Happy Wednesday you gorgeous lot!

How nice is the weather today – it’s sooooooo hot! I will definitely be making a date with an ice cold beer tonight…………mmmmm tempted to have one right now!

Talking of beer……..there was plenty of that going around at Katie and Stu’s wedding ceremony at Glastonbury Festival. Yes GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL!

I have been so excited about sharing this wedding with you today!

Katie and Stu, along with 20 of their close friends, have been attending Glastonbury Festival for years – so much so that they practically live for it! It’s become a huge part of their relationship and some of their favourite memories as a couple have been at Glasto, either in the South East corner or partying at Shangri-la. So it’s not surprising that they wanted Glasto to be a part of their wedding celebrations and what better way than having a warm up ceremony, led by a vicar in a leopard print mini skirt, ahead of their real wedding that will be taking place in September. Such a cool idea!

All this was captured by the awesome Johnboy Wilson and what a good job he did too!

Over to Katie….

Love at Glasto…..

“We wanted to do the Glasto wedding because we have been going for years and we love Glastonbury! Each year we have up to 20 friends and we always camp in the same spot near dance/silver hayes.  We thought Glasto still had a chapel but when we found out it didn’t we still wanted to make a wedding. We love the place so much we wanted to share that with Glastonbury.” 

Katie&Stu Katie&Stu1 Katie&Stu2

Mellow yellow, a stall bought dress and dickie bows….

“I got my dress at one of the stalls near the other stage for £20 quid! Stu also bought his waist coat at the festival and the girls all brought yellow dresses with them.  None of the real bridesmaids could make the Glasto wedding so another one of my best friends Charlotte was Maid Of Honour and she was a life saver organising everyone so the boys had dickie bows/yellow dresses for girls and she also bought plastic flowers and brought them all with her. The morning of the wedding she pinned the plastic flowers to the boys and I had a bouquet and the girls had single flowers to hold too.”

Katie&Stu3 Katie&Stu4 Katie&Stu5 Katie&Stu6Katie&Stu7 Katie&Stu8 Katie&Stu9

Carry on Vicar…..

“Gaz, one of our very good friends was the vicar. He has an A in A level drama and we hadn’t planned the ceremony so we thought he would do the best job! He was great and gave a short talk about how long he has known us both (over 10 years) and had some funny jokes mainly at my expense as I have said some daft things while at school.”

Katie&Stu10 Katie&Stu11

Katie&Stu12 Katie&Stu13 Katie&Stu14 Katie&Stu15

A real glasto wedding…..

“For our official wedding we are having a Glasto theme so the table names are Pyrimid, other, Silver Haynes, Park, West Holts etc. I wanted one to be named rabbit hole and put all the piss heads on it but Stu didn’t think it was a good idea!  I think that’s a great idea Katie!! Do it (sorry Stu!)

We’ll also be printing off some of our pictures from the Glasto wedding and having them on display.”

Katie&Stu16 Katie&Stu17 Katie&Stu18

I love this wedding. What a fantastic way of including something you both love in your wedding celebrations. It may not be an ‘official’ ceremony but so what – it’s still a part of their overall celebrations and will be a day that I’m sure the guys will look back on with very smiley faces.

Katie and Stu – I may have to tag along with you next year!! You and your friends look a little bit awesome. We hope you have the most amazing wedding in September!

Massive thank you to Johnboy Wilson for sending this amazing wedding into us. You rock!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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