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This morning we’re hitting on a trend that been on the peripherals for a little while, but is set to be kind of a big deal for 2015: the Mule.

Mule. Not a great sounding word is it and it gets a pretty judgemental press because of it too, but trust me there’s nothing but sass and sophistication where mules are concerned.

So, define a mule? OK, well according to the source of all knowledge that is Wikipedia… Ahem…

Mule, a French word, is a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. Mules can be any heel height – from flat to high. The style is predominantly (but not exclusively) worn by women’

Favoured by Monroe, the tiny feet of the Olsen girls (so it’s a given that they’re ridi-cool) and the fabulous Emma Stone, the mule ain’t going nowhere; it’s as stubborn as its animal counterpart!

Case in point…

33 34Left: Olsen Anonymous  Right: Black Coffee Boho

31 32Left: Show Me Your Mumu  Right: Who What Wear

3550Come on, they’re just fabulous!

Olsen favoured mule designer, Manolo Blahnik describes them:

‘When you walk in mules, you walk a bit differently. It’s very sexy to me; you have to get your balance.

Egyptian queens would be walking around in these kind of mules of gold and ivory—can you imagine?—click click click…And Madame de ­Pompadour in her mules, walking around Versailles, click click click…Can you think of anything more exquisite?’ (Source)

In a nutshell: you’ll walk like a goddamn QUEEN accompanied by an audible reminder of your ultra-feminine grace.

Could a bride want anything more?!

So whether it’s high end Wang or a pair of boho flats from the ever-cool Free People, girl, you better believe we’ll have your feet aisle-ready by the end of this post.

That’s what we’re here for right?! MWAH.

The De La Renta

Absolute GOD of the embellished flat mule, Oscar de la Renta offers a traditional, slipper-esq shape in a palette of rich, Morrocan hues and nudes embellished with beading, lace and woven patterns.

They are, in short, DIVINE.

3 1Left: The Glamourai  Right: The Outnet

5589 10Now, whether you find yourself completely besotted with this style, happy to wear and adore them for your entire wedding day, or whether you favour them as an evening option, something to slip on to dance and chill the night away; de la Renta has nailed this style.

The ultimate serving of chic sophistication, with a side of foot-saving consideration.

1116 15

Stay High + Classy

OK, so you’re a heel lover, and there’s nothing I can say to change you mind (dude, I’m ALL about comfortable feet, what can I say?!), whelp, no problem girl, ‘cos there are some sky-high, seriously sassy mules on the market right now!

From suede peep-toes to the super pointed closed style that’s so-hot right now (Zoolander fans would ya gimmie a high five?! LOVE that movie) heeled mules are the ultimate it-bride shoe for 2015.

4 5 6 1920232449River Island, Topshop, Whistles… They’re all in on this little secret.

All you need to do is figure out if you want a stiletto or a chunky block heel, leather or suede and whether to hit up a shade of nude, blush or something a little more monochrome.

Gosh it’s a nice dilemma to have! Enjoy that.

I’m not jealous, nope, not at all… *Shifty eyes, clearly lying*

252628 3029I MEAN! They’re just beyond!

1718Love a heel but looking for something that won’t put your head in the clouds? Something a little more naturel and understated?

Cue Free People, duh:


Or how about these open-toed alternatives by Proenza Schouler…

7And while we’re here, looking on adoringly at these beauties, it’s worth mentioning that black sandals pair incredibly with a white mid-length, loose-fit gown.

I mean, who knew that was such a good combination? But it totally rocks.

Like, can I just be her already?



Now, we know that the queens of edgy, before-anyone-else-did-it style, Olsen twins like to rock a flat or small heeled Blahnik mule, so how do you emulate that on a preferably-under-a-grand budget?!

Easy: you look to the likes of Whistles and Free People, who’ve totally crushed this understated mule style.

213637We just LOVE that Free People have taken this tradition slipper mule shape and added a beautiful boho edge with that ankle tie, the imprinted suede and that woven sole.


And what about these, super chill slip ons? Seriously gorge worn with a shorter, light weight cotton gown on a beach or in the woods. Perfectly bohemian and festival-esq.

3839If you want to keep it effortlessly cool and understated, but maybe a little more polished, look for pointed toes and less rustic/matte fabrics.

These faux snakeskin points are dope.

Don’t be put off by the denim, street-style shot; they’d look INCREDIBLE with a mid-length gown.

Gah, you brides are gonna look edgy, I can’t even handle it!

43454642For real, though. We just ADORE them.

Not least, because they’re probably the last thing you’d be expected to wear by traditional bridal standards, and y’all know we love to break out of those!

Off-the-Wall Original

Wow, so still not original enough for you gals?!

Ha, ok, check this out then: in the midst of the sleek, understated mules that are subtly permeating the fashion world right now, come a few bold mule-like statements.

Certainly not traditionally “bridal” (whatever that is?!) these looks are sure to cause a stir at your wedding and we freakin’ LOVE them!

First up, the platform clog.

4127Again, who knew right?!

But it’s true: this traditionally dutch shoe style has taken on a whole new edge and is now being fully embraced alongside a flowing maxi gown and a bold, chunky flower crown… (Milkmaid braids are totally optional!)

We adore them. They’re so completely original as far as bridal style is concerned!

40And finally why not rock out with a pair of these slip on brogue mules?!

Yeah, so they’re a little be out there, but why not?!

The androgynous force is still strong and paired with a super feminine, au naturel cotton dress, these brogues could prove the perfect offset.

Plus, the backless element of this brogue style actually gives it an added femininity as it exposes that gorgeous curve of the ankle.

5254Seriously though, we love that kinda beat-up look they’ve got about them. Perfect for a farmyard/meadow wedding; their charmingly boyish undertone is an awesome contrast to the norm.

Let us know what y’all think!

Would you wear a set of mules to ‘click-click’ down the aisle? Do bridal shoes need to to be overtly feminine? We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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