Good morning, gorgeous people! We are feeling so autumnal right now with today’s foggy sunrise and even colder start to the day, brrrr! And, just because (as you may have gathered) we are low key *obsessed* with all things autumn here at FBrides HQ, today’s 10 ways is feeling very seasonal!

We’ve got two styling ideas to keep you transitioning those summer items into your winter wardrobe, our spooky night in plans (get excited, witches!), a stunning Now Watching (warning: it’ll really get you wanderlustin’), playlists to see you through those cold dark mornings, a new wellness habit we’re addicted to, and a balmy plant-based fat that’ll keep your skin supple and hydrated as the colder weather (and the central heating) sets in!

But first, we are for sure low key obsessed with this next look…

One: Socks n’ Stocks

For those of you that saw The Little Lending Co’s insta story yesterday, you’ll have seen Penny rocking the socks and sliders look, and I’ve gotta say ‘thank you!’ for reminding me of how much I love this vibe… So much so, that I’ve just dug out my Birkenstocks again!

Why resign your fave summer sandals to the back of the wardrobe when, with a pair of quality socks, you can instantly make them seasonal appropriate, and instagram it-girl cool?! No longer an embarrassing dad-habit, socks and sandals are a trend you need to bite the bullet and go for!

Plus, don’t even get me started on how comfy this is…

Two: Witchin’ Hour

Halloween is approaching, witches! A super fun holiday, we had all kinds of amazing plans (ummm, we’re talking fire walking! I know, right?!), but they fell through!

What’s a witch to do when her Halloween plans have been buried alive? Take it low key, and create the ultimate spooky night in! Hell. Yeah.

Our favourites for a magical night in?

A long warm soak with the Lush halloween bath range – especially their little Bewitched cat bubble bar (Blackberry scented, and turns the water a sparkly black!)

All the 90s DVDs. From Casper, to the classic Hocus Pocus, or even a bit of Potter for witchin’ hour, you can’t go wrong with a not-so-scary-more-nostalgic movie night!

We’ll be brewing up this gloriously dark Deathly Hallows cocktail – a sweet and smoky favourite, topped with a few sprigs of burning thyme, for that extra spooky vibe!

If you’re having a few of your fellow ghouls over to celebrate, why not create this fun luna party backdrop from Free People’s blog?

Three: Your Own Magic

Keeping the magic alive, we’ve been loving this podcast the last few weeks!

Instagram babes, Allie Michelle and Raquelle Mantra, have teamed up to create Your Own Magic.

These spiritual sisters talk about all the things: from finding self-love, to dealing with fears, insecurities, grief and comparison. They interview visionaries and creative activists making an impact of love with the intention of empowering their listeners on their journey of connecting to their personal magic.

And so far? The episodes are straight from the heart, with a greatly appreciated level of vulnerability that makes them pure magic.

Four: Decked out

Because I promised you a seasonally spooky/magic 10 Ways, I’m giving it to you, babes!

Oracle cards. (insert all the magical emojis here)

Kinda like Tarot cards, Oracle cards are a deck of cards of any given number (unlike Tarot), that can be used to inspire, help with personal growth and can help create focus and guidance in life. And we love them!

Simply spread the deck (we’re obsessed with the Moon Deck) face down in front of you and pick however many cards you feel you want/need and try to choose intuitively. Once chosen, turn the cards over (often done in the order they were picked from the deck) and read the appropriate pages in the guidebook to expand on the meaning each card and help you set an intention or provide a mantra to aid your growth in the given area.

There are so many beautifully illustrated and lovingly created decks out there right now, so get a set on your Christmas list, or get buying for your soul sisters! We all need a little guidance sometimes…

Five: Now Following

I make no secret of my love of discovering artists on instagram, so imagne my delight when I stumbled across the humble-while-utterly -brilliant Ohkii Studio on Tumblr, and then Instagram.

