This weather though! What the heck?! Well, let me tell you now we’re not having any of that! Call it manifestation, call it Law of Attraction, call it full blown denial… But we’re hoping for even just a glimmer of sunshine for this weekend, as we hold tight to the fact that Spring is getting nearer… Even if it does feel like a treacherous polar expedition just to get the post from the mail box ūüė¨

Inspired by the seasonal shift of last night’s first Spring-time full moon, today’s 10 Ways sees us lusting after sunnier climes, pledging our stakes in 2018 summer style, being inspired by Netflix’s latest van life documentary, not to mention a few bits to help get you through what’s left of Winter… Just to keep one foot on the ground, you know!

Ps. we hope you enjoy the new click-through image galleries! xx

One: Shedding Light

With essences of abundance, worth, loosening, aesthetic, purpose, nourishment, family, flow, last night’s bright Worm moon asks us to¬†consider our personal balance between giving and receiving, as well as the work we’re putting into manifesting abundance. Consider this abundance not only in terms of finances, but also emotionally, spiritually and in our relations… Believe in your worthiness for abundance in all those areas and look for areas to create balance in your giving/receiving.

These ideas are from the beautiful Meagan Moon‘s Full Moon Subscription email – we’d highly recommend signing up!

Two: Summer Stylin’

So, let’s just put aside the fact that I’m being forced to completely rethink my was-quite-Springy outfit for the Most Curious Wedding Fair tomorrow, and focus on hair… Because I’ll be damned if I’m wearing a bobble hat tomorrow – Siberia or no Siberia!

Hair scarves. Moving on a little from the do-rag style headband tie (although that’ll forever be super cute, so if that’s your thing, as you were!) silk scarves tied nonchalantly around loose low pony tails, or even woven through a messy bun, are your go-to casj hair styles for this Spring/Summer.

Three: Bouquet Baths

Petal baths. As if a bath bomb wasn’t luxurious enough, now we’re asking you to demolish an entire bouquet of flowers in the name of self care… I’ve never managed to do, I just can’t bring myself to pluck apart a perfectly formed bloom for the sake of a really pretty bath!

Then I engaged brain, and realised that if I timed it perfectly, I’d utilise my blooms just as they were about to turn, admiring them for as long as possible in their vase, before relishing in the ritual of a tub of gorgeous coloured petals.

Your Valentine’s bouquet may be well and truly gone, but there’s always Mother’s day!

Four: Invest in the Manifest

Manifesting. So much more than a wellbeing/spiritual trend, this is a force to be reckoned with; the force of the Universe! If you haven’t already, we’d highly recommend reading the Secret by Rhonda Byrne, but in a very small nutshell¬† the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

Regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, it’s believed that we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialise them into reality.

In essence: all thoughts turn into things eventually.

So not only will you find us manifesting sunshine from here on in, but all our heart’s desires; believing is seeing!

Five: Now Following

…And so often I personally find it helps to focus on dreams you want to see manifested in life by using images (creating a collage dream board at the start of each year is a personal fave practice of mine!). With that in mind, we’re manifesting our longing for travel and sunshine by following and saving images from @kirstycane¬†a beautifully wild ‘slow living, earth loving creative’ down under. Pure wholesome, sunshine vibes – this babe’s feed never fails to put a smile on our face!

We find it’s important to maintain a good attitude when cruising through a feed that’s fulfilling all your wildest dreams; approaching with this belief that you too deserve all that goodness in life!

Six: Hanky Hems

The hanky hemline is something we’re gonna be seeing a lot of this spring/summer. Granted, I was a little reluctant at first (as I have a funny feeling a few others might be), but the more I see it worn and interpreted with a more chilled street style vibe, the more I find myself on board!

Casual silk-style skirts with asymmetric flowing hemlines, paired with a set of simple mules for an urban chic feel (perfect for an office lunch) or team this hanky hem with a set of Chuck Taylors or vans for a relaxed Spring weekend look.

We love this scarf-like H&M skirt, as well as this shirt-skirt co-ord, and this subtle ditsy piece by Topshop

Seven: Now Watching

We’ve got travel on the brain right now, clearly! And as recommended by another wandering heart, this documentary did not disappoint. Not without their struggles, this young couple take an epic trip from Canada through the Americas, and the cinematography paired with their homegrown sound track is giving us all the adventurous vibes…

Eight: Now Reading

Did you know your phone is manipulating you? The phone’s design, the apps you use, it’s all designed to tap into your insecurities, to induce the release of certain hormones, to distract you and keep you coming back for more time and again…

Enter ‘How to Break Up with Your Phone’ by Catherine Price;¬†turning your phone back into a tool, rather than a temptation. We’re all suffering in silence, at the every beckon call of our phones. It’s an addiction, taking its toll on both our mental and physical health. This book is a practical manual for to help you conquer said addiction, complete with a 30-day reset designed to put you on a path to moderation.

The message of this book couldn’t feel more timely, or more urgent. From helping you to arrange your apps into a less controlling folder system, to turning your entire screen to black and white to help reduce it’s ability to entice you…

Think that’s scary? Read this in depth article – it blew my mind to learn just how developers are tapping into our human weakness to create this addiction.¬†

Nine: Nasal Know-How

Now while I’m all for manifesting that Spring sunshine we’re craving, I do still have one foot (unfortunately) firmly on the ground and there are some nasty viruses making the round this winter. We’ve been looking to natural, ancient Ayurvedic techniques to relieve our symptoms, with the Neti pot proving a firm favourite for helping to keep sinuses clear and healthy. Originally a yogic practice, nasal saline irrigation, a therapy that uses a salt and water solution to flush out the nasal passages with the use of a Neti pot.

Ten: Now Listening

Ever wanted to be able to speed read, so that you could read, say, a book a week?! Or what about your memory? Ever wished you could recall entire quotes word-for-word? Meet¬†Jim Kwik. Known as, ‘the boy with the broken brain’ following a head trauma as a child, now Kwik’s brain is his superpower!

A world-class expert in memory, speed-reading and optimal brain performance (he’s worked with Michelle Obama and many of the TED talk speakers), we learnt about Jim Kwik via an episode of Your Own Magic podcast at the start of Feb, and we’ve been obsessed ever since with his own podcast, Kwik Brain, ever since!

Tap into your brain’s unlimited potential!

And there you have it, my loves! 10 Ways to manifest sunshine in your life! I hope this leaves you feeling boundlessly inspired, limitless and worthy of all that you dream and aspire to.

Have an amazing weekend, and even if you are stuck inside due to the weather, take that time to sit with your heartfelt desires and give them some attention. Allow them to take up space in your mind, sit on Pinterest and collect images that express those dreams and believe them into being.


Peace + Love


Clare XO



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