…Ok ok, so this might be a little far fetched for us Brits, deserts full of stunning cacti aren’t exactly easy to come by, but miniature succulents – now that’s achievable! So, yesterday, having been gagging to start my mini succulent collection for who knows how long, ‘research’ for this post seemed the perfect excuse! I wanted to be able to show you how easy (and ridiculously sweet) these fleshy little water-retaining plants are to incorporate into your wedding day. At a grand total of £2.49 a piece (and that wasn’t from a garden centre renowned for being particularly cheap) these little fellas are the perfectly unique, ready made accessory to your big day!

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So, for those of you wondering, I chose the following varieties: that gorgeously mauve and grey/green succulent is an Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg, while the 3 miniatures above are (left to right) an Echeveria Hookerii, a Portulacaria Afra Variegata (also known as an Elephant Bush!?) and finally the much loved Crassula Argentea (also known as a jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, or money tree). Cute, hey?

Let’s get to it then and look at the multitude of oh-gosh-fabulous ways you can get succulents involved in your wedding. From the finishing touches to your cake, to a boutonnière or even your stationary design, the pretty shapes succulents throw are sure to be a massive hit, and a fresh talking point for your guests!


First up, and this is probably my favourite way to use succulents at a wedding; cake decor. The great thing about the soft earthy tones of succulents, be it green or more of a grey/green is that they work with so many colour schemes. Whether you choose to embrace them as your colour scheme entirely, gently compliment them with a blush-hued peach (which is undoubtedly my favourite palette!) or go for a bold neon contrast colour – these little babies will look totally ace. So ditch the florals and go pick up some little minis to adorn that roughly iced cake. Nothing says ‘warm summer’ like a succulent!






…I just love the strikingly simplicity of that last cake. Tall, clean white lines topped with a single, perfectly luscious green succulent! Oh hello, classy baked goods! Man, I love it.

Wanna take this theme a little further? Maybe give your guests a little something to think about? How about taking these desert-inspired shapes onto your stationary then? Delicate shades of muted green, printed across a textured brown card. I mean, come on! I’ve said it once and I’m sure I’ll say it again: If I could do it all again…!





See? Succulents and blush tones were simply made for each other and my-oh-my are we loving the contrast the black chalkboard look for these designs. It just works, right?

If you’re on a slightly tighter budget, and you’re looking to print and create your invitations for yourself (by the way, go you! DIY-ing is no mean feat, but the results are so rewarding) you might wanna pop on over to Etsy and search ‘succulent stamp’, there’s an array of gorgeous outline, customisable and solid stamp designs like the one below. Easy to do, ridiculously cool and they create that perfect ‘handmade’ feel in one firm press of an ink pad!


This next one is probably the most common use for succulents at weddings; takeaway succulent favours. Super popular in the US, this one’s about the hit the UK, and you can see why, right? These sweet little gifts are easily looked after (you pretty much just put them in the sun and neglect them!) and can be potted and wrapped in a thousand different ways, adorned with neon coloured stones or tags and string and arranged however you like: as an escort card system or simply as little presents for guests to take home. Super doable, super flexible and just so dang ace for guys and gals alike!


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And of course, both miniature and slightly larger succulents make the coolest table pieces. Paired with the symmetry of geometric structures, a desert-inspired skull, a dusting of gold to really set them off or the simple, soft glow of a tea light, you won’t have to worry about them staying fresh, they won’t need watering and they’re just a little more edgy than your standard flower arrangement a.k.a. they’re right up our street!








Oh, I know right? So cool it hurts. I’m totally in love with those single stem pieces in the tiny glass vases. Have a chat with your florist about the best way to approach this – the single succulent piece will need to be wired onto a longer stem and then wrapped in a coordinating green floristry tape. Totally DIY-able still, but a little advice never hurt, hey?

This last trend is still relatively rare, but man alive is it good; wear your succulents, girl! This next bride is just incredible, so I’m gonna leave you two alone for a second to just stare at each other in awe…



…A succulent crown? HELL-FLIPPIN-YEAH! We just adore this to the high heavens! A totally original, not too girly take on the flower crown, this style is for the fun-loving but totally boho chic Festival Bride. It’ll set off any hair colour incredibly and whether you go for a entirely succulent crown or mix it up with some flowers too, it’s  insanely cool.





And for your guys? A little more masculine than the standard, the tiny succulent boutonnière is a major hit with the lads. And hello, that last one, with its stem wrapped in a macrame friendship bracelet? It’s just Festival perfection and an ace keepsake for the guys post-wedding!




Here’s hoping you’re now as enamoured by the succulent as I am!

You enjoy your trip to the garden centre later to start your collection, I’ll probably see you there! #obsessed

Clare X


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