The almost nostalgic tones of summer days gone by are subtly stunning. Delicately penned patterns create depth in her luscious botanical settings, with ingenious aerial viewpoints, and sea cliff / jungle dwelling female subjects we can’t help but want to be…

Yes, please Santa…

Six: Autumn Dungas

Another dose of transitional style for you! We’re loving this ethos of repurposing summer faves ready for winter, and not least is this jumper-under-dungas situation!

Simple sweaters, cable knits… Whatever the jumper, simply sling a set of dungarees over top to create this effortlessly cosy, low key look. Pair with a slouchy, teased out top knot, and maybe some perspex specs and you are ready to roll.

Plus it saves you endeavouring to find the ever-illusive short jacket that actually compliments dungas (…does such a garment even exist?!)

Seven: Now Listening

So, following on from this fortnight’s podcast listen habits, the aforementioned spiritual babe, Allie Michelle, also has a totally bomb Spotify account where she regularly posts mind-blowingly good playlists!

From the playful Bob Marley remixes of her Tropics playlist (also featuring that addictive Jain track from the new Levis advert!), to the insane beats of CVIRO and soulful tones of Nao on her Feminine Energy playlist… It’s all we’ve listened to for the last week – no really!

Hit play and thank me later…


Eight: Chocoholic’s Anonymous

It smells like chocolate. It melts on contact, leaving behind a hydrating protect balm. It’s multipurpose, and it’s realtively cheap to buy wholesale and organic.

Cocoa Butter. A plant-based fat that has rapidly become my favourite beauty essential, after being given a big bag of chunky shards by a friend for a mere £4!

My favourite ways to use it?

As a massage/moisturising bar (just like the Lush bars, many of which have a cocoa butter base!) simply use the warmth of you skin to get the bar melting and massage over any areas in need of some intense moisture, or those needing a layer of protection from the harsher weather.

Run a block over your lips for the yummiest lip balm

Throw a date-sized piece into hot running water to use as a bath melt – leaving you with a layer of silky butter to soak in post-bath

It makes an amazing shaving balm, simply rub over the desired area on the shower for a silky rash-free shave

Get in unrefined and organic, in varying quantities on Amazon, and be sure to check out some of the recipes available on Pinterest to whip up some creamy body butters with a few other simple ingredients!

Nine: Now Watching

Oh, you guys. I’ve been wanting to see this family documentary for a while now, and this month Given finally landed on Netflix UK.

Given is the simple, yet powerfully contemplative, story of a unique family legacy come full circle. Told through the visceral experience of a 6 year old, Given follows legendary surfers Aamion and Daize Goodwin from their island home of Kauai through 15 different countries in the quest for surf and to fulfil a calling handed down through generations.

Set in wave after wave of stunningly visual earthscapes, Given blooms into a tender yet stirring exploration of a young boy’s understanding of life through his familial bonds and their reverence for nature. Deeply moving, Given gives us the humbling contrast of a small voice voyaging through a big world as it finds its way home again.

It’s a must watch. Like, I’ve literally been telling everyone I see about it (yes, that good).

Check out the trailer and cancel your Friday night plans…

Ten: Just Take my Money

One word for you: Trouva.

I feel like I’m late to the game here, but if like me you’re unaware, Trouva is the answer to your every shopping dream… Especially when it comes to home decor.

Hide your wallets and disconnect your wifi if you don’t wanna spend any cash this weekend, because oh. my. gosh. is there a LOT to love!

All those finishing touches you’ve been seeking for your home, with a gift idea for almost anyone (christmas=sorted), it’s like having every awesome independent boutique in the country at your fingertips (because that’s exactly what it is!) with the joy of a single delivery charge!

Like I said, d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s!

And with that, we’re at the end of another 10 Ways to make life that little bit lovelier! Here’s to a perfectly spooky weekend, you’ll find this witch relaxing in a bubbly tub with a cauldron of that Deathly Hallows cocktail within reach!

Have a good one babes and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love 


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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