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Happy Friday Lovely People,

Hope the sun is shining where you are today. It’s beautiful here – I do love it when you wake up to sunshine even if it is cold outside. There’s just something about the winter sun that I love especially when it’s beaming down on burnt orange leaves – just lovely.

Soooooooooooo, you may remember that a certain wedding took place in May! A wedding that was the reason Festival Brides started in the first place (well it was actually Bob proposing that started the blog but you know what I mean!)

Yep, I know it’s been 6 months since we tied the knot and I’ve still not shared our pictures or really talked that much about it. I am fully aware that we’re in danger of leaving it too long so, lovely people I am pulling my finger out and our wedding will be on our festival pages a week on Monday!

I am so looking forward to sharing it with you. I’m going to be honest; I have found writing about our wedding really hard. The pressure I’ve felt due to writing a wedding blog, both during the planning process and then after the wedding, has made it more difficult to share my experience. One thing I have never really done on Festival Brides is talk too much about my personal feelings as it’s just not something that comes naturally to me so you can imagine how hard it has been to write honestly about my wedding experience. My friends will tell you that I am a bit of a worrier – sometimes to the extreme! This surprises a lot of people when they first meet me as I always seem quite confident and gregarious, and at the time I usually am! It’s when I leave situations that I start doubting myself, questioning things I’ve said. Was I too full on? Did I say too much? Did they like me? I’m sure there are a lot of you who know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s surprising how many people suffer with different types of anxiety. Because of this and the fact that I write a wedding blog, I’ve worried that people’s expectations of our wedding were going to be high. The anxiety of our wedding not living up to these expectations has been what’s stopped me from sharing it.

It’s funny because the majority of wedding bloggers I have met who started blogging as a result of planning their own wedding have felt exactly the same way. The thing is you share all this amazing inspiration in the build up to your wedding BUT a lot of the ideas you share are not actually plausible for you personally and this can be for numerous reasons: time and money being the major ones! I think I felt that if I didn’t make our wedding as ‘festival’ as possible then I wasn’t being true to the blog. What I didn’t realise until very close to the wedding is that, by worrying so much about the blog, I was actually not being true to myself. Our wedding was becoming more about Festival Brides than the one thing I always advise couples to remember – that your wedding is about the two of you and celebrating your relationship. It’s not about whether you’ve created quirky inspiration areas or whether you have festival goodie bags!

I think the point I am trying to make is that there was a brief time during the planning process where I did lose sight of what our wedding was all about. Then after the wedding I worried way too much about whether it was good enough to share. I realise now that I have been focusing on all the wrong things when it’s come to our wedding! After our wedding day I was on cloud nine! Our wedding was amazing, every one of our family and friends had a ball and above all so did we! I didn’t stop smiling all day and didn’t care that is was raining, that our bunting didn’t turn up or that gale force winds almost blew my veil off. On the day, all I was focusing on was Bob and how incredibly happy I felt to be marrying him and how lucky I was to have such amazing friends and family. Those are the reasons why I should share my wedding with you because Festival Brides is not just about décor, styling and bridal fashion inspiration. It’s about inspiring our amazing readers to have a wedding day that is 100% about them. Your wedding doesn’t have to be like a styled shoot to be amazing. What makes it amazing is the two of you. Nothing else is really that important.

So on that note, below is a little sneak peek into what’s coming up a week on Monday. Here is a snippet to our amazing wedding video by the incredible Shutterbox Films. If you are still looking for Film Makers for your wedding then I couldn’t recommend Lee and Dawn more highly. Not only are they brilliant at what they do but they are also two gorgeous people who are a pleasure to work with (and they’ve just had a little baby boy! Yay!!).

I wish I could share the full wedding film with you because the way the guys have edited it is just brilliant. It flows just like a film and they have incorporated our favourite music seamlessly.

I really feel they captured the atmosphere of our wedding perfectly and couldn’t be more thankful. Our wedding film rocks!

Hope you enjoy this little preview! Our wedding pictures will be up very soon.

Big Festival Wedding Love

Laura xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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