Morning, morning! We are finally here, Friday! Whewee! Has it been a long one for anyone else?! This week has had us running around all over the shop, pulled in more directions than a Stretch Armstrong circa 1995 and generally feeling a bit exhausted! So the title of today’s 10 Ways felt highly appropriate; today’s all about Feelin’ Your Best Self.

Taking time to care for you, to enjoy the Summer before it flashes before our eyes, to get your healthy seasonal goods, and just enough indulgence too, to consider your lifestyle and how it makes you feel! Let’s dive straight into it, with (yet another! Sorry guys I just can’t get enough!) way to use essential oils on the go…

One: Wear your Essence

You might remember last week we chatted about our love affair with portable essential oil diffusers by MONQ. Well, babes, it’s safe to say that this is more of a love triangle!

Meet Vitality Extracts purveyors of beautiful essential-oil-absorbing bracelets, so you can wear you essence wherever you go! How awesome is that?!

We are IN LOVE with their 7 Chakra diffuser bracelet (partly because we’re kinda obsessed with studying chakras at the mo, but that’s another story!), but its beautiful coloured beads make it a stunning little boho piece, while you add oils to any of the absorptive volcanic beads! And you’ll get a continuous gentle waft of your chosen oil throughout the day, mine’s currently scented with Wild Orange (my ride or die) and is giving me all the sunny happy feels!

I should also totally mention their car accessories because, babes, they’re game changers! No more toxic-filled car air freshener junk, and no more dry hair/mouth/skin from your car’s air con – these gorgeous little car diffusers not only allow you to choose (and regularly change) your car’s scent, but also add humidity back into the air to keep you fresh and moisturised – WIN AND WIN!

Two: Strawberry Fields Forever

Because with all the rushing around we find ourselves doing, the summer is running past like Bolt going for another gold! So we’ve found it helps to take stock with activities that force us to slow the heck down, and what could be more summer-appropriate than a trip to pick strawberries?

Take your lover, take your little people, wear a super cute summer outfit enjoy the moment!

Three: Green Boosts

So, after a stonkingly good caffeine withdrawal headache earlier this week, I figured it was probably about time I looked to a more gentle stimulant to get me out of bed in the morning!

Obviously, in an ideal world, no stimulant would be needed, but #life. So that’s when I started researching Matcha. I’m sure most of you have heard of this magical green powder, but with a gentler more sustained (like, 6 hour) high point, this baby is much nicer on your system due to its unique combination of L-theanine and caffeine, leaving you energy-filled without any of the common anxious/jittery side effects of coffee!

L-theanine also works to improve your concentration and memory as it increases production of dopamine and serotonin, not to mention the benefits to your skin, weight management and its calming effect! Check out this helpful little infographic for the basics on Matcha goodness!

How to drink it? As an Iced latte, a tropical smoothie or a hot vanilla latte.

Four: Hormone-free

Now, before we even get started here, I know this topic is one for hot debate, so let me just say a few things:

  • I’m not a doctor, do your own research
  • Everyone is different, you do you, boo!
  • And this is a judgement-free zone, this is just something that’s made my life a lot lovelier – so thought I’d share!

Ok now the disclaimer is out there (ha!) I’m talking about coming off hormonal contraception (…and still not having a baby, that is! Sorry Grandma!). Now, like I said, everyone is different, but for me, about a year ago the idea of changing my body’s natural hormone levels became something I wasn’t wholly comfortable with (and wasn’t enjoying the side effects of!), so I dove head first into the world of natural contraception (ha, I see those rolling eyes!) and began studying the FAM technique (Fertility Awareness Method).

To those who rolled their eyes (I see you!) just to confirm that FAM is not any form of the (highly unreliable) ‘Rhythm method’, nor is it based on the moon or any other hippy stuff… Although I do love that shit! But no, FAM is a scientifically based method that allows women to ‘chart’ their cycle using various symptoms/factors to accurately predict their fertility window. It can work both as contraception and to help conceive, dependent on your goal!

