Today we bring you our first Real Festival Wedding… It’s truly free spirited and shows the couples colourful and festival loving personalities!! What a party!! 

Dave and Steph have been together for nearly 9 years now, so you can imagine they have experienced some fab times together, both having a massive passion for music and festivals!! Fancy dress and fun times have played a massive part in their lives and they are blessed with the most fun eccentric friends that live life to the full. Together they have created a bit of a name for themselves, with any party or gathering turning into a massive fancy dress box of fun and frolics……What other theme could they choose for the big day!!???

They named their wedding THE LOVEFEST – LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE 

Steph spent many years growing up in the middle east, so middle eastern Moroccan influences played a huge part in the taste of the day…..together with a years travelling with Dave they wanted to bring that aspect into the day.

That’s when Katherine Hudson from the Arabian Tents Company came in!! Steph raves about this lady, as she bent over backwards to make sure they had exactly what they wanted to create their look. They chose the Cornish cream interior but they do lots of different looks to suit any theme!! Check them out…  (They even create a bridal boudoir for a romantic wedding night- love!)

Steph’s dear friend Emma Lucy took the photos, capturing the true essence of the festie vibe!! Check out Emma’s website Her work looks fab!!


The wedding had a few different themes going on throughout the day as the couple have an eclectic love for life..The invites featured the tree of life as they both have a love for trees and what with Dave being a carpenter.


The table names were tree names too!! Also on the invite and incorporated throughout the day was the saying LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE……I think it just says it all!! Dave lovingly hand made the letters individually and placed them by the pond, which was a very much admired focus on the day, at night they were lit up and created a real festival feel.

Friends played a massive part in making the wedding so amazing and individual – Everyone got involved and offered their creative talents.

Signs were hand made by the beloved Katy Leicester


Also the feathered headdress and top hat worn after the first dance was made by Katy!! What a talented lady!! 

The beautiful LOVE NEST was created by friend AbiFantastic…. She had recently made a similar nest at the festival (Secret Garden Party – Steph tells us it’s the best festie she has ever been too.. Can’t wait to go next year!!)

Check back tomorrow for PART 2… We will cover Steph’s beautiful pearl headpiece, the bright and beautiful flowers as well as the all important band!!

All images credited to @emmalucyphotography

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Wedding beauty on its way!