Continuing on from Tuesday’s post on the sweet smelling world of posies, today we bring you some gorgeous looking bouquets in muted brights, vibrant purples, block colours and a few cactus like flowers thrown in for good measure!

If flowers are not your thing, then we’ve also included a mood board on alternatives to the flower bouquet. Like we said in part 1, anything goes with your bouquet so if you wanted to creative something that is symbolic of flowers but is in fact some scrunched up newspapers which have been cleverly manipulated into the shape of roses then why not!? Your wedding is all about the things that represent you and that lovely man/woman of yours so chuck away the wedding flower rule book and do whatever you want!

Posies in Muted Brights

As my bridesmaid’s would say, these bouquets are loud colours that are really really quiet aka muted brights! I do love the mixture of colours in the posies below and if you are planning a festival wedding with all the trimmings then brights are the way forward. They would also look great against bridesmaid dresses that are mix matched in all different colours………..mmmm there’s an idea!

Image Credits 1.Honey of a Thousand Flowers 2. Clayton Austin 3. Jenny Jimenez 4. Ruffled Blog 5. Nickel Images 6. Our labor of Love 7. Marianne Wilson

Vibrant purple posies

Everyone loves a statement colour in some shape or form and purple most certainly stands out! It looks great mixed in with yellow and I also love different shades of purple flowers all bunched together.

Image Credits 1. Float Away Studios 2, 3, 4, 5. Ruffled Blog

Block colour posies

How awesome is the first image below? I love the block red against the white of the daises. It’s so different to all the other bouquet’s we’ve featured in this post and I love that!

Flower posies  in 1 colour or that 1 colour contrasted against white flowers always stand out and look good – simple ideas  are sometimes the best ones!

Image Credits 1. Feather and Stone Photography 2. Ruffled Blog

Berries, thistles, feathers, lavender, wheat and cactus flower Posies!

Why not go for something completely different and mix in some thistles, feathers or berries in with your flowers. These sort of bouquets look great at a rustic wedding.

Image Credits 1. Ashley Rose 2. Austing Ros 3. Miha Matei 4.Benj Haisch 5. This Modern Romance 6. Brooke Boling Photography 7. Amy Carroll 8. Cameron Ingalls 9. Jerry Yoon 10. Love Is a Big Deal

Alternative bouquets

If flowers do not float your boat then why not forget them all together and make something completely unique!? Maybe you are a scholar and would prefer a bouquet made out of literature pages or maybe you’re a clothes designer or seamstress so a fabric bouquet would be perfect for you? I love the idea of depicting an aspect of your personality and using this as stimulus to create your bouquet. My biggest passion is travelling so maybe a bouquet of maps would be the alternative bouquet for me!?

Maybe, like the owner of the bottom right bouquet, your passion is chocolate so somewhere mixed in with your flowers is a walnut swirl or lindor milk truffle! Yum yum yum!

Image credits 1. Ulmer Studios 2. Our Labor of Love 3. Brynn Rupp 4. Alice Hu Photography 5. Swoon Over It Photography 6. Gabriel Ryan Photography 7. Rachel Thurston 8. Studio Castillero 9. Micah and Megan Photography 10. Chelsea Davis 11. Kay English

Image Credit – Jagger Photography

Does anyone else fancy a walnut swirl now from M&S!? Might have to give into temptation and  go and buy one – its almost Christmas so it’s allowed!

Hope your creative juices are flowing from all the posy inspiration! Mine certainly are – do I go for muted brights or chocolate in my bouquet………………………… decisions decisions!

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