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Whaddup Wednesday?!

Yep, I’m starting today’s article with a little bit of attitude and sass, because hello? Did you see that first image? How insanely cool is that dip dyed, fringed poncho?! Hashtag want it, big time! Now, being the Pinterest addict that I am, I’ve noted so many of these rad little accessories popping up in my feed, and when that happens I know it’s time to tell my Festival Brides about it. So, to those couples daring enough to have an outdoor wedding this year (go you!), to those brides who like to party late into the chilly evening and to those of you who just feel the cold and like to be damn cosy; I’m giving you the warm shoulder.

I’ve curated a collection of eclectic beauties, so if you’re looking for dainty lace boleros, sorry doll but this might be a bit too indie/Coachella cool for that! So, ladies, grab an iced coffee, hell grab that pastry you’ve been lovingly staring at and trying to resist for the last half hour, and let’s indulge in some soul soothing bohemian goodness.

Mex 1 Mex 2

Image Credit: Paper and Lace + Poppy Moss Photography

Mex 3

Image Credit: Vintage Marmalade

Mex 4

Image Credit: The Fashion Spot

Mex 5

Image Credit: Javier Pinon

Mex 6

Image Credit: Crush Cul de Sac

Mex 8

Image Credit: Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Mex 9

Image Credit: Simply Aesthetic

Mex 10

Image Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Where else would I start with this trend? That’s right, none other than my all time favourite snuggle up; a Mexican blanket. Not only is this style of rugged blanket the hottest thing for your home right now, but nonchalantly slung around your shoulders, it’s the coolest accessory to your stunning white dress. Contrast with rich colours and dense patterns and employ terms such as ‘Serape’ and ‘Falsa’ when Googling to get your sweet hands on one of these!

Now, if you’re a lover of that Southern American style, but a blanket is just a little too hefty for you, run your pretty little eyes over Free People’s crocheted poncho collection. Intricate, symmetrical designs, elegant outlines and a major dose of boho-chic (come on, Erin Wasson’s wearing one!) just sling one of these over your beautifully tousled locks to give your shoulders that little extra layer as you dance round a fire pit with your nearest and dearest late into the night. C’est parfait!

Mex 11

Mex 12

Image Credit: Crochet Poncho by Free People

Mex 13

Image Credit: Bad Romance Poncho by Free People

Next up, I want to go back to the inspiration for this post: these ridiculously sweet bouclé jackets from Nicky & Joff’s Cornish seaside wedding last year. One look at Nicky’s darling bridesmaids in those little jackets and I knew I had to share this idea. Whether you adopt this style for yourself or your bridesmaids, a cute little jacket contrasting with your crisp white dress is a must have accessory for any outdoor bride. We’re loving ourselves some Coachella style suede fringing or a washed out silver sequinned piece, basically anything by the Spell and Gypsy Collective. Push up sleeves and always wear jackets open to enhance your dress and maximise the ‘effortless cool’ look.

LJ 1 LJ 2

Image Credit: Love My Dress

LJ 3

Image Credit: We Heart It

LJ 4

Image Credit: PiPhi in Pearls

LJ 5

Image Credit: Awakening Bohemia

LJ 7

Image Credit: Cowgirl Dreams by Spell and the Gypsy Collective

LJ 6

Image Credit: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

LJ 8 LJ 9

Image Credit: The Rattlesnake by Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Isn’t that Rattlesnake jacket just incredible? Especially on Bambi, but that’s beside the point! Thrown on over an airy chiffon or matte cotton gown, it’s the perfect contrast, with added sparkle for the evening.

I totally couldn’t talk cover ups without an ode to the ever-fabulous kimono; they’re enduringly beautiful and diverse as hell. Keep things all white or pull over a dose of vibrant colour, choose a shorty with fringing or a maxi floor dusting length; they’re all absolutely divine. To add to that, they’re perfect in every outdoor setting I can imagine and blowing in the breeze, they make for totally rad bridal portraits. Don yourself a kimono; I’m telling you, you won’t regret it and post wedding they make a beautiful piece of art hung on your walls. Delicate and graceful, but sheer rock n’ roll.

Kim 1

Image Credit: Gypsy Lolita

Lincoln Moto Co.

Image Credit: Ann Street Studio

Kim 3

Image Credit: Enjoy the Kiss

Kim 4

Image Credit: Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Kim 5

Image Credit: Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Kim 6

Image Credit: Wedding Chick

Kim 7

Kim 8

Image Credit: the Phoenix Duster by Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Kim 9 Kim 10 Kim 11

Image Credit: the Desert Wanderer Dawn Kimono by Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Kim 12 Kim 13

Image Credit: the Desert Wanderer Sunset Kimono by Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Kim 14 Kim 15

Image Credit: Ruffle Surplice by Free People

Amazing aren’t they? And Spell and the Gypsy Collective are absolutely killing it when it comes to the Kimono. Plus hello? That peacock chair is a must have. Such attitude, love it.

Last up; faux fur. Yeah, so fur wraps have been a standard for winter brides for years now, perfectly glamourous and cosy, but I’d like to encourage you to think outside of those one dimensional (albeit gorgeous) shawls.  Something longer, slouchier, hairier, wilder; something with some real sass. Suitable for winter and outdoor summer brides (late into the evening) alike, as far as Festival Brides are concerned fur should be worn casually, roughly thrown on for ultimate bohemian cool.

Fur 1

Image Credit: A Patch of Skye

Fur 2

Image Credit: Once Wed

Fur 6

Image Credit: Anja Rubik

Fur 3

Image Credit: Ruffled Blog

Fur 4

Image Credit: Lara Jade

Fur 5

Image Credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid

So, that’s our round up of cover up cool. We’ve pulled a piece from pretty much every corner of the globe, diverse in their fits, colours and textures, but all equally awesome. I think the key to this look lies in the Beyoncé ‘I woke up like dis’ mantra; keep it casj~ and just throw it on and you’ll definitely get that ‘last-minute-decision-but-totally-working-it’ bridal look. If all else fails, or if your budget’s already expended, then of course the age-old jacket steal remains, of course, classy, chic and eternally cool. Just make sure your man’s jacket will coordinate perfectly over your dress, then all that’s left to do is own it, ladies!

Blazer End 2

Image Credit: Le Fashion Image

Blazer End

Image Credit: Modern and Classy

Play with this trend, have fun with it, there’s nothing essential about it, it’s a luxurious extra and if that isn’t free reign to go a little wild with it – I don’t know what is!

Much love,

Clare xo

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