While it isn’t for everyone, in all stages of life, if you’re interested in the idea check out the following resources to study further/make it happen for you (click the titles to shop)!

Taking Charge of Your Fertility    

This definitive guide is without a doubt the best place to start! Honestly, I feel like every teenage girl/woman should own this comprehensive book – you wanna know something about your reproductive system/cycle – this book will have the answer!


Still got questions? Head over to FemmeHead’s Youtube channel or maybe consider taking her online courses to learn more about charting your cycle

Natural Cycles App

The only medically certified app that uses an algorithm to accurately detect and predict ovulation and fertility – all you have to do is take your temperature every morning!

Daysy Fertility Calculator

A little thermometer type device that takes 30 secs a day to show you if you are fertile or not with an accuracy of 99.3% and it’s all natural and free of side effects…

Five: Forrest Yoga

So I sit down to coffee with a friend recently, as she tells me she’s just come from a ‘Forrest Yoga Class’.

Like you, my mind went here…

I got all overexcited (as I’m sure you can imagine!) an asked where this magical forest was! Then she explained it was ‘Forrest Yoga, a style developed by Ana Forrest, that she had fallen head over heels for!

The practice is healing. It seeks to provide an intensely physical and internally focused practice that emphasises how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. Grounded in traditional Eastern practice, with a focus on our Western lifestyle (and the implications/ailments that accompany said lifestyle).

Practically speaking, that translates as poses that work to address upper and lower back pain, neck and shoulder issues, carpal tunnel syndrome and intestinal disorders. The postures are held for longer, so you can go deeper into the pose (gaining its full benefits) and tailor the pose to your unique needs.

It’s challenging, but that’s part of the idea! To get you some adventure and restore your spirited self! Take a look for a local class and give it a go!

Six: Now Watching

There’s a lot of hype around this movie right now, and with good reason! As the Guardian describes it: ‘Korean director Bong Joon Ho’s genetically modified satire puts a skewer through the meat industry – while also shaking up the future of film’.

It’s a challenging, but mind-broadening watch: ‘a cautionary tale of genetically modified meat […] Okja uses the trappings of sci-fi fantasy to ask uncomfortably down-to-earth questions about where our food comes from, exposing the savage teeth of consumerism behind the friendly smile of corporate capitalism’ (Guardian).

Starring Tilda Winton and Jake Gyllenhaal, with visual effects supervisor Erik-Jan de Boer (who won an Oscar for his work on Life of Pi), this one’s not to be missed, but a box of tissues/some moral support might be advised!

Seven: Festival Fingers

This summer’s nail are trends are just an absolute treat, a treat I tell you! From Matisse-like florals (my personal fave!), to metallic festival-perfect decals and bursts of Pride-inspired colour!

We can’t pick a favourite, and thank goodness we don’t have to! Different nails every fortnight for the remainder of the summer, yeah?!

Eight: Seasonal Salad

The ultimate summer salad. I was sat looking at my beau’s homegrown corn wondering exactly how to do it justice when the time comes to harvest, and then this recipe popped up in my Pinterest feed and babes, it’s just the yummiest summer salad!

So simple, SO easy and just the perfect accompaniment to almost every summer dish! (Or as a summer dish in its own right, of course!)

So invite your mates over, string up some festoons and get your summer feast on!

Nine: Floral Bathing

Because sometimes feelin’ your best self means lying in a crazy indulgent bath; that is, one filled with actual flower petals.

Yup. Because why not.

Super pretty, and kinda exotic, close you eyes, imagine you’re somewhere tropical, and relaaaaxx…

Ten: Now Drinking

Because feelin’ your best self is all about balance, am I right?! And sometimes, mama needs a drink!

So from one petal-scattered liquid to another, this Rosé punch is über feminine, super summery, delicate and light in both flavour and appearance… Just what we ordered! Enjoy!

I hope today’s post leaves you feelin’ your best self, babes! It’s all in the balance; productivity and down time, healthy and indulgent, time alone and time with those you love. Find your balance, find what feels good for you!

Have a beautiful (albeit a little rainy, I believe) weekend, and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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