Afternoon, you gorgeous lot! It’s been a slow start to this Friday, anyone else feeling totally whacked and ready for a weekend right about now?! I haven’t even got the excuse of it being a long week, it was only 4 days! I don’t know about you guys, but I can feel just a hint of an Autumn chill in the air this morning (totally countered by a burst of summer sun, of course!) but it’s definitely there. So today’s 10 Ways are all about grasping and drinking up all those last drops of the summer and savouring them!

We’ve got a SUPER exciting new release from our favourite skincare brand, Lani (don’t worry babes, I put that at number 1, ’cause I knew you’d all be so keen to hear more!), an Instagram feed of sheer rugged manly gorgeousness *cough Tom Hardy cough*, a now listening feature that’s got ALL the summer evening chill vibes you’ll ever need, we also tried out a few more of the Monq essential oil diffuser flavours (and guys, we’re in LOVE!), not to mention a further 6 ways to make your life more lovely!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

One: Love Lani

Now, if you guys have been reading our 10 Ways posts for a while, you’ll know that we are obsessed, like *OBSESSED* with Lani skincare.

We’re raved about their tropical serum here (still a absolute staple in my daily routine!)

And we got totally over excited about their hair treatment right here (again, it remains a weekly ritual to keep my locks silky – it’s divine!)

In short, they’re our absolute fave! Why?…


100% Tropical  100% Natural  100% Vegan  

They smell incredible. The ingredients are crazy clean (like, so clean they’re edible!). They’re conscious. And what’s more, they work!

So, let’s talk about the new addition to their range, an incredible coconut face polish.

Guys, I’m too excited (after having used the product this morning for the first time!) so I’m gonna let Lani tell you all about it…

“Buff away dullness and impurities with our dreamy Coconut Face Polish. Nourishing coconut, smoothing rice and brightening vitamin C gently polish skin to target blocked pores, remove dull build-up and restore softness. Skin will instantly be left velvety smooth, mattified and radiant”

It’s a totally non-gritty, naturally scented (seriously, SO yummy), delicate polish. It gets the job done beautifully, without you feeling like you’re rubbing sand on your face for a few minutes (I know you know what I mean! Some scrubs are brutal, right?!) This stuff is pure sunshine.

Get your hands on the Tropical Coconut Face Polish asap, you will not regret it! And there’s an introductory offer on right now too, go go go!

Two: Now Listening

Meet Loyle Carner. A 20 year old London hip hop artist, who raps about the issues closest to his heart: family, friends, love, pain, doubt and loyalty. His words are candid, sentimental and refreshingly honest and vulnerable.

I hear a mix of Ghost Poet, Jurassic5 and Rizzle Kicks… And I freakin’ love it. Such chill vibes; old school hip hop, moving through to a more easy-going soul, or even laidback jazz at times.

Trust me, hit play on this one. ‘Damselfly’ is an absolute favourite.

Three: Seasonal Headgear

Sienna Miller’s wearing one. It’s one of Gigi Hadid’s go-tos. And we saw plenty of festival-goers rocking them this season.

If that’s not reason enough to go out and grab one, I don’t know what it.

Meet the Baker Boy hat.

Also referred to as the Newsboy, this cap is everything for the summer/autumn transition.

We’re loving this tan asos number, this little Topshop cord version and this gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger piece.

Pair with undone locks, and literally anything from a basic linen shirt + jeans, to a lightweight cami dress… So versatile!

Four: Elemental

Now, not to sound like I’m just repeating myself in this post. But sometime when you find a brand you just love – you can’t help but mention them again (or just talk about them constantly to everyone you meet, ahem!).

Remember Monq? We raved about them back in July (read it here!) when we discovered their incredible portable aromatherapy diffusers, and guys let me tell you, the obsession has been real this summer! We’ve been using them while practicing yoga, while at festivals, in the bath, walking the dog, sat on the sofa trying to destress after an episode of Game of Thrones… (you feel me?!)

They’re insanely good. So when the lovely people at Monq asked if we’d like to try their Feel Nature series, you better believe we let out a little yelp, tried to compose ourselves, and then replied with a very calm, ‘yes please, that’d be lovely’.

3 beautiful blends. Inspired by the art of Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing (remember we talked about that at the start of last month? Read it here). In a perfectly safe, super chic personal diffuser, so you can breathe the goodness of nature wherever you are in your day.

