1Oh yes!

This one’s well and truly dedicated to the pet lovers among you! If your BFF is of the furry variety, or there’s a very important family member that happens to walk on all four legs (No, I’m not talking about Uncle Jim after a few pints!) then you need to pay Free People a visit.

Like, duh?! The FBrides Christmas countdown wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Free People, right?!

So, the moment they released their FP Pet Movement, we were like:


2Because all furry people need toys and said toys don’t have to be painfully colourful and garish…

2a2b73And why shouldn’t your pet’s tag be a little more styled than simply a mobile number and the standard ‘I’m chipped’ phrase?

Whimsical adventurers, rescued beauties and BFFs, get your pet a tag that says a little more about them…

4 4aOf course, every furry buddy needs their own space to chill, be it hidden under a chair…

55a Or something a little cosier…

Sleeping under canvas maybe, well, under plaid or lace!

1011SO dang cute, right?!

And for those critters who like to make a statement, Free People have totally aced casual-pup-cool, here are our favourites…

66a88a99aA plaid shirt, for dogs. COME ON THAT’S RADICULOUS!

We. Freakin’. Love.

Tune in tomorrow for our 8th day goodies, it’s you’re-totally-gonna-lose-it amazing!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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