Good morning, beautiful people! I don’t know about where you live, but we’ve been wondering where the sunshine has gotten to here in the UK this past two weeks! I mean, was the June/July heat our summer?! In true British ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ spirit we’ve been seeking sunshine (and by that I mean both literally and metaphorically) wherever we can find it. Today’s 10 Ways will have you catching little rays of sunshine, regardless of the weather!

We’re talking anything that lights you up inside and gets you all those warm, fuzzy feelings! Coming up, we’ve got our undisputed favourite summer brunch, the perfect European-cool brand (ummmm heyyo holiday shop!), an internet beauty craze we just can’t resist and plenty of wellbeing concepts to have you feeling your best for the rest of the summer!

Come chase the sun with us…

One: Pana

Ok, so I never normally do this, if I’m gonna include something in a 10 Ways post, you better believe I’ve tried and tested its loveliness! (Any excuse, right?!)

However, when the lovely lady behind one of our favourite bridal hair accessory brands, Luna Bea, recommends a chocolate brand to you, you just take her word for it! Meet Pana, purveyors of raw, organic, gluten + refined sugar free, vegan handmade chocolate.

It looks incredible and (by all accounts!) tastes incredible too. With artisan flavours like sour cherry + vanilla, and fig + wild orange, it’s the perfect gift (to another, or yourself!), and with a killer instagram account to boot, we’re totally on board!

Thanks for the recommendation Luna Bea!

Two: Faithfull-ness

It’s another brand recommendation this morning, guys! Because BOY has this been bringing pure sunshine to my instagram feed (and shopping cart!), online sensation Faithfull the brand (and no, that’s not a typo!) is blowing up big time with the insta-it-girls!

I first spotted the insane little khaki coord set below, and thought it was just a one-off painfully cool shot, but soon began seeing lightweight, carefree, European-style cotton ensembles cropping up on all my favourite Instagram hideouts and figured something must be afoot!

This brand is just everything. From light, airy shirts, to their signature tie skirts and cropped, floaty bandeaus. Only problem is deciding which to go ahead and purchase…

For all your holiday shopping needs, check them out.

Three: Balearic Coves

And while we’re on the holiday theme…

Now, I’m all for finding sunshine where you’re at, but sometimes a girl just gotta go a little further afield in search of those rays, and we are most definitely pro the idea of a late summer getaway to grab the last of the European summer! As my cousin said to me just yesterday, ‘When it comes to holidays, the answer is always YES!’

…And our most recent Pinterest-dream? The hidden coves of Menorca. Crisp Azure ocean, white sands and an astounding rocky coastline, beautiful sunshine and all within a single, relatively small island…

What more could you want? Go catch some sun, babes.

Four: The Visor Effect

Because my Tumblr and Pinterest have almost solely revolved around the idea of a vacation for the last fortnight, I am also totally obsessed with the sun visor.

Ooooh, I know, controversial. You either love or hate them! But I’m not talking garishly coloured plastic visors, oh hell nah! We’re talking gorgeously earthy, woven material, with a soft curve to the peak, à la this baby by laid-back Aussie brand, the Wylde.

Just perfect for that end-of-summer vacay we talked about, or the sunny festival you’ve got booked (please God, make it sunny!)

Five: Light Robes

We are huge dressing gown fans over here! But, I gotta say, I believe in a seasonal approach when it come to robes. Am I being a little extra? Yeah, maybe, but hear me out! What we want from our summer gown is a world away from the cosiness we seek from our winter number!

Female, serial-chiller, brunette seeking lightweight, airy, just a little bit sheer, beautifully detailed bathrobe in a summery colourway for a 2 month summer fling…

We love this minimal linen robe by H&M, as well as the details of the Wylde’s kimono and Free People’s Together Forever kimono and their bohemian Hitch Hiker robe.

Six: Sleepin’ on Solid Ground

Y’all are gonna have to try this one to believe it, I think, but bear with me. So since completing my yoga teacher training, I’ve been experiencing quite a heightened awareness around what my body is asking me for, and have thus been found seeking a firmer bed sitch’… Crazy, I know right?! Who doesn’t want a plush, super cushioned bed to fall into at the end of the day?! #crazylady

Well, turns out firm beds are quite a thing, and when I say firm, I’m not talking the firmest mattress at your average high street store… I’m talking traditional Japanese-style beds… Kinda like a futon situation.

Is it beneficial? Surprisingly so! There’s a lot of evidence to suggest it’s considerably better for your back (which, in the short-term at least, I can definitely say I’ve been experiencing), not to mention it feels a bit more natural, especially as these mattresses are traditionally simply rolled out on the floor, or on a couple of Tatami mats, creating a beautiful grounding sensation. Not to mention they can easily be folded away or into a sofa to make your bedroom a multipurpose space!

Seven: Happy Brunchin’

Pancakes. Because they just bring us that inner sense of sunshine!

Our current addiction (like, for the last 4 months?!) is this recipe vegan blueberry pancake recipe by Jamie Oliver, it’s become something of a weekend ritual!

Stack ’em up high, add a scattering of fresh fruit (and/or chocolate!) and drizzle with something delicious! We love vanilla dairy-free yoghurt and a generous dousing drizzle of maple syrup on the above JO recipe! Pure sunshine!

Eight: Forest Bathing

This is one of those things that you’ve been habitually doing just because it feels good, without realising it’s actually a ‘thing’.

Forest bathing. Yeah, I had the below picture in my mind too… But no, Forest Bathing is essentially just being in the presence of trees. Prescribed as part of a national public health program in Japan in 1982, this eco-therapy often looked like masses picnicking under the cherry blossoms.

Proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing, Forest Bathing is simply being in the presence of trees: no hiking or Fitbit step counting (this proves hard for me to resist!), you can sit or meander, but the point is to relax rather than accomplish anything.

Fascinating stuff, you can read more here.

Nine: Craze Cave

Because some internet crazes are just worth the hype.

There’s a reason Winky Lux sell one of their Flower balms every three minutes…

They’re ridiculously gorgeous (yes, that is a real flower incased in the balm. Mind – blown!), they’re cruelty free, they’re coconut-scented and the clear jelly-like balm reacts to your skin’s pH to create a soft pink stain perfectly matched to your tone… Just take my money already.

Ten: Sun Chasers

Now, I know I got all excited about the idea of a little late summer vacay earlier, (what can I say? I am my own hype-man!) but if that isn’t a feasible reality for you, or even if it is, I’ve been really enjoying soaking up the UK sunshine.

I think sometimes in the UK, we can write off a day’s weather a little too quickly, at even the slightest suggestion of rain, when really there’s plenty of sunshine filling all the gaps.

So get out there, even if you have to take your rain mac, or you get a bit wet in the showers, or there’s a bit of a gusty breeze, run with it and soak up the rest of the summer sun while you can!

Move to sit in the dappled light, watch the late afternoon rays dance through the window, chase the sunset. Be in the moment and sit with that beautiful warmth, even if just for a moment everyday.

Guaranteed your soul with thank you for it.

And here we are, my loves! At the end of another 10 Ways and (I hope) feeling inspired to go chasing after your sunshine (literally or otherwise) this weekend!

Sending you all the warm fuzzies, love and light and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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