My goodness to we have a wonderful wedding to share with your eyes today. Sent all the way from La Rioja in Spain and featuring the photography of the simply brilliant People Producciones, Layla & Ramón’s wedding is the perfect day of laughter, love, family, friends and those all important individual elements that make a wedding so unique and personal.

Having held their civil ceremony a few days before, Layla and Ramón threw a laid back afternoon party in Ramon’s parents back garden with plenty of festival vibes, hand made decorations, wooden elements and fresh flowers. They kept things informal and relaxed and just focused on spending time with 120 of their closest friends and family…

From the very beginning we knew that instead of having a formal wedding, we wanted to celebrate a party with our closest friends and family. We were already married, since we got legally married on July 1st in a intimate celebration, so the idea of the celebration was to hold an afternoon garden party, with nice food, drinks and good music.

We are a laid-back couple and we wanted the atmosphere of the wedding to be like that, simple and casual, where everybody could feel like at home and have a great night.

This is the second wedding we have featured of People Producciones and I have to say that I love the way they capture and document weddings. They tell the story of the day beautifully and their images have a fabulous artistic edge to them making each photo feel like it could be a still from a film. I especially love the way they capture some of the couple shots in an unobtrusive and private way. You almost feel as if you are spying on the couple (in a good way!) and witnessing a very special and intimate moment they are having with each other. You’ll get what I mean when you view this gorgeous wedding.

Look out for the animal masks, the bumps and their amazing food.

Here is Layla and Ramón’s “summer festival in white, pink-purple and green…….”

Menorca at Midnight…..

It was in Menorca, at midnight in a wonderful and empty beach in July 2013. It was very romantic and special, and “Simply the best” was playing in the back since there was an orchestra playing in a hotel near by.

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Jesus Peiró, Gold Shoes and a Flower Headpiece….

My dress was Jesus Peiró. It was a narrow A-line type dress, with straps and v-neck, made of Chantilly lace, with a short tail. My shoes  were golden & glitter Bibi Lou sandals, with low heel, but I changed into golden flat sandals after the reception. In my hair I had a flower headpiece matching the bouquet.

My jewellery was a rose gold engagement ring by G de Joies, Gold bracelet (mother of the bride gift) and Gold earrings.

Natural Hair and Make-Up….

I wanted a natural look for my hair so I opted for a pony tail with a small fresh flower headpiece and after the first dance (or so, I’m not really sure tbh!) I let my hair down. My make up I did myself. Same as the hair, I wanted to look natural, so I opted for soft makeup, with pink lips and a raspberry manicure.

14.layla.ramon.slide.029 14.layla.ramon.slide.030 14.layla.ramon.slide.032 14.layla.ramon.slide.034 14.layla.ramon.slide.035 14.layla.ramon.slide.036 14.layla.ramon.slide.037 14.layla.ramon.slide.038 14.layla.ramon.slide.040 14.layla.ramon.slide.041 14.layla.ramon.slide.042 14.layla.ramon.slide.045 14.layla.ramon.slide.04714.layla.ramon.slide.049

The Groom….

Ramón wore a slimfit blue Hugo Boss suit with a white and blue polka dots shirt. Brown leather shoes and belt.

14.layla.ramon.slide.050 14.layla.ramon.slide.052 14.layla.ramon.slide.053 14.layla.ramon.slide.054 14.layla.ramon.slide.055 14.layla.ramon.slide.057 14.layla.ramon.slide.058 14.layla.ramon.slide.060 14.layla.ramon.slide.061 14.layla.ramon.slide.064

Baby’s breath, Statice and Limonium….

All the flowers arrangements and the bride’s bouquet were a combination of wild flowers in white, green, pink and purple. We used mainly baby’s breath, statice and limonium. We also use some ivy from Ramon’s grandma’s house to decorate the tent.

14.layla.ramon.slide.065 14.layla.ramon.slide.066 14.layla.ramon.slide.068 14.layla.ramon.slide.069 14.layla.ramon.slide.070 14.layla.ramon.slide.072 14.layla.ramon.slide.073 14.layla.ramon.slide.076 14.layla.ramon.slide.080 14.layla.ramon.slide.081 14.layla.ramon.slide.082 14.layla.ramon.slide.084 14.layla.ramon.slide.086 14.layla.ramon.slide.087 14.layla.ramon.slide.089 14.layla.ramon.slide.090 14.layla.ramon.slide.091 14.layla.ramon.slide.093 14.layla.ramon.slide.096 14.layla.ramon.slide.098 14.layla.ramon.slide.099 14.layla.ramon.slide.100 14.layla.ramon.slide.103 14.layla.ramon.slide.104 14.layla.ramon.slide.106 14.layla.ramon.slide.109 14.layla.ramon.slide.110 14.layla.ramon.slide.111 14.layla.ramon.slide.112 14.layla.ramon.slide.113 14.layla.ramon.slide.114

An Afternoon Party in A Small Town….

The wedding took place in Alesanco, la Rioja, a small town with less than 400 inhabitants in the north of La Rioja. It’s the village where Ramon’s family came from and where their parents are living currently.
There were 120 people, our closest family and friends, so basically everybody was in their 30’s but our families.
It was an afternoon party, it begun with a brief speech from us, then there was a cocktail and later on a buffet diner with open bar, we ended the night with a DJ. There was no ceremony since we were already married.
We wanted the wedding to be a party, were the guests could sit everywhere, so we only placed a few tables for the older people. We provide cushions, blankets and chairs, so people could sit anywhere they wanted.
We also had a tent, were the food was served, to be protected from the weather (actually it rained for like 5 mins, so it was worth it).

