with it!), a good dose of girl power and enough action to see you through the entirety of 2016!


Ten: the Classic Holiday Lip

This last one is so simple, but it’s a must for Christmas; the Hollywood red lip.

Perfectly festive, perfectly sophisticated and so easy to throw on in an instant to make your otherwise bare face look perfectly polished, the bright red lip is just a classic holiday look.

And for something that’s gonna stay put throughout all that champagne sippin’ and Turkey eatin’ we LOVE Maybelline’s SuperStay Bold Matte 24hr LipColor!

…For real, this stuff does not budge! 

10a10c10bSo, that’s our last 10 Ways for 2015!

We’ve enjoyed all sorts of loveliness this year and we’ve so enjoyed sharing our little lifestyle joys and discoveries with you guys!

Be sure to let us know how you’re getting in the Christmas mood in the comments below – we always love hearing from you 🙂

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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