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Hope you all had some fun in the sun this weekend. Baby bump and I managed to steal a few hours away from blogging to sit in the sunshine and chill with an elderflower pressé  in one hand and baby book in the other! Currently reading the chapter on the choices I have on giving birth and what to expect during labour………..hmmm…..we’ll leave it there shall we!?

Sarah and Simon married on the 21st July 2013 at Southwell Minster followed by their country style reception with an eccentric twist at home on their farm. They wanted their wedding to be relaxed, simple and fun and for the decor, style and vibe to be ‘a reflection of us.’

From dressed up mannequins to tractors, pom poms, hay bales, cheese, roofing slates, fairy lights and fresh cut flowers…..Sarah and Simon really did have a mixture of everything at their wedding which makes it all the more endearing and interesting. They even shared their couple shots with a group of cows just because!

Like most of the weddings we like to feature on Festival Brides, Sarah and Simon did things their way and the result was a day that was full of eclectic charm and a hell of a lot of smiles.


Simon_Sarah-001 Simon_Sarah-002 Simon_Sarah-003 Simon_Sarah-004 Simon_Sarah-008 Simon_Sarah-010 Simon_Sarah-011 Simon_Sarah-013 Simon_Sarah-016 Simon_Sarah-017Sarah&Simon Simon_Sarah-026Simon_Sarah-027 Simon_Sarah-030 Simon_Sarah-033 Simon_Sarah-050

A Reflection of Us…..

Our wedding was a simple reflection of us. Our guests arrived at 11 am at the farm and were served breakfast and coffee. They were taken to church on the tractor and traliors of which we had a convoy of 5 teams. We were married at the stunning Southwell Minster which is a special place to me. I arrived by horse and cart (beautiful shires) which were again very personal to me and my family. After the ceremony we took the five mile journey to the farm with Simon and I on the horse and cart with our immediate family and then the wedding party on the team of 5 tractors and trailors. Each traloir was armed with waitresses and 50 litres of pimms so the guests were merry!

Simon_Sarah-052 Simon_Sarah-054 Simon_Sarah-056 Simon_Sarah-065 Simon_Sarah-066 Simon_Sarah-105 Simon_Sarah-110 Simon_Sarah-112 Simon_Sarah-119 Simon_Sarah-124 Simon_Sarah-136 Simon_Sarah-158 Simon_Sarah-159 Simon_Sarah-164 Simon_Sarah-189 Simon_Sarah-192 Simon_Sarah-201 Simon_Sarah-202 Simon_Sarah-205 Simon_Sarah-217 Simon_Sarah-218 Simon_Sarah-233 Simon_Sarah-241 Simon_Sarah-245 Simon_Sarah-249 Simon_Sarah-250 Simon_Sarah-152Simon_Sarah-259 Simon_Sarah-260 Simon_Sarah-274Simon_Sarah-293 Simon_Sarah-296 Simon_Sarah-297 Simon_Sarah-302 Simon_Sarah-303 Simon_Sarah-308 Simon_Sarah-316 Simon_Sarah-324 Simon_Sarah-325 Simon_Sarah-329 Simon_Sarah-332Simon_Sarah-075 Simon_Sarah-077 Simon_Sarah-080 Simon_Sarah-081 Simon_Sarah-084 Simon_Sarah-091

Tears, Laughter and Cheer….

When we arrived at the farm we had a champagne reception and canapés in the garden whilst we enjoyed a few photos and catching up. We sat down for the wedding breakfast late afternoon and ate wonderful food and drank wine for the next few hours. We then had the speeches between the main and the cheese course where the marquee was full of tears, laughter and cheer!! After the meal we had our first dance and then danced the night away with a huge circular bar it was a HUGE PARTY. We supplied dancing shoes (flip flops) for our guests with sore feet!

sarah&simonSimon_Sarah-350Simon_Sarah-355Simon_Sarah-357Simon_Sarah-370sarah&simon1Simon_Sarah-391sarah&simon2Simon_Sarah-393Simon_Sarah-399Simon_Sarah-403 Simon_Sarah-419


Simon_Sarah-422Simon_Sarah-484 Simon_Sarah-486 Simon_Sarah-490 Simon_Sarah-495 Simon_Sarah-496 Simon_Sarah-499 Simon_Sarah-504 Simon_Sarah-505 Simon_Sarah-506 Simon_Sarah-508 Simon_Sarah-509 Simon_Sarah-510 Simon_Sarah-513 Simon_Sarah-517 Simon_Sarah-518simon&sarahSimon_Sarah-442simon&sarah1Simon_Sarah-443Simon_Sarah-445Simon_Sarah-451sarah&simon1 Simon_Sarah-446 sarah&simon Simon_Sarah-452 Simon_Sarah-454 Simon_Sarah-457

Ham Hock, Pea Soup, Beef, Cheese and Edible Flowers….

I run a deli / restaurant called The Old Theatre Deli and my team catered for out wedding. It was everything we love and more!! Fir our starter we had home made ham hock with piccalilli followed by a shot of fresh pea soup. For the main  course full ribs of beef with all the trimmings that were carved at the table. We then had a cheese course as the milk from our dairy farm makes stilton, followed by coffee and home made truffles with edible flowers and a huge dessert buffet of our favourite puds!!

Simon_Sarah-465Simon_Sarah-534 Simon_Sarah-536 Simon_Sarah-537 Simon_Sarah-563 Simon_Sarah-564 Simon_Sarah-569 Simon_Sarah-570 Simon_Sarah-573 Simon_Sarah-579 Simon_Sarah-583 Simon_Sarah-620 Simon_Sarah-635 Simon_Sarah-651 Simon_Sarah-653 Simon_Sarah-655 Simon_Sarah-656 Simon_Sarah-659 Simon_Sarah-664

Favourite Moment?

Getting on the horse and cart with shire horses and riding home with my husband and the fact that the whole of the day had been perfect!!

Simon_Sarah-602Simon_Sarah-667 Simon_Sarah-668 Simon_Sarah-686 Simon_Sarah-693 Simon_Sarah-694 Simon_Sarah-696 Simon_Sarah-697

The Line Up

Photographer: Caro Hutchings
Ceremony Venue: Southwell Minister
Reception Venue: Bride and Groom’s Farm
Flowers: Home Grown
Decor and Styling: DIY
Catering: The Old Theatre Deli
Cake: Home made by Bride

Big shout out to Sarah and Simon for sharing your wedding with us and to Caro for capturing it so perfectly. Loving the mannequin outside the toilets with her skirt caught in her knickers! Genius!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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