I have a lovely friend called Carly who I used to work with at an Australian fashion brand around a year ago. She is a sweet and kind natured girl who really cares about people, feelings and morals. She is also very creative and a fellow blogger!!! Carly is currently travelling with her fiance Matthew and I’m so jealous of all the photos she sends me on a daily basis. Not only are they getting to see the most amazing places and experience so many cultures, they are also planning their wedding together during this very inspiring time.

I just had to post a bit about how travelling is inspiring their forthcoming wedding day in March 2012.

The wedding will take place in Australia where their family are waiting for them to return from their travels. Carly admits the wedding planning would not be going so well if her family and friends hadn’t been so organised and helpful back home. Her sister Taegan is following all Carly’s ideas through and making them happen, as well as keeping up with their blog Easttoeden. What a great family!!

Some photos of Carly and Matthew travelling.. making notes in the camper!! Wedding notes maybe!? 

I asked Carly if travelling is inspiring her wedding plans or hindering them? I can only imagine that seeing so many beautiful sites and experiencing so many diverse cultures, whilst being with the man you are soon to make your vows to, must be an overwhelming and inspiring special time for them both (far from the existence most brides have leading up to their wedding day). I can just picture Carly floating off the plane in a few months time, bronzed and relaxed ready to walk down the aisle barefoot in a beautiful boho gown!!

Here are a few places that have inspired them so far and notes on how they have incorporated their experiences into their wedding vision.

How about Biarritz for an afternoon of brainstorming!? I think the bottles of wine and that view may have created mind wandering rather than a focused mind map!

The local Market in Phnom Penh. Cambodia inspired their choice of a fresh salad buffet. A vegetarians delight!

An afternoon of dreaming at the Butterfly Gardens in Cambodia – a fantastic cafe which is set in a butterfly avery. All the butterflies are caught by children in local villages and the gardens buy the butterflies so that the children have an income to attend school – a privilege that would otherwise be denied.

Lastly here is this weeks to do list. Love the fact they are working together and Matthew has some tasks to tick off! Find the photographer – no pressure!

Check back tomorrow for Carly’s wedding mood board…..It’s beautiful!!!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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