I thought I’d share some personal thoughts and ideas about planning your wedding day.. It could be a long one which is why I’ve decided to post these thoughts in sections. Not many ‘brides to be’ talk about this feeling, but I know both Laura and I (and a few of our friends) have experienced this ‘overwhelming feeling’. To set the scene -I am a Libran, which means I’m pretty indecisive at the best of times!! Nick is also a libran so we have a double trouble here. I’m an escapist and a dreamer and making my creative ideas a reality is somewhat of a challenge. I think this is something I may always struggle with!!

When becoming engaged, the excitement turns into inspiration, wonderful visions and ideas whirl around your head and you buy every wedding magazine and start tearing!!………But then comes the reality: the planning and decision making!!

In my first instalmant I want to talk about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION

Nick and I always planned to get married in Ibiza. We visit the Island every year and we knew we wanted the sunshine to make an appearance on our wedding day!! We met the vicar (who happened to be an old family friend) and started to make plans. We chose the venue, a beautiful finca on top of a hill (not the beach wedding I had visions of!!!) but then came the bill… 5k for food, 10k for the finca for the week and that’s before we had even signed anything!! I immediately felt uncomfortable spending this kind of money (especially when the hotel charges are half this at any other time). All the thoughts went through my head, the logistics of getting there and the expense family and friends would go to in order to be part of our wedding, my nan flying and keeping everyone happy!!

It just felt wrong and I knew that from then on we would plan a more intimate and low key affair…Our budget is low key also and family attendees would be a hard to have all in one room!! Intimate and relaxed was the new plan, but I still wanted the beautiful location, not another stately home, castle or church!! Basically the opposite of traditional

I started searching for woods, beaches, fields, trees and old country houses… You can see my wedding mood board below. I had my heart set on a rustic venue with a tree near a beach?? I wanted to get married underneath a tree with candles and chandeliers, then nip to the coast for a picture in a rowing boat ( Nick proposed in one!!)

We both fell in love with Babington House, a luxury, bohemian house in Somerset. The costs were not so low key and i have to accept that although the colour scheme was perfect, the cost was another stopping point. At this point i will just say that regardless of how much money we have i would feel comfortable spending our savings on one day!! It has to be special and unique but why should it cost the earth!!

When we first started blogging I used to look on style me pretty everyday – I would find the most beautiful photos and inspiration of stunning ceremonies underneath big beautiful trees. I would get so excited and look up the venue only to find it was in America on a ranch!!

My ideals change on a weekly/daily basis, one week its a beach wedding, then the next is a derelict faded grandeur building. Maybe I have had too much time to think and dream…. Do most people just book something that ticks the majority of the boxes?

I’m starting to think I’m just a little hard to please or just a perfectionist. The worry of not having the dream and vision stops me just settling or using that word ‘compromise’. But does our perfect place exist.. I hope so!! For now we will keep looking

Here is some more inspiration on location (if you know where these places are then please let me know!!)

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Wedding beauty on its way!