We were setting up Festival Brides whilst this festival was in action. We knew about its launch and wished we could have experienced the first ever Wilderness Festival. Festivals like these are our inspiration for Festival Brides.. Creating an experience, finding your inner wild side, engaging in nature and being creative. This festival seems all encompassing, like a intimate party weekend without the commercial bore that comes with so many mainstream festivals today – Sitting in a beautiful teepee drinking wine in glasses is so far away from my cider can and burger van experiences. They even have boutique camping and babysitting!!!

We love the eclectic vibe of this festival from trees in teepees and hay bales for seats to emotive words and signs as you wonder through the wilderness!! The setting looks truly beautiful and so do the people…We can’t wait to go next year!!

Watch the official video here:


Images via wildernessfestival.com (Benjamin Eagle and Richard Heald)


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Wedding beauty on its way!