The cheap and cheerful jam jar has really become a popular alternative for your more traditional floral centerpieces. They have a lovely natural DIY and rustic feel to them which we love at Festival Brides.

Before we post our full jam/coffee/pasta sauce jar wedding inspiration, I couldn’t resist sharing with you the below images.

I have never seen mason jars being used in this way before and I think it’s awesome!

This idea comes via augustandafter on Flickr from Cori and Evan’s Wedding. They placed quirky pictures of themselves and their family into mason jars, filled them with oil and then placed them around their venue.

I LOVE this idea! Perfect for a vintage or country themed wedding, the effect makes the photo’s appear antique and adds a bit of rustic romance! It’s like capturing that special moment and then preserving it forever – brilliant!

Mason Jars and Oil

mason jars and pictures

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Wedding beauty on its way!