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Happy Friday Lovely Peeps,

Now I don’t know about you but I am loving every single second of this Indian summer we seem to be having. 22 degrees in October?  Yes Please! Because India was so young during the heat wave of June and July, I didn’t see much of the sun so its been lovely sitting out in it now. I took her to Brighton on Wednesday so she could see the sea for the first time and you should have seen her face. She loved it! It’s amazing watching her respond to places for the first time – she didn’t take her eyes off the coast despite the sea breeze! This morning we laid in the garden and watched the clouds and she was chatting away to them – bless her! I think she’s going to be a bit of a chatterbox – don’t know who she gets that from……..!?

I absolutely love this time of year. October brings with it such a warmth that it is by far my favourite season. There is nothing quite like a walk in the countryside where the autumnal sun, with just a touch of heat, intensifies all those gorgeous shades of amber. Browns, coppers, greens, blues, oranges, deep reds – this time of year brings such a wealth of deep rich colours making October an excellent month for a wedding. There is so much natural inspiration to play with. Photos with a burnt orange woodland as a backdrop, warm apple cider instead of champagne, cakes covered in berries, pumpkins lining an aisle, fallen crisp leaves as confetti – the possibilities are endless. And what about your flowers!? After the brightness and vibrancy of the Summer, flowers mellow into wonderful shades of orange and berries, fruits and seasonal foliage add a bit of texture and character to your bouquet. Just imagine a wedding arch made up of wild thistles, berries and burnt orange gerberas? Gorgeous.

To help you on your way to planning a wedding full of the magic of autumn, here are a few of our favourite images from our Hello October pinterest board.


The Colours…


The Flowers

Hold Them…..


Wear Them….


Pose with Them…


Hang Them…


Pin Them…

October 7

The Groom…

October5October6October 8

The Decor…

October15October9october11october10October17 October18

The Dress…


I am in love with the back of this last dress – just stunning!

I hope this post has brought you lots of ideas for an autumnal wedding.

For more inspiration and for the picture credits please visit our Hello October pinterest board.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

We’ll see you on the flip side!

Big Love

Laura xx

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