Click the flavour name to shop!

Forest   Black Spruce  •  Douglas Fir  •  Sandalwood

Ocean   Eucalytus  •  Lime  •  Tangerine

Mountain   Juniper Leaf  •  Peppermint  •  Scotch Pine

Five: Now Following

Bringing you another Instagram account that is gonna seriously transform your feed.

No, but seriously.

This is @tomhardyholdingdogs and, as the description suggests, it’s everything you’ve ever needed in life. Enjoy.

Oh, and I threw a cat one in there too, just incase. All your needs are being met here at FBrides! Ha!

Six: That Caddy Life

We’ve seen the rise of the desk envy Instagram shot (major tidy, cute stationery, organised AF goals). Then there was the bath selfie itself (you know, casj chucking in like 3 Lush bath bombs and a scattering of rose petals to create the ultimate bath!)… Well, now comes the rise of the bath caddy Instagram shot.

We’re seeing nothing but gorgeous wooden caddies! Laden with candles, natural sponges + loofahs, an artisan beverage (coffee, wine… Same same!), bars of luxury soaps, a cute succulent or two, an on-trend book or magazine, a ready-mixed face mask, just waiting for you to gently apply it while in blissful bathing heaven…

Sounds good right?! We are upping our bath caddy game, big time, and it’s making life truly lovely! Everything you need in the bath, all ready and waiting for you! And if you don’t trust yourself with a caddy (you’re talking to the girl who once dropped 3 Apple devices into a bath in one foul swoop!) then repurpose an IKEA Råskog trolley, and load it up with all your bath time faves!

Six: SUP Yoga

You know we’re huge yoga fans here at FBrides, that’s no secret. So there’s not much to say on this one, except if you are yet to try Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, you need to!

We’ve been toying with the idea for months, and finally took the plunge (no, literally!) last weekend while at the incredible Shambala Festival and let me tell you, it was SO good!

Not only did it majorly sort out my Piscean need to be on the beautiful, tranquil water (why do I live in the Midlands again, sorry?!), it was also insanely hard, in a totally good way.

It takes you right back to your yoga roots, even standing in mountain pose (let alone a down dog, or a cobra!) was challenging to balance. I could feel all my small intricate accessory muscles working so hard to keep me balanced, and the mental focus needed was another level. An amazing experience, I’d highly recommend!

Seven: Hangin’ around

Our home decor favourite this fortnight has been the hanging chair. We (along with the rest of the Pinterest world, it’d seem!) are seriously digging these super chilled seating alternatives.

Not quite as casual as a hammock, these rattan, or woven seats give off a gorgeous bohemian vibe that suits almost any room, from lounge, to study, even your bathroom!

Add in a faux sheepskin and a couple of scatter pillows, hang it by a window with a view, or in a sunny spot, grab a good book and chill.

Eight: Foodie Gatherings

Increasingly, we’re seeing more and more of our local restaurants doing one off ‘by booking only’ foodie nights, and we are loving it!

What better excuse to gather a group of friends and family and head out to a favourite restaurant (or somewhere entirely new!) for a beautiful food experience?! From Lebanese nights, to Ital inspired banquets there’s all sorts on offer! While savouring some incredible menus, you’ll undoubtedly learn about the food you’re eating too, be that how it’s sourced, the history of the dishes or the unique cooking techniques…

If you’re a foodie (and I mean, really, who isn’t at heart?!) check out what’s going on at your local restaurants and get booked in!

Our next stop is a vegan burger night at an old haunt of ours! I’ve ordered the Smoked Panko Tofu Burger, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Ten: Inspired Dash

Nope, nothing to do with running. This is Momentum for your dashboard.

And, put simply, every time you open a new tab in your internet browser, you’ll be greeted by the time, the weather, your intention for the day and, if you like, a little to do list you’ve jotted down too. No to mention a gorgeous landscape image and an inspiring quote.

It’s been making my screen-life a whole lot lovelier this past week. Download the browser extension here and enjoy!

So peaceful, hey? I love that it makes me take a moment to set an intention for my day as soon as I open up my laptop, such a great little tool.

Have yourselves a beautiful weekend in the sunshine, let us know how you’re soaking up the last rays of summer, and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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