We just had to feature this story when we heard about!! What an extremely thoughtful and romantic proposal – The boy did good!! Over to Igloo Structures to tell the story…..


We were first approached a couple of months ago by a man wanting a structure of some sort for him to propose to his girlfriend on Porthmeor Beach, St Ives. He wanted somewhere private to spend some time in after he had proposed to his girlfriend. It needed to be cosy, filled with rugs and cushions and pretty lights. We decided on the Bell Tent as it is easy to put up and the right size for a ‘love nest’. As the day got nearer we offered him the option of putting a favourite romantic song on an Ipod and suggested putting a bottle of champagne on ice and 2 glasses in the tent. He liked the song idea and requested “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, he wanted it playing as he was proposing. 

He was very particular over where he wanted the tent to be as he had booked a secret photographer to take some pictures, without his girlfriend knowing. He also hired a security guard (dressed in a suit and tie) to look after the tent whilst they were using it. 


As the weekend approached I started to get a bit nervous about the weather, it was the weekend the supposed hurricane was due to arrive! The week leading up to proposal day was awful, very strong winds and heavy rain! Cornish beaches are very unforgiving in wind and rain and he wanted the door of the tent facing straight out to sea. As it happened he was unbelievably lucky, Friday dawned bright and sunny…. still quite windy but no rain. The wind definitely gave me some issues, even with my long heavy duty pegs, the wind was getting hold of the tent so i had to weigh down the walls with sand. Our instructions were to get everything ready by 5pm, we were ready by 4:30 and he was half an hour late so we had plenty of time to relax and wait. 

The first part of the plan involved them having dinner at a particular table in the restaurant overlooking the beach (which was just behind and to the left of the tent) That was the first problem as they were on winter opening times meaning they were due to close at 4:30, luckily the photographer asked if they would stay open, which they did. Once they had finished dinner they were going to have a walk on the beach, he was going to send me a text asking me to light the lanterns. I think next timeI will use battery operated fake candles as trying to light the candles in the wind was a nightmare! Once the candles were alight I had to stay in the tent, then as they approached I had to press play on the Ipod and then make a hasty exit, I think I was more nervous than him in the end. 


Anyway it all went smoothly, the lantern walkway looked lovely, the right song came on on the Ipod! He got down on one knee and she said yes. As we had been there a couple of hours by this point there were quite a few people watching (60/70). I’m not sure if he imagined a quiet beach with just him and his girlfriend but i think the sun had brought everyone out, so when she said yes everyone clapped and cheered which was nice. Then they went in the tent and we got a pizza from St Ives and waited for a text from the security guard to say they had finished. I had made a 2 hour playlist of lots of soppy (but nice) love….ish songs and they used it for 2 hours.

It was a fun and interesting job for us and the first time we had made a proposal tent but hopefully not the last…..

Thanks so much to Steve From Igloo Structures for sharing the story!! Congratulations to the happy couple xx

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