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Now I know some of you might be looking at this post title and thinking ‘balloons? Really? Wasn’t that a wedding trend from 2 years ago?’ and yes, you are right. Using balloons of all shapes and sizes at your wedding is not a new thing BUT we still think they are cool and very much in the now. Not only to they make a gorgeous photo but they are also incredibly versatile when it comes to your wedding decor. Hang them, hold them, write on them, release them, give them to your bridesmaids instead of bouquets…….there is so much you can do with the simple modest balloon and the best part about them is they are cheap as chips (depending on which ones you get!)

Because I have blatantly caught wedding balloon fever, I have decided to split this inspiration post into two parts. Part 1 will focus on using balloons to create a quirky, interesting or romantic wedding photo and part 2 will be all about the wonderful ways balloons can be used in your wedding decor.

As the images below illustrate, using balloons as props in your wedding photos can make such a striking and memorable photo. Whether you and your beau are holding one each and walking into the sunset or you are both captured jumping in the air holding a big bunch of colourful balloons – the result can be something quite special and fun.

The images below cover everything from those all important couple shots to memorable photos with your bridesmaids so sit back, scroll down, and get lost in the wonderful world of wedding balloons.

The Couple Shots….

weddingballoons weddingballoons3 weddingballoons4 weddingballoons6 weddingballoons7 weddingballoons8 weddingballoons9 weddingballoons10

weddingballoons27 weddingballoons26 weddingballoons25

weddingballoons11 weddingballoons12 weddingballoons14 weddingballoons15 weddingballoons16 weddingballoons17

The Hiding Shots!

weddingballoons20 weddingballoons19 weddingballoons18 weddingballoons13 weddingballoons5 weddingballoons2 weddingballoons1

Just The Bride…

weddingballoons21 weddingballoons22 weddingballoons23 weddingballoons24 weddingballoons28 weddingballoons29

The Bridesmaid’s Shots….

weddingballoons30 weddingballoons31 weddingballoons32 weddingballoons33 weddingballoons34 weddingballoons35 weddingballoons36

And don’t forget your little maids……

weddingballoons37 weddingballoons38 weddingballoons39 weddingballoons40 weddingballoons41

Image credits, along with more images on using balloons at your wedding, are available from our pinterest wedding balloon board.

If this post has inspired you and your thinking of purchasing a balloon or two for your wedding photos then check out festival brides sponsors Eagle Eyed Bride and Scene Setter both of which supply gorgeous, quirky and festival style balloons for your wedding.

Part 2 will be on the blog next week so don’t be a stranger!

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