Morning, gorgeous people! We’re gonna take this morning to just bliss out – a little escapism from reality this Friday – because sometimes that’s just what’s needed! #amiright?!

We’re sharing all our faves from the past two weeks, including new technology to air dry your hair as quickly and effectively as possible (the silky shine is REAL!), our new Sunday night TV fix for those summer rainy evenings (of which there have been a fair few this last week, huh?!), the trendiest house plant of the moment, a couple of summer recipe favourites and our balmy beauty fave!

So whether you’re happy with the election outcome or not (heck I have no idea, I wrote this on Wednesday, ha!) let’s put that aside for just a moment and bliss out on the good stuff, treat yo’self!

One: Air Dry Queen

Diving straight into my absolute favourite this month: Aquis Hair Care

This is no ordinary hair towel, my friends! Ho no! Check it out…

This revolutionary towel, made from a unique fibre called AQUITEX, wicks water away from hair rather than absorbing it. The woven structure in Aquis towels leads to faster drying time, meaning hair reaches a damp level quicker, where it starts to regain its strength.

Because the hair cuticles are not being roughed up with a normal towel, they remain smooth and shiny. And when it comes to styling your newly sleek, shiny hair you’ll find that it’s easier to manage (like 91% of participants found after 3 weeks of using AQUIS), feels less brittle (90% agreement), looks shinier (88%) and feels silky and lush (87%)

And let me tell you, I’ve used this baby several times now and can feel a difference already! If you’re a bride or bridesmaid this summer, this is a must for getting your locks as shiny and healthy as possible in prep for the big day! So easy to use, gently squeeze the excess the water out of your locks post-shower and wrap up in either the Aquis Turban or towel (recommended for longer hair) and leave in for well, as long as you want (I’ve happily had mine wrapped for a carefree hour!). Perfect for these summer months, I haven’t even touched my hair dryer or straighteners the last two weeks. Rocking air-dry waves ’til they go out of style!

Did you know?

  • Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, losing 60% of its strength due to keratin proteins absorbing all the water
  • Hair fibres then swell and stretch, causing ruptures. The sooner you dry hair naturally, the less it swells and stretches
  • Wet hair regularly subjected to heat styling and drying is weaker, so even more damage is caused
  • When hair is roughly towel dried, the movement causes the hair cuticles (which make your hair shine and look full of life) to rub together, causing damage
  • Heavy bath towels also drag hair down, again stretching the hair in its most fragile state

Two: Now Following

I hope you guys love this new feature as much as I enjoy researching it for you! Today’s feed is all kinds of beautiful and brightens my insta-experience on the daily!

You’ve already heard me rant about their skin and haircare products, but now it’s time to get on board with Lani’s social media too.

Guys, I can’t even…! On a grey dreary day in the UK, a burst of tropical flowers, a platter of decadent fresh fruit, a magic underwater shot or overhead beach landscape are just the kind of escapism I’m looking for.

Check out Lani’s beautiful feed now, your eyes will thank you for it!

Three: get poppin’

Looking for a lighter snack? Something perfect for a summer evening sat by the fire pit, that’s kinda fun to make and just ridiculously more-ish…?

We gotcha. Homemade popcorn.

I’m kinda obsessed with this guys, lighter than a share bag of crisps (which I could quite happily eat by myself on the regs!), but equally as delicious! It’s super fun to make (that popping sound is just so satisfying!) we’re loving this savoury recipe by Hot for Food and this cinema-style sweet version from Wish Wish Wish!

Four: Balmy Beauty

Summer beauty. I feel like it’s a bit of a tricky one to nail, but oh-SO-divine when you do!

‘Cause when you’ve got that beautiful bronzed summer glow going on, the last thing you wanna do is cover it up with a load of high coverage makeup. Yeah, sure that means some of your so-called ‘flaws’ (we like to think of them more as ‘marks of character’) will be on show, but that’s what summer’s all about; natural beauty.

So instead of reaching for the foundation and powder, allow your glow to shine through by reaching for cream or balm products for the skin. Enhance your brows (only if you need to!) and add a light layer of mascara and you’re summer ready!

We’ve been loving the Signature Set compact (below) from ethical, cruelty-free brand RMS beauty. Including their Master Mixer (to help you transform your existing beauty collection with lovely rose gold tones), Living Luminizer (a balmy sheer highlight), Smile and Spell Lip2Cheek (natural hydration for the lips and cheeks) and their Simply Cocoa lip + skin balm (an award-winning, rejuvenating and healing balm).

….aka everything you could possibly need to stay naturally gorgeous and dewy all summer long!

Five: Pantry Goals

Sooo we’re all trying to eat healthier, right?  And a lot of the time, that also means cooking from scratch, requiring a whole host of dried ingredients, fresh ingredients, herbs, spices, kitchen equipment… The works!

How to handle these additions without needing a kitchen extension?! Make a feature of it with an open shelf pantry, one of the biggest Pinterest home-trends right now!

