Morning morning! And happy Friday! Phoar has it been a busy week for us here at FBrides HQ, but we’ve found time to enjoy that beautiful sunshine (I hope you guys did too?) and we’ve, of course, found the time to curate a sweet selection of 10 things that’ve been making our life a whole lot lovelier this past fortnight!

From a beautifully chilled Soundcloud discovery, to (no joke) the best lip balm we’ve ever had the joy of using, there’s also the insanely cool new swimwear line from H&M, and our current fave instagram trend, Curated Ears. In case that’s not enough to whet your appetite, we’ll also be dipping into the world of micro fashion, recommending a powerful docu-drama and chatting about a shift in perspective to help us through some of the darker days our world is facing right now.

Let’s kick things off with a bit of new music to give you a gorgeous chilled soundtrack while you read…

One: Now Listening

So! I’ve always avoided Soundcloud. It just seemed like such a labyrinth of music to attempt to sieve through on top of the multiple other platforms I was already using. That was until I realised that so many of the awesome Youtubers I watch were using the most beautiful remixed tracks or covers and, you guessed it, they were exclusively available on Soundcloud, so I caved!

One of my latest and greatest discoveries? Henry Green. This 21 year old budding British artist blends indie, folk and electronic with melancholic melodies and lyrics to produce absolutely delicious, easy summer tracks.

As well as his own original material, he’s covered a Foals track, and the eternally gorgeous Electric Feel by MGMT.

Guys, I’ve had them on repeat for a week! Press play and enjoy!

Two: Best Balm

Oh my. If you’re in the market for a new lip balm, then boy do I have a recommendation for you!

This is no ordinary balm though, not by far! Recommended by Vogue, and a firm favourite with models like Lily Aldridge, organic + environmentally-friendly California brand, Windsor Edwards, tick all our boxes and more!

Windsor Edwards was created to provide honest, hand-crafted and 100% natural skin care products that are good for not only your body, but with the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, good for your mind and spirit as well.

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and what many people don’t realise, is that depending on the product, up to 60% of what goes onto your skin, ends up in your bloodstream. If you care about what you feed your body, you should also be mindful of what you feed your skin. 

We are just SO on board with their brand statement. What you put on your body is just as important as what you choose to put in it, and that’s why we love their products so much! I mean check this out for a ‘free-from’ list:

  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No Preservatives
  • No Cheap Fillers
  • No Alcohols
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Fragrances
  • No Synthetic Ingredients
  • No Animal Testing – not the final products OR any of the ingredients in making the final products
  • No DEA’s
  • No nasty anythings – there are lots out there!

And if that wasn’t enough, all their packaging is conscious: biodegradable, recycled and recyclable goodness!

AND the lip balms are big! Like, will-last-you-forever big. We’re totally addicted!

Three: Summer Edit

H&M have been so impressive this season! Their summer collection is by far one of my high street favourites right now, and their swimwear is absolutely no exception!


From that delicious apricot batik fabric (I’m wearing that bikini as I type, SO pretty) to that unfathomably cool lace up swimsuit (ahem, which is sat in my dresser waiting for it’s first outing!)… The colour ways are perfectly muted, and the cuts have all the on-trend fixings while remaining wonderfully understated.

Honestly babes, I had a hard time choosing 2 favourite pieces from the huge order I made, they’re all so beautiful and the quality is awesome too. Whether it’s a gorgeous infinity pool in Morocco or sunbathing in your back garden (Aayyo!) you do not wanna miss out on these babies!

Four: Curated Ears

The upcoming instagram trend of the moment: the #curatedear.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, ear piercings essentially, I guess, but they’re taking on a whole new demeanour. Something that was once perceived as being kinda grungey (which I love, and if grunge is your thing then I’m high five-ing you!), is now developing a chic younger sister.

What makes a curated ear? Well, piercing positions are very considered and precise, and the final look of the ear is balanced and unique. You might consider including a very on-trend stacked lobe (one piercing directly above the other on the ear lobe) or perhaps a constellation arrangement (multiple studs forming a pattern or shape on the lobe or cartilage).

Pieces are delicate, often with some precious stones or diamonds thrown in for good measure, and work together to create a beautifully finished ear.

