The wedding wish tree is a dutch tradition which has made its way over the borders and into UK ceremonies. An alternative to the traditional guest book, guests write a message or share their memories on a card and hang it to a tree.

They can be casual and rustic or glittery and elegant, suitable for all themes and making for a perfect centerpiece.

The Wedding Tree Wish Card

Traditionally, the Dutch would write their messages on leaves and attach them back to the tree. However, there are now a number of different variations on how to create your wish tree cards.

If your religious why not print your favorite bible quotes relating to love on the tags. Or maybe you would like to opt for a classical elegant design which will ooze class! Etsy has a awesome range of wishing tree tags..

Source: via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

Source: via Festivalbrides on Pinterest


To add a little extra to your tree, why not consider adding pearls, jewels, feathers, streamers, birds, flowers, fruit…whatever captures the creativity behind the theme of the wedding. Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing…

Source: via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

Use Photographs

Why not add a few photographs to your tree. You could showcase memories of you and your loved one…displaying the journey you have taken together in life. Or maybe you would like to feature all the good times you have had with your family and friends?

Creating The Tree

To create the look isn’t that difficult, however can become time consuming (especially if like me you’re a little bit of a perfectionist!). The twigs can be collected from your nearest forestry, or if your struggling contact your local florist for prices of a few branches.

Decide on the pot you would like to use, and how you will fill it. You can either go back to nature and use soil to bury the twigs…or alternatively use something a little bit more glitzy like crystals to keep the twigs secure.

We recommend assembling the tree at the venue, this avoids any damage and mishaps during transportation…so be sure to set some time aside to do this! Or maybe add this to your wedding planners list…be sure to explain exactly how you will like it to look on the day!

Or alternatively there are a number of companies who allow you to rent wish tree’s for your ceremony, such as Love To Hire or Dreams To Reality. 

Check out our Wishing Tree Inspiration board on Pinterest for more ideas on how to create the look.

Lots of love,

Festival Brides xx

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