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We have the latest post from the lovely Rachel from Bride By The Beach to share with you today and it’s all about those men we love so much. This is her spin on groom style………with a beach twist of course! Think casual suits, bow ties, no socks and Ryan Gosling!

In case you have just joined the wonderful world of Festival Brides, Rachel is getting married in June this year and is having a wedding on the beach in Ibiza. How jealous am I? As beach weddings are trending this year we asked her if she’d keep us up to date with her wedding progress and share her beach ideas and inspiration. If you’ve missed her previous posts then you can check them out by clicking here and here!

Over to our Bride By The Beach…..

Lovely to see all your beautiful faces again!

Well the last post was all about me so today I thought I might shine some of the limelight on my handsome hubby to be aka “The Boy.”

“The Boy” found his suit last month – pheweee! And a big phewee it was as he has a very difficult build to buy for. He’s slim, tall and how can I say this nicely – a tad gangly. He has right troubles trying to find suits that fit as they are either too short on the arms, if it fits on the shoulders or too big on the shoulders but right length on the arms. Chuck in the fact that he needed to find a lightweight material, a style that fits with our boho beach vibe, and in the right shade of Blue – well you can understand his dilemma right?!

He had an idea what he was looking and sourced some inspiration from Pinterest.


Image Credit:  A Gentlesman’s Row


Image Credit: Crossigislandcoollife.tumblr.com


Image Credit: Dignity of a gentleman


Image Credit: Mensfashionworld


Image Credit: White Ibiza


Image Credit: El Pais

Clearly couldn’t resist sticking in a picture of the love God that is Ryan Gosling – doesn’t he look gorge!

We had been searching high and low for the last year hoping that the summer season would throw up some options but came up with NADA.  We even looked into tailored suits but it just didn’t fit within our budget.  Having expressed our woes to friends and family, we asked them to keep an eye out and lo and behold, we get a phone call from the Father in Law to be saying he’s just seen the perfect suit in Next – why don’t you go and check it out? And you know what? It was perfect! Lovely shade of blue, in a nice lightweight material and trousers on the right side of skinny. Yes granted it’s not the Savill’s Row of Suits but it fits perfectly, looks great and leaves enough moolah in the budget for “The Boy” to go and get a tailored made shirt. Win Win we think.

Now the next steps are the shoes. He likes the Italian loafer style but the season is just all wrong to find them in shops now, but this is kind of the style he’s looking for:


Image Credit: Deltro Shoes


Image Credit: The Style Buff

Fingers crossed we hope we can find something like these – I love the laidback look of them. If you see any that fit the brief, feel free to give me a little tinkle!

Also got my wedding styling head on at the moment – will be talking décor love next time. Hope everyone’s plans are going well!

Lots of Love,

Bride by the Beach xxx

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