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I don’t know about you guys, but Valentine’s day is just a little too much mush and cheese for me. When it comes to finding a card in the shops, I’ve found myself trawling through icky poems, corny graphics and as standard, the crimson red envelopes. I then came to my senses and turned to the ever-faithful Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration and it’s safe to say I lost my evening choosing one! SO much fun.

I’m sure that you (our über cool readers) probably feel exactly the same way when it comes to Valentine’s Day which is why we have decided to share with you are favourite alternative cards! I’m really psyched to show you my findings, so kick back, relax and get ready for a giggle. ‘I love you’ just became one of the funniest things you could say.

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From sweet to suggestive, we’ve been showing you some of our absolute favourites on Instagram over the past week, the above two topping that selection. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you a further collection of funny, alternative cards that your man is bound to appreciate. From the great typography, the comedy lines and some seriously cool graphics, we’re pretty stoked on them and we hope you are too!

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So, Laura and I had a right giggle over this one. Say it like it is and give your partner a really good laugh this Valentine’s day. Sorry Kanye, but if the shoe fits…

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So, during our search, we stumbled across the stomach-cramping-funny Naughty Little Card Shop on Etsy. Based in London, these guys profess: ‘Who wants to kill with kindness when you can poke fun and laugh your merry little tits off?’ and when it comes to the cliché that is Valentine’s day, we couldn’t agree more! We love the lack of committal and endeavours of the above cards to remain understated – no grand gestures here! And as for the card below… the possibilities are endless and hilarious!

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This next card is brilliant. Pretend to be that crazy diva girl and give your guy a moment of sheer panic with this demanding little number… it’s simple, but it’s genius!

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One of my personal favourites, this card has everything a Valentine should: a graceful design, a wonderfully loopy font and a serious, heartfelt sentiment that says ‘I love you’… sort of! Holding in farts is a big deal girls, and I’d bet the majority of guys have no idea, let them know you’re committed!

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Image Credit: Not On The High Street

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There are a series of designs like these ones. From peanut butter and jelly to macaroni and cheese, if you’re foodies and you’re a great match, these designs are for you. Say it with food, what else!?

Fig 8

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If your gentleman is a bearded beauty, let him know you appreciate his finely groomed facial hair. It’s a cause of much concern and debate for men: ‘Does she like it? Is it too long? Too ginger?’ Let him know you love it (assuming you do, of course) with those four little words.

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It’s simple and effective and the great thing about this card is you could send it to anyone! Yeah, why not? Ultimately Saint Valentine was about love, that’s the crux of it. So let your Mama know you love her, or your BFF, whoever! Spread the love.

Fig 10

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Vegetarian? Beet lover? Or if you just love a vegetable graphic (I know I do) this card fits the bill. Don’t just say it with food, say it with a super food.

Fig 11

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Yup, more food, only this time we’re talking priorities. It’s a big commitment, but let your partner know you’re ready to choose him over sushi; take that step!

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This is a great one for the mamas out there. Acknowledging your man’s a wicked dad and hot as hell – two birds with one stone! Plus, everyone loves an acronym, that one especially.

Fig 13

Image Credit: Not On The High Street

Let’s address the awkwardness of a Valentine card head on with a cheese reference! Plus if he’s a cheese fiend, like my hubby, he’ll love the graphic too. Now, do I get him a block of Brie of Camembert?

Fig 15

Image Credit: Not On The High Street

If you’ve got a special moment, in a special place that you share with your other half, or if you’re just inviting them on a date, this customisable design is a sweet reminder of that life changing day or a classy way to tell your sweetheart where to meet you! The sophisticated, stamp style design is super cool. It gets a big, non-cheesy thumbs up from us.

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Weirdo? Best to admit it and get on with it! And what better way than with this sweet card? Great typography, arrows (always a good idea) and quirky, cool sentiment: winner.

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For the canoeists, the climbers, the entrepreneurs and the intrepid explorers… You might think you know excitement, but falling in love is a whole other realm of adventure. Heighten the anticipation of a new relationship or show your appreciation of your long-time love with this super sweet (and yet not sickly) design. A clean line graphic and a simple palette let the words do their thang.

Fig 18

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Short, sweet and simple. Whether it’s the first time you’ve said it or the millionth: those three little words need no elaboration, my friends!

Fig 19

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Last but not least, if you’re trying to woo (yes, I just used the word ‘woo’) the person of your dreams, employ a bit of French elegance with this lovely illustration. So good it’s frameable, you simply can’t go wrong with a good dose of French charm. Just make sure you get practicing that accent: je t’aime mon chéri.

Don’t forget to order quickly to receive your cards in time for Friday, and have yourselves a sweet Valentine’s day…..and night (bow chica wow wow!)

Much Love

Clare xx

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