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Back in November, the business savvy Becky Joiner of My Fabulous Life Photography, got in touch with Festival Brides to see if we would be interested in sponsoring the UK’s first ever Festival Wedding Exhibition. After thinking about it for hmmm lets see, all of 5 minutes, we jumped at the chance! You see, for a while now Kelly and I have been thinking about putting on our own festival wedding event. A day or weekend that would run like an actual festival with live music, food, entertainment and even camping all provided by festival suppliers that are available to book for weddings. When we realised that Becky’s ideas completely mirrored ours, we couldn’t wait to get involved.

“I have been to many wedding fairs,” Says Becky “some big like the ones held at Earls Court to very small events at local hotels but they are all rather similar and lack an alternative vibe. There is the walk of doom as you see couples quickly amble up an aisle trying to pick up information without making eye contact with the supplier for fear of being given the full sale spiel. It scares me and I am not the one getting married! So I thought what was missing when I planned my wedding? Lets show all the couples looking for new and exciting ideas on what they could do with their big day……and so The Fabulous Wedding Festival was born! I like to think differently, do what others don’t want to do, make it pretty, make it accessible to everyone but most of all make it fun! There is a huge team of us at #FabWedFest HQ  who plan to put the fun back into the Wedding Show. We will prove that you can have your wedding in what ever way you both want. There is no right and there is no wrong, it’s your day so make it your way.”

The Fabulous Wedding Festival is best described as being unpretentious, exciting, fabulous and alternative! Couples will have the opportunity to experience, first hand, the services each supplier has to offer in a more relaxed and free spirited way – just like a festival!

What you can expect to see:

  • Festival related suppliers
  • An Art Gallery of Photographers and Videographers
  • The Rocks & Frocks Catwalk Show featuring independent wedding dress designers
  • A Boys Club offering everything from suits to shoes
  • A Wedding Banquet – the chance to sample all sorts of lovely food on beautifully styled tables
  • DIY Workshops
  • Festival Brides! Yep – we will be there with our scrap book in tow ready to answer any questions you may have about planning the BEST festival wedding ever!

So if you are planning a festival or alternative wedding and would relish the opportunity to see all that the festival wedding industry has to offer in one day, then get yourself down to The Fabulous Wedding Festival – it’s going to be awesome!

The Fabulous Wedding Festival will be held at Muddifords Court Country House in Devon on 16th March 2013. Tickets are £4 and are available to buy now! Please visit The Fabulous Wedding Festival website for more information.

We will be covering all the latest news and updates, including suppliers that are involved in the event, throughout the next couple of months so watch this space for our next post!

We really hope to see you there!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

Ps If you are a festival related supplier and are interested in exhibiting at the show, please contact Becky – info@fabulouswedfest.co.uk

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