10Afternoon, jewellery lovers!

Don’t worry, you’re in good company! I make no secret of the fact that rings are one of my favourite aspects of weddings! I mean, if you follow our Pinterest feed, you’ll already have realised that I can spend hours foraging through the all sparkle on Pinterest, selecting my favourites. I just feel there’s so many possibilities, so many ways to be original, to don the most incredibly set diamonds, or to make a minimal metallic statement.. I mean, it’s exciting stuff right?!

So, I thought it high time we took a look at the influx of free-spirited, unique wedding bands showing up on the scene right now! ‘Cause it’s not just about the engagement ring…

Extra Embellishment

More is more is more!

From celestial inspired pieces (which should always be paired with vows that include that gorgeous E. E. Cummings quote: ‘You are my sun, my moon and all my stars’), to Polly Wales’ sensational confetti concept bands, we’re loving the trend to totally maximalise on embellishment!


I can see your Halo

Inspired by the beautiful independent, Etsy based designer, Minimal VS, we simply cannot get enough of the halo bands. Not only are they statement in their own right, with that elegant half circle shape, but they frame your engagement stone in a harmonious curve.

Add more diamonds for the ultimate crown-like halo piece, or opt for lines of gold blasting outwards from your engagement stone for a sunrise effect that is timelessly beautiful.


Something Skinny

I mean, the skinny band will never not be a favourite, right?!

And right now, you’ll find them engraved with delicate tribal markings, elegantly shaped and often incomplete circles, which we’re in love with.

All hail the supreme skinny…


Single Showstoppers

So, here’s a thought: what about a single ring?

It’s your engagement ring, your wedding ring, the lot, all combined into one perfectly formed, all encompassing piece…

I can hear sighs of relief and contented joy from all those babes that can’t bear the feeling of multiple rings on one finger!

They’re absolute show stoppers, simultaneously combining traditional engagement ring elements (a.k.a. at least one solitaire diamond!) but with a band like feeling.

We’re all about that single ring life…

1814 9Left: Bona Drag  Right: Kate Spade NY


Unconventional Shapes

Whoever said a wedding band had to be, well, just a band?!

Things have been getting super shapely recently in the world of jewellery, from what appear to be gravity-defying earrings, to chains that span your entire décolletage and rings are no exception!

Single pieces that span half the length of one’s finger, revealing peaks of skin through their design, to hammered structures with a geometric feel for the guys…

Let your wildest dreams come to pass!


Flat Tops

We love this trend, based on the flat surface of the traditional signet ring, but with a sleek, modern twist.

In fact, my beau’s bespoke wedding band is reminiscent of this style, but with softened edges…

Add a square of black Onyx on a weighted, squared-off piece for something modern while masculine, or opt for a slim, high polished version with a single, or row of tiny diamonds, for a beautiful minimal statement.


Texture is Everything

Texture is reaching a whole new level right now when it comes to wedding bands.

From the timeless engraved sweet nothings, to bands that appear to have been intentionally set with air pockets (I’m no jeweller, but that’s the impression they give me!), or hand-wrapped bands with wonderfully intentionally visible joins, to the structured 3D aspect of Mociun’s ball ring (bear with me while I just scoop my jaw off the floor).

They’re utterly captivating and truly unique…


I dare you to choose something completely original and completely ‘you’ for your wedding band. If you didn’t have influence over your engagement ring choice, then this is your opportunity to make a statement.

IMO, your wedding ring should mean just as much to you as your engagement ring; be bold and brave in your selection!

This is the last you’ll hear from me before Christmas (Lau will be with you before then though, don’t worry!), so I’ll see y’all on the flip side, have a good one!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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