Every festival style wedding is not complete unless a flag is involved in some shape or form!!

They are like the icing on the cake when it comes to a festival and can transform your wedding venue to create that unique ambiance that comes hand in hand with any festival.

They can also make an awesome photo!

Image via Big Wave Flags

Image via Big Wave Flags


There are many ways you can incorporate festival flags into your day. Choose bright, beautiful and atmospheric colours to enhance the personality of your big day or match the colour of the flags to your maids dresses and/or your flowers.

If you’re getting married outside, why not create an aisle behind your guests seating creating maximum impact as you walk towards your hubby to be! You could even stand between two simple flags whilst making your vows.


Image via Big Wave Flags


If your wedding has a more vintage, bohemian or shabby-chic style than festival, you can still have flags! Choose simple, classic and more delicate white flags that will look beautiful against the countryside or mix two subtle colours together, like white and gold, that will create a more natural feel.


Images via Big Wave Flags

Image via Big Wave Flags

Image via Festiflags


With the combination of height, movement and colour, festival flags can really add to the atmosphere of your wedding. They’re fun, different and very free-spirited!


Image via Banner Box


Where to buy or hire:

www.bigwaveflags.co.uk – handmade flags, awesome designs and eco-friendly. They supply all of the UK.

http://www.bannerbox.co.uk/ – bespoke service and quirky patterns. They supply all of the UK.

http://www.festiflags.co.uk – delicate and graceful flags specifically designed for weddings. They supply all of the UK

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