Warning though, this trend is highly addictive. I now communicate with several of my friends only in the form of ear pictures… (Soz, guys!)

Five: Perceive Love

A favourite Youtuber of mine, Ellen Fisher, recommended the book ‘The Four Agreements‘ a while ago now, and while I’m still yet to read it (seemingly, the longer my reading list gets, the less time I have available to read?!), she featured a quote from the book recently that really struck a chord with me, especially with the heartbreaking attack in Manchester this week. Thought I’d share it with you:

Just use your imagination and a tremendous thing will happen. Imagine that you have the ability to see the world with different eyes, whenever you choose. Each time you open your eyes, you see the world around you in a different way.

Close your eyes now, and then open them and look outside. 

What you will see is love coming out of the trees, love coming out of the sky, love coming out of the light. You will perceive love from everything around you. This is the state of bliss. You perceive love directly from everything, including yourself and other humans. Even when humans are sad or angry, behind these feelings you can see that they are also sending love.

With that in mind, I just wanted to encourage all our lovely readers to choose to see love in this world, even in our darkest days. It’s so easy to sink into a place of hopelessness when traumas like this rock lives and expectations, but the ability to choose to see and share love will pull us through.

Six: Garden Lounge

All this sunshine’s got me feeling all the feels for my garden! I just LOVE it!

While I do have my head screwed on, and know that this weather is unlikely to last too long in the UK, pinning + dreaming of these beautiful garden lounges has been a favourite way to wile away the evenings this week.

Outdoor rugs, bohemian sun shades, hammocks galore, an abundance of gorgeous rattan furniture, sweet low coffee tables and weather-friendly cushions… That’s what makes a perfect outdoor lounge, and boy are we on board!

Check out Rockett St George’s outdoor collection, as well as La Redoute’s garden furniture for some amazing finds!

Seven: Coord Kids

Haha, chill! I’m not talking super cheesy matching tshirts fro you and your mini-me, but I am talking just a subtle hint of coordination that proves beyond darling!

I couldn’t help but marvel and coo at this gorgeous street style post on Mother this week. With shots taken in L.A. (where else?!) on Mother’s day, this subtle level of twinning – be it a general colour way, or matching patterns – made for über stylish mum and babe looks that made me swoon a whole lot!

Beware, the level of cuteness is about to rocket!

Eight: Now Watching

Just in case you haven’t seen it already, and have missed out on the media focus on this docu-drama, the BBC’s Three Girls is a must watch.

Three episodes recreating the real life accounts of three of the young victims in the Rochdale child-grooming scandal. It’s a harrowing, brave representation, and while very difficult to watch at times, it’s script and cast unfold the horrific storm of events masterfully.

I couldn’t put this series down, and fully expect it be showered with BAFTA’s next year.

Nine: Now Following

The second instalment in our new ‘Now Following’ feature, our instagram fave this past fortnight has been eco conscious and sustainable Australian brand @the_wylde.

A stream of beautiful, real women (like incredible transplant ambassador, @beccraven) wearing their beautiful, earthy robes and loose flowing pieces, this feed is calming, aesthetic heaven, but with substance.

You can find each woman’s powerful story over on The Wylde’s journal too, prepare to be really inspired!

Ten: When Life Gives you Lemons…

Your guys remember THAT dress, right?! The luscious layers of bright canary yellow, swirling gracefully around the storm that was Beyoncé as she smashed everything in sight with a baseball bat in her Hold Up music video… You know the one!

Well, the fashion industry clearly fell in love with that gown and the Lemonade album, but then, who didn’t?! And as a result, one of this season’s must haves is a dynamic yellow piece!

Be that bellowing yellow chiffon sleeves, ruffled suede mules in a punchy yolk yellow, or canary coloured tassels swinging from each ear… From Nasty Gal to Zara, this trend is bright, bold and utterly beautiful!

 Left: Marks & Spencer | Right: Nasty Gal Yes, yes and YES! We just adore that burst of fresh lemon in our summer wardrobes! What a beautiful statement!

And that completes another (our 42nd, would you believe?!) 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely! Cray!

Have a beautiful bank holiday weekend, loves. Enjoy the sunshine, see the love in the world and each other! We’ll see you on the flip side.


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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