We love the use of IKEA’s IVAR range in the below image. Crazy just how cool a simple system like this can look with the addition of a rad flip clock, a host of matching storage jars (so much nicer than a load of mismatched packaging!) and of course a few indoor plants/eucalyptus! Voila!

And as for labelling your jars (totally necessary, we had an incident with some flax being mistaken for chia seeds…!) we love either using chalk pens straight on the glass (easily wipe clean when you’re done!) or an über cool retro look with black embossed Dymo labels!

Sorry guys, totally having a Monica moment getting this excited about food organisation!

Six: White Out

The only colour you need to be wearing this summer: white

In fact, straight up white on white on white!

Whether it’s a very European white city short suit for a wedding (such a cool look!), a broderie anglaise shirt for a lunch date, or a sweet lightweight shirt playsuit or dress for your holibobs!

We’re loving:

Seven: Now Watching

The Guardian called it ‘the best thing you’ll watch all year’, and you guys, they might just be right!

The TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, the Handmaid’s Tale, is just stunning. Loyal to the book in what it says and what it asks, this show, set in a dystopian near-future, is beyond timely and resonates so loudly with much of whats happening in our world right now. It’s the revived novel of the moment and is a must-watch for your Sunday night (Channel 4, 9pm, FYI!)

So what’s the situation? A totalitarian and Christian fundamentalist government rules the former US amidst an ongoing civil war. Society is organised along a new, militarised, hierarchical regime of Bible-inspired social and religious fanaticism. There are newly-created social classes, in which women are brutally subjugated: by law they are not allowed to work, own property, control money, or read.

Widespread infertility, due to warfare-induced environmental contamination, has resulted in the conscription of the few remaining fertile women (the Handmaids) who are assigned to the homes of the ruling elite, where they must submit to ritualised sex with their male masters in order to become pregnant and bear children for those men and their wives…

CRAZY, right? Elizabeth Moss is incredible as protagonist Offred/June, and the show also features the amazing Joseph Fiennes, the beautiful Samira Wiley and Alexis Bledel.

Now, go go go! I hope you didn’t have plans this weekend, because you have 2 episodes to catch up on before Sunday!

Eight: Wrap up Recipes

Yes, a second recipe in one 10 Ways. What can I say, guys, it’s been a foodie fortnight!

We all crave something a little lighter in the summer. While I love a hefty burrito any day of the week, there are times when all that wrap is just a bit too heavy for me… Enter the rice paper wrap!

Stop by your nearest asian super market, or just hit up Amazon like I did to get your rice wraps, and click on any of the three images below for super gorgeous recipes!

Fill them with teriyaki noodles, sweet nectarine/avocado combos or strips of yummy marinated tofu (that peanut dipping sauce is to die for!)… Babes, this is making me hungry just talking about it!

Light and fun to make, they’re the perfect summer supper!

Nine: Green Envy

We all know house plants are kind of a big deal right now. They’re the ultimate accessory to any room, and every it-girl is now also a self-proclaimed ‘crazy plant-lady’… I mean, what can I say, there’s just so much to love about them!

Our house plant of the moment? The Pilea Peperomiodies, also known as the Chinese Money plant, is just gorgeous! With it’s slightly succulent-like stems, and those beautifully smooth coin shaped leaves, it’s easy to look after and top of many plant-lover’s wish list! 

Ten: Easing Expectations

This last one is a theme that’s been cropping up for me personally for years, but I’ve found myself sharing with friends in need quite regularly recently. So, of course thought I’d share this sentiment with you too, our lovely readers.

I want you to take a second… No really, if you can, actually take a second here!

I’d like you to consider two things:

  • Consider how you address yourself when you’re trying to accomplish something. Whether that’s trying to meet a deadline, trying to get a certain amount done around the house, or just in the way your perceive yourself. How do you think of yourself in that moment? Are you kind to yourself? Are you lenient in anyway? Or are you harsh and unforgiving? Do you compare where you’re at with those around you, or on social media? Do you relentlessly push yourself to do better?
  • Then consider the significance of said accomplishment. Is it imperative that it gets done in the timescale you’ve set? What’s the worst that happens if it doesn’t get done? Will anyone actually think less of you if you don’t hit that target?

Be honest with yourself. Because, what I think most people find, is that all the things that worry us on a daily basis, making us rush through life with a vaguely pained look on our faces, and ultimately cause us undue stress aren’t really worth it! And, if we were sat counselling a friend on family member on the exact same matter, we’d find ourselves being considerably more forgiving.

So what am I saying? I’m saying try being kinder to yourself. Take a good, hard look at the expectations you put on yourself and ask not only if they’re realistic, but if you’d ever put that level of pressure on to someone you love (if the answer is no, you definitely shouldn’t be asking that of yourself! That’s self love!). Try and quit comparing yourself to others, it’ll only lessen your opinion of you. Appreciate that you grow at your own, unique rate. And see your triumphs, all the stuff you did achieve today and focus on that!

Learn to love your life, simply because it’s yours.

Much love, beautiful people. Have a lovely weekend together and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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