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So I am currently on a mission to find my bridesmaid dresses for my 6 very different but equally beautiful bridesmaids (yes 6 – if money wasn’t an issue I’d be having 10 and that’s no lie!) and I love the bridesmaid mix-match style trend that is currently taking the US by storm and is just starting to trickle into the UK.

Tradition dictates that all your bridesmaids should wear the same colour and dress but who are we to follow tradition!? We’re all about the alternative style and mix matching your bridesmaid dresses ticks all the alternative boxes!

Style savvy brides are getting creative and injecting some of their personality into their bridesmaids dresses by mixing different styles, colours, fabrics and accessories to add a more eclectic and personal touch. Some brides are even handing over the reigns to their bridesmaids by giving them the freedom to choose their own dresses! The bride selects the colour then allows her bridesmaids to choose a style of dress that they feel amazing in. This look I love in particular as it really shows off all your bridesmaids personalities and gives your wedding such an individual look, it also looks awesome too as the pictures below show!

One colour, different styles

I love the image below with the mustard colour dresses and the lace tulle belt around the middle of each dress to bring them all together – just lovely!

Photo by Our Labour of Love


Photo by Our Labour of Love


Photo by Katie Neal


Photo by Luisa Brimble


Photo by We Love Pictures

Mix Match Fabrics, Patterns and Style

Photo by Katrina Louise


Photo by Matthew Morgan


Photo by Matthew Morgan


Photo by Kellee Walsh


Photo by Ellie Grover


Photo by Orange Turtle Photography


Photo by Love Me Do Photography


Photo by Jagger PhotographyPhoto by Katie Day Photography


Photo by Katie Day Photography


Photo by Jasmine Star


Photo by Sean Walker


Different colours, same style

Love this look! If you like the idea of having the same dress so your bridesmaids clearly stand out as bridesmaids, but you also like the idea of having something a bit different, then this mix match look is perfect. It’s a great compromise between tradition and alternative as you can have the best of both worlds.

Photo by Brandon Kidd


Photo by Tiffany Arment

Photo by Holland Photo Studio


Different Accessories

Why stop at mix matching dresses when you can do your bridesmaids accessories as well! Mix jewellery, hair pieces, bags, shoes, tights, wellies – it’s your wedding so mix match whatever you want!

Photo by Green Ginger Photography


Photo by o&c photography


I love the idea of choosing a different accessory for each bridesmaid like the bride below. She bought a handful of odds and ends: charms, pearls, chains, elastic, feathers and flowers…….as well as a few “base necklaces,” and then combined these with hand made silk roses and coffee stained tattered tulle and made 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, and two flower hairpieces. A little something different for each girl.

Photo by Erica Schneider

Photo by Erica Schneider


Because I have 6 very different body shapes and personalities to consider, finding a ‘one dress fits all’ is proving to be a little difficult so mix matching different styles that would suit their individual figures and personalities is perfect! As it’s a festival wedding I have a feeling there’s going to be a huge injection of colour!

If you’re struggling to find bridesmaids dresses then take a look at our post on the amazing Maids To Measure. They are two gorgeous ladies who have a huge talent in dress design and, as every piece is made to measure, you can pick ‘n’ mix different styles and colours that will suit all shapes and personalities. Take a look at their website for more details on all the dress styles they offer – they have a lace one that is AMAZING!

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Festival Brides xx

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