14.layla.ramon.slide.115 14.layla.ramon.slide.116 14.layla.ramon.slide.117 14.layla.ramon.slide.118 14.layla.ramon.slide.119 14.layla.ramon.slide.120 14.layla.ramon.slide.121 14.layla.ramon.slide.122 14.layla.ramon.slide.123 14.layla.ramon.slide.125 14.layla.ramon.slide.126 14.layla.ramon.slide.127 14.layla.ramon.slide.128 14.layla.ramon.slide.129 14.layla.ramon.slide.133 14.layla.ramon.slide.135 14.layla.ramon.slide.144 14.layla.ramon.slide.145 14.layla.ramon.slide.146 14.layla.ramon.slide.148 14.layla.ramon.slide.149 14.layla.ramon.slide.150 14.layla.ramon.slide.151 14.layla.ramon.slide.153

Simple Decor, Pictures, Wooden Boxes and A Beauty Corner….

We had a wedding planner that helped us with the vendors, decoration and coordination of the wedding.
Since it was a garden we did not need much decoration, but we placed wildflowers in some areas of the garden and at the tables. At the entrance of the house there was a big table decorated with flowers and pictures from the civil ceremony. We also created a cloakroom with old wooden boxes and there was a “beauty corner” with a make-up artist. We created a “guests corner” were there was a signature book & a globe world where they could leave us their fingerprints. There was a photo call following the invitation design. We also provided a lot of costumes and animal masks for the party. The tent was decorated with fabric garlands and we also fabricated a light bulb garland to decorate the garden.

14.layla.ramon.slide.163 14.layla.ramon.slide.166 14.layla.ramon.slide.167 14.layla.ramon.slide.168 14.layla.ramon.slide.169 14.layla.ramon.slide.170 14.layla.ramon.slide.175 14.layla.ramon.slide.178 14.layla.ramon.slide.183 14.layla.ramon.slide.186 14.layla.ramon.slide.187 14.layla.ramon.slide.188 14.layla.ramon.slide.190 14.layla.ramon.slide.191 14.layla.ramon.slide.192 14.layla.ramon.slide.193 14.layla.ramon.slide.194 14.layla.ramon.slide.197 14.layla.ramon.slide.198 14.layla.ramon.slide.200 14.layla.ramon.slide.202 14.layla.ramon.slide.203 14.layla.ramon.slide.204

Buffet Food Stations, BBQ and Wine….

At the reception cocktail there was a selection of finger food and iberic ham. For the dinner we had buffet with different thematic areas. There was a table with a wide range of cheeses & breads and a table with typical food from the south of Spain (Ramón lived in Cádiz until he was 18th y.o) so there was gazpacho (tomato soup), papas aliñadas (boiled &marinated potatoes), puntillitas (baby squids deep fried) and arroz marinero (seafood rice). As the main meal, we wanted something typical from our area (Navarra & La Rioja) and that would remind us of our family & friends celebrations. So, one of the typical celebration food is a BBQ, but we use old & dry vineyards branches as wood. So, the main dish was a meat & vegetables BBQ, “Chuletillas, panceta & txistorra “al sarmiento”. We served some lovely wines from La Rioja.

14.layla.ramon.slide.205 14.layla.ramon.slide.206 14.layla.ramon.slide.207 14.layla.ramon.slide.208 14.layla.ramon.slide.209

A Personal Playlist….

We took care personally of the music selection since we did not want to have the standard cheesy songs that sound in every wedding (we are more into indie pop rock). We created a playlist for the whole party. During the evening we chose a mix of R&B, soul & funky, and during the night there was a selection of indie rock, pop and dance music. We ended the night with a selection of old EDM themes from when we were young.

14.layla.ramon.slide.216 14.layla.ramon.slide.217 14.layla.ramon.slide.218 14.layla.ramon.slide.225 14.layla.ramon.slide.248 14.layla.ramon.slide.251 14.layla.ramon.slide.252

Favourite Moment….

It is hard to choose only one, but maybe it was right after the end, when we were dancing in a circle with all of our friends and family.

14.layla.ramon.slide.253 14.layla.ramon.slide.254 14.layla.ramon.slide.258 14.layla.ramon.slide.260 14.layla.ramon.slide.261 14.layla.ramon.slide.262 14.layla.ramon.slide.264 14.layla.ramon.slide.265 14.layla.ramon.slide.266 14.layla.ramon.slide.267 14.layla.ramon.slide.268 14.layla.ramon.slide.272 14.layla.ramon.slide.273 14.layla.ramon.slide.274

Any Advice?

To enjoy the whole process and during the wedding day to have fun and not to worry about what anything that could go wrong, because the guests are not there to judge them, but to share their joy and happiness with them.

The Line Up

Photography: People Producciones
Venue: Groom’s Family Home
Brides’s Dress: Jesús Peiró
Bride’s Shoes: Bibi Lou
Hair: E Y R Peluqueras
Bride’s Jewellery: G De Joies (engagement ring)
Groom’s Outfit: Hugo Boss
Flowers: Espacios Verdes
DJ: Los Cachis
Caterers: Catering García
Tent: Evento Kit


Wedding beauty on its way!

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