Afternoon Gorgeous People and Happy Monday! We have such a pretty and inspiring DIY wedding to share with you today. Sent all the way from Houston, Texas and captured by Dana Fernandez Photography, Raul & Atalia’s vision for their wedding was simple. They wanted to have fun and they wanted everyone to be happy.

Inspired by our very own Festival Pages, Raul and Atalia didn’t really have one set theme. They just took what they liked from the research they did and ran with it. They didn’t over think whether this would go with that, or whether certain colours matched. They just stayed true to their quirky style and followed their creative instinct. Most importantly they had fun with it!

We love their stunning stationery with homemade tissues for happy tears! We also love that Atalia made all of the boho bridal headpieces, including her own. In fact, so much of what you see in these gorgeous images was made by Atalia and her family. Unique ideas such as wrapping different coloured thread to chairs (you will know what I mean as soon as you scroll down) and the handmade napkins out of South American fabric which are good enough to sell! Its a very pretty and inspiring wedding that I just know you are all going to love!

Look out for Atalia’s stunning bouquet, those gorgeous white mix match bridesmaid dresses and Raul’s quirky cool groom style. Those cuff links are just awesome!

Atalia and Raul talk us through their day…..

A Job Proposal and Engagement Gifts….

Atalia had no idea that I was going to propose. I had made up an elaborate lie that I was going to leave for a week to south Carolina for training. She got very sad! So I thought up the idea of us getting together the day before I left for a nice dinner. In the mean time I got with Vivian Jade, a wedding invitations consultant here in Houston, and made up special invites to our future engagement celebration dinner. After a few days, the pressure grew and it seemed that Atalia was picking up to the idea of the proposal. So I pulled a fast one on her. I bought a suit the Friday before the dinner, camped out of her job Saturday morning, and proposed to her at her job in front of all her co workers and clients. Needless to say it was fantastic. Something spur of the moment that defines our personality and whimsical nature. At the dinner, I presented her with her engagement gifts. Girl scout cookies, and a Tablet pre loaded with a wedding email and every possible wedding app available.

Dana-Fernandez-Photography-1 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-3 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-5 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-6

Handmade Stationery and Tissues for Happy Tears….

The design of the invitations was made by LisasGraphicDesign on Etsy and i bought the paper myself at Texas Art Supply and printed them. I added a bigger kraft paper on the back to add a littlebit more to it. The Save the dates were made on ZAZZLE.com. We printed some in Spanish and some in English and sent them out depending on what the guests preferred language was.

The tissues were handed out to all the guests at the beginning of the ceremony and they were made by my mom and I. We bought different types of fabric of color that would compliment each other and cut and sewed them into small tissues. Then I bought sturdy off white linen fabric and printed on it with an inkjet printer and added our names and date. My mom helped me sew the small squares on with gold and coppery thread.

Dana-Fernandez-Photography-9 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-10 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-12 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-13

Mix Match Bridesmaid Dresses and Handmade Jewellery….

My dress was the Farah Gown from Watters Brides and my shoes were from Gianni Bini. My Veil was handmade chapel lace bridal mantilla in ivory by AlisaBrides on Etsy. Head piece by Blush and Vine and I made the hair jewellery myself by using long strings of chains and small little gold clasps from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Since I am a hairstylist, I did my own hair but had my coworker help me put on the chains and the flower headpiece! Everyone else got their hair done by my lovely coworkers from: White Salon.

I actually have no idea where my bridesmaids got their dresses from. They all got them from different places! Like I’ve mentioned before, I never like things to match too much so I decided for the bridesmaids to choose their own dresses as long as they filled these requirements: any sort of sleeves, ivory or off white color, below knee length but not floor length, must have some sort of texture to it. I sent them a whole bunch of pictures of dresses with the boho feel to them for inspiration and let them go from there! Their bracelets were from FeltLikePaper on Etsy. Headpieces were made by me! I bought a head chain accessory and added a few flowers on each of the sides.
Dana-Fernandez-Photography-14 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-15 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-16Dana-Fernandez-Photography-17 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-18 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-19 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-20 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-21 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-22 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-23 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-24 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-25 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-26 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-27 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-29 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-30 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-31 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-32Dana-Fernandez-Photography-34 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-35 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-36 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-39 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-41

DIY Decor, Coloured String and The Cactus King….

The garlands/décor strung overhead I bought from KateLoveGoods on Etsy! THESE ARE SUPER CUTE. We had linen on the tables, mason jars, fabric silverware pouch with the tag and disposable pieces inside. The linens were rented from Aztec Rentals. The Mason Jars were bought in bulk from a website. The peruvian fabric used for the silverware was bought from Sweet Llama Supplies from South America! My sister in law made them all! The disposable pieces were from Joanne Hudson and they were JoJoGreens Disposable Wooden Forks and Knives which are biodegradable!

The string table numbers were thought up by myself but my brother in law and my dad helped me make them! We went out to buy all of the wood, I stained them and they put them together. My brother in law helped me trace the numbers with the copper colored nails and i used different colored yarn to wrap around them to create the numbers. The centerpieces were also designed by me and both my dad and my brother in law helped me make them. The string art piece that was set behind us at our table was made by me, my dad, and my brother in law. We added lights through the back.

At our sweetheart table, the chairs were bought from Hobby Lobby and I myself wrapped different colored yarn around them to add a pop of color. The linen was also from Aztec and we added a little bit of what we had put on the other tables. We just thought it would be cute to sit on our own in the center in front of our pretty sign.

The cacti which I bought from The Catus King here in Houston. The flowers we used for the tables we bought from a nearby flower shop and they were put into recycled bottles.

Dana-Fernandez-Photography-43 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-45 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-46 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-47 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-48 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-49 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-50 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-51 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-52 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-53 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-54

Favourite Moment…..

Right after we got married, we got in our convertible and drove away!

Dana-Fernandez-Photography-55 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-56 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-57

Any Advice?

Don’t think it’s too early to plan ahead and enjoy the experience. You only marry once (hopefully) even if you have a wedding planner be involved in the process. You make the wedding your own when you have a story behind everything that you have around you. It can also get really expensive, so if you see a wedding in your future .. start saving!

The Line Up

Photography: Dana Fernandez Photography
Venue: Asia Society Texas Center
Bride’s Dress: Watters
Bride’s Shoes: Gianni Bini
Bride’s Veil: AlisaBrides on Etsy
Bride’s Headpiece: Blush and Vine
Bride’s Jewellery: Earrings – Anthropologie; Bracelet – FeltLikePaper on Etsy.
Groom’s Outfit: Suit & Vest – Suit Supply; Tie – Valentino; Shirt – Banana Republic; Pocket Square – Tommy Hilfiger; Cufflinks – Simply Products on Etsy
Groom’s Shoes: Johnston & Murphy
Bridesmaid Dresses: Maids own
Bridesmaid Accessories: FeltLikePaper
Hair: White Salon
Make-Up: Eliana Olivo
Cake: Buttercup Bakery
Flowers: Blush and Vine
Stationery Design: LisasGraphicDesign
Save The Date: Zazzle
Catering: Diego Farias Catering

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