If I gave you a selection of photos of your girlfriend’s future wedding bouquets, and asked you to match them with your girls, I’d bet a large sum that you’d ace it… Why? Because a bouquet says a lot about its bearer, the two compliment each other beautifully. In ancient times, and even still today, flowers remain a symbol of the sacred, divine feminine; so don’t overlook your bouquet, it can be the most exquisite expression of who you are as a woman.

And with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bouquet trends for this season. There’s something for the bold colourful woman, the delicate yet original bride, the truly wild, free-spirit and of course, the whimsical dreamer…

Big, Bright Blooms

For the confident, playful bride, there are plenty of incredible bold bouquets this season. With huge colourful peonies of every variety and the popular addition of the exotic King Protea, these bouquets are a vibrant statement, in all their luscious eye-catching glory!

Gorgeous when paired with a more minimal, simple gown, these big bloom bouquets are popular in brights for Summer 2017, but translate just as beautifully into dark, Autumnal hues too.

Beautiful Blues

The rare blue bloom. Inspired by the bundled Delphinium bouquet from our very own ‘The Sisters’ editorial last year, these soft shades of blue are a subtle and effortlessly cool edition to the boho bride’s look. Delicate in tone, shape and nature, these divine blooms are a flirtatious colour alternative that we adore!

Blue tones look incredible as a mono-bloom bouquet, but work equally well alongside soft white florals and muted matte foliage. Just be sure those charming little blues aren’t overwhelmed and lost in the mix.

Freeform Florals

We are seeing a LOT of this bouquet style for 2017 and beyond. Absolutely perfect for the free-spirited bride, the free-form bouquet is wild and alluring. They’re all the blooms we love in structured bouquets, but given a little more freedom to express themselves!

Stalks are a little longer with wildflower additions, allowing the bouquet to almost create itself, often resulting in a truly unique asymmetrical arrangement. Hanging foliage or sheer wide ribbons can be added to create an extra free-flowing dynamic, and pretty much any colour-way goes!

Although I have to say I’m kinda in love with some of those more muted warm tones…

 How beautiful to embrace those smooth winding stalks…The bouquet looks so alive!

Whimsical Wonders

And finally, the dreamiest of this season’s bouquet trends. These utterly captivating bouquets range from slight to oversized, but the one trait they all share is a delicacy and lightness of texture.

They catch the sunlight and the breeze just beautifully, with their sweet lightweight texture complementing almost any gown and any setting perfectly.

Be warned, their pretty irresistible…

That last one though, SWOON. Such a heavenly fluffy texture, pairing perfectly with her flowing lace gown and bohemian barefoot look.

Tell us, ladies, what’s you’re bouquet going to say about you? We’re excited to hear how you plan to express yourself with your blooms, drop us a comment below!


Peace + Love


Clare XO

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