When I came across this rustic chic wedding with a vintage twist, captured beautifully by US based photographer Kella MacPhee, I was uber excited about sharing it with you all.

Why? Because it is simply awesome!!

Kate and Matt ‘tied the knot’ at the beautiful Rosebank Winery in Newbank, Pennsylvania and the romantic rustic setting worked perfectly with their vintage theme.

I love Kate’s delicate lace dress, her amazing vintage Juliet cap veil, the chandeliers and light shade’s hanging from the trees, the flowers in wine bottles incorporated into their handmade aisle. There are so many inspirational elements to this laid back summer wedding that I’ve already scribbled down a few ideas for mine!!

Look out for the shots with the vintage rug – AMAZING!

Kella describes the day………..

“When I arrived at rosebank winery Kate was carrying her wedding gear in a vintage suitcase and Matt was under the hood of a truck…….from that moment I knew this was going be an authentic and fun day! This is a little bit of what happens when an interior designer and a welder marry.. ……industrial vintage magic!

The sweet as can be couple were married under a tree decorated with a chandelier and lanterns hanging from it’s branches, metallic painted wine bottles tied with twine to wood declared the aisle and a band complete with a tambourine and xylophone played the couple up and down the aisle!”

Just lovely!



Many thanks to Kella MacPhee for your awesome photos and to Kate and Matt for sharing their gorgeous day with us.

Part 2 will be on the blog tomorrow so don’t be a stranger…….

I’m off to find myself a rug – how amazing were those shots!?

Happy Tuesday Guys,

Big Love,

Festival Brides x

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Wedding beauty on its way!