My nan is the most important and special person to me!! She is so beautiful, full of wisdom and I hang off her every word…

I was telling her about Festival Brides this weekend and explaining what a blog was (I’m still not sure she understands!)

I love going through my nan’s photo boxes but when she asked if I wanted to see her wedding day shots I was shocked as I had never seen them before.  So here they are along with her wedding day story in her words….

I was married to my husband on Saturday 23rd August 1958. I was just 18 and my husband was 19.

My mother ran a bakery/shop and was a very busy lady. I remember looking for my wedding dress on my own- It was a flocked pattern nylon dress over a satin long petticoat. The headdress was made of petals and wax. It’s hard to remember details but I think my flowers were white Jasmine.

The day was warm and sunny and we were married in Boxley Church, Kent around 3pm. A dear man, we called our Uncle Burt, gave me away. He was a very special friend of the family who’d known me since I was a baby. I had two bridesmaids who also wore jasmine flowers in their hair.

The vicar was a stern man who had talked to us at length about the seriousness of marriage and I can recall him telling us to never go to bed having had an argument.

The wedding reception was at Cheesmans, a very large department store with a lovely restaurant. I had worked here in accounts for the last 3 years.

I was overjoyed to have got married to the man that I loved so much!! We did not have the money to go away on honeymoon but we decided to drive on our scooter to Devon the day after the wedding. We set off late and by the time we arrived at the coast (Hastings) it was very damp and foggy so we turned back home and spent our honeymoon in our new bungalow. 4 days later my new husband went back to sea (he was in the Merchant Navy) and it was probably 3 to 4 months before I got to see him again.

Distance made the heart grow fonder and we went on to have 6 children.


Here are some more images of my nan when she was young. She makes a beautiful bridesmaid in both of these weddings. I love the flower garland and the perfect little rose bunch she is holding.

Here are some photos from Joyce’s wedding (my nans sister). She married a lovely man who was known to us as Uncle Jim. Joyce sadly died at 30 years of age and Jim never did find another love. I love her beautiful flowing bouquet – It looks like a huge bunch of wild flowers and heathers.

My nan and I also discussed the commercial and expensive nature of weddings today. In her time weddings were for LOVE and not a show of money. This is one very big element holding me back from booking the day… It should not be how much you spend, but how much you love.

I hope I will look as beautiful as my nan on her wedding day!

If you have any nostalgic family wedding photos to share then please get in touch –

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Wedding beauty on its way!