Afternoon babes, and welcome to our first 10 Ways of 2018! Exciting stuff, hey?! However, if you’re here hoping for a ‘New Year, New You’ style post, then I’m afraid we might disappoint on that front… Why? Because we believe you’re already just wonderful.

Sound like something you can get on board with?! Well, from indulging in 90s comedy to our hearts content, to full-on loving the superfood of 2018, and even a little Spring fashion prep… Keep scrolling for 10 Ways we’ve been enjoying the month of January already.

One: You’re already golden

Never ones to simply go along with the trend (as you may have noticed, haha!) we’re charting an adventurously alternative path into 2018.

Instead of whirling round in a frenzy of improvement, with notions of a slate wiped clean and goals up to our ears, we’re taking this month to reflect and be grateful for all that we already are/have, consciously choosing true happiness every time, and following our instinct to lead us through this year.

You are wonderful already.

Two: the 2018 superfood

If you’re into conscious eating, like me, you’ll be fascinated to learn about the power of fungi. Yep, the humble mushroom, the thing we all think of simply as a pizza topping… No more!

Mushrooms have historically received a bit of a bad rap, whether considered ‘too earthy’ or feared for being poisonous, this kingdom has been widely ignored for years, but check these facts out from leading medicinal mushroom brand, Four Sigmatic:

Humans share approximately 85% of our ribosomal RNA and 50% of our DNA with fungi – which is another way of saying that mushrooms are extremely bioavailable to human bodies (aka we can easily absorb a lot of goodness from them very easily!)

Mushrooms are used either directly or indirectly in more than 40 percent of the pharmaceuticals currently on the market

Several mushrooms are categorised as ‘adaptogens’, meaning they help the body adapt to stress. Whether that’s you’re run of the mill ‘too much going on’ type of stress, or something like the stress caused by exercise. Adaptogenic mushrooms stabilise and optimise a host of physiological functions. Rather than serving a single targeted purpose, they adapt their healing properties to whatever your body specifically needs at a given time in order to restore you to peak functionality.

Magic, right? (ahem). There’s no sense of changing your body (the mushrooms are neither depressants or stimulants), but simply restoring balance in the body to reveal the best of you! We’ve been loving Four Sigmatic’s Reishi blend hot cocoa sachets to help us sleep, and their Cordyceps coffee blend for all the boost, minus the jitters!

Fancy learning more? We listened to this podcast with Four Sigmatic’s founder, Tero, and honestly? mind. blown.

Three: Words last forever

The words of the late Holly Butcher, a beautiful 27 year old Australian who lost her battle with cancer at the start of 2018 have swept across the world, touching and softening hearts, as she wrote some home truths in a letter to her friends and family.

I read her letter one morning this week, and honestly, I then went on to have the most fabulous day. Nothing could shake my mood, everything sparkled a little brighter and I had a new found rush of gratitude for this beautiful life. So thank you, Holly, for that wake up call.

Holly brings light to the insignificance of material things, the need to disconnect (from technology) in order to reconnect with our loved ones and life, the true happiness that comes from giving to others, and really encourages us to let go of trivialities in order to live to the full.

Read the beautiful letter in full here.

Four: Reconnect

Following on from Holly’s letter… When was the last time you sat in the passenger seat of a car and didn’t look at your phone? Or sat drinking a coffee and people watching? It’s no wonder we’re all so stressed really is it?! All those moments we used to take as time out to observe, to enjoy the view, to empty our heads for a moment (almost a mini meditation in its own right!) have been lost to technology.

So whether it’s a week, a couple of days or even just an evening. Detox your mind and body of technology. Get outside, get your hands in the dirt, look up at the view and give your head space to wander.

Five: Spring Prep

You guys, we may be in the depths of winter (and having just bought a new coat, I am A-OK with that!), but Spring is just around the corner, and we have been swooning over some of the little dresses starting to infiltrate the ‘New Arrivals’ of our fave high street brands.

We imagine them with an oversized sweat thrown over top, and cute sneakers for that perfect dressed down brit-girl look (taking all the cues from Ms Chung, obvs). Here are a few of our fave pieces so far:

This Topshop Utility Pinafore (would be so sweet with a long sleeve tee underneath!)

This yellow button down t-shirt dress, another Topshop win

H&M’s crêpe dresses are the cutest, especially at an easy £24.99! This red floral number‘s stolen our hearts

Six: Now Following

D’ya know what’s better than following every instagram it-girl there ever was?

Following @FLWHRS. The best of the it-girls, all in one place. BOOM.

If you’re looking for painfully cool, effortless outfit inspiration, you need this feed in your life.

Seven: Kick Starters

While we’re not about reinventing or remodelling oneself just in time for the new year, there is, undeniably a sense of starting afresh that can definitely be enjoyed. And that’s why we love all those little 30 day challenge things that are buzzing around.

Approached with the right, self-lovin’ mindset, they can prove the perfect little kick starter for the new year! Whether its the minimalism challenge (we did this one last year and felt notably clearer-minded afterwards) or Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga (her theme this year, True, aligns perfectly with our thoughts on simply revealing the wonderful you that was there all along!) we love the fun and sense of community in these little January challenges!

Eight: Porefect

Note: that’s not perfect skin; it’s ‘porefect’. We’re are supposed to have pores. Each tiny dot on you skin is the opening of a hair follicle containing a tiny sebaceous gland which produces your skin’s oil. My point is… We need to quit trying to rid ourselves of our pores, (they’re here to stay!) and start taking better care of them… Which, just to clarify, does not include any squeezing or harsh purging!

Two ways to gently and naturally help clean your pores? Weekly facial steams (5 minutes over a pan of boiling water, with a towel over your head and being careful not to get too close) allowing the heat to open your pores and draw out any build up. And secondly, regular sweating… Who knew?! But a regular mild to moderate sweat-sesh helps your pores to open and release build up.

Nine: Herbal Alchemy

The powers of herbs. Used for thousands of years to heal and maintain good health, so often they’re poo-pooed in modern society as being a waste of money and slow to show results. Well, we don’t believe in that, instead, we’re choosing to tap into the wisdom of ancients (something we should maybe try a little more across society!) and believe in the steady, healing properties of many herbs and plants.

And on that note, we’ve been making infusions. Our favourite being a blend of red raspberry leaf, nettle and hibiscus (all bought at buy whole foods online) we simply add to a cafetiere last thing at night with some (just off) boiling water and leave to infuse all night long. Then, when morning rolls around, use your infusion like a cordial to add to your water and sip throughout the day!

Red raspberry leaf – an astringent, making it soothing, for your insides and your ‘outsides’, know to soothe skin irritation and help detox

Nettle leaf – wonderfully anti-inflammatory! Great for the skin, kidneys and digestion issues

Hibiscus flowers – can help speed up the metabolism and another anti-inflammatory, rich in vit C

Ten: Now Watching (OBVS)

Hands up if Netflix UK showing all 10 series of Friends made 2018 your best year before it’d even begun!

(if I had more than two hands, I’d be raising them!!)

Right?! We’ve been loving taking some serious down time to just bathe in the glorious nostalgia of everybodys favourite 90s comedy. Get on it and lose your weekend snuggled up with your best people binge-watching! You won’t regret it!

I mean, I could go on with the Friends images, but i’ll stop there! And there we have it, 10 Ways to love and make the best of who you already are!

Welcome to 2018, babes, I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good one.

Have an awesome weekend and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love 


Clare XO


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