35Morning gorgeous people!

Man, I hope your eyes are awake this morning, ’cause y’all are in for some SERIOUS colour with this here post! Inspired by that  picture from the Spell & Gypsy Collective’s Festival 15′ lookbook, as well as one of our very own Festival Brides from back in the November of 2013, Hollie!

Hollie, wore the most incredible dress, which she’d customised herself with pompoms, a little notion which she’s taken forward into her work, as she now owns the beautiful FloraFairweather (like, seriously, if you or a friend is a mama-to-be and you’re looking for the best crocheted baby blanket your eyes ever seen, you need to pay her etsy store a visit!).

I digress, but the point is: pompoms have just been screaming my name for last month or so, and I thought it high time we recognised that calling and wrote about our Pom-sesssion here at FBrides!

From lampshades, to headdresses, to the dress (of course!), to dressing your drinks, we’re totally pom-sessed right now, and it all started with these muses. First up, that Spell & Gypsy Collective shot, seriously doe…

50 HollieHollie’s beautiful customised dress (see more of her wedding here)

4527FloraJust one of the to-die-for cute shots from the FloraFairweather instagram feed. You NEED that sunshine in your life! For reals.


So you can understand our obsession! Pompoms are just everywhere, and can be worked across your wedding (no really, you can add pompoms to freakin’ ANYTHING) and in two, rather different colour palettes.

But let’s start with the dresses. OH, the dresses!

Ain’t nothing more boho cool, more beach babe perfect and more dang cute than a pompom trim.

Chloè knows it, For Love and Lemons knows it, and we sure as hell know it!

39 40Left: Fashioned by Love  Right: For Love and Lemons

117 10Left: Nordstrom  Right: Kate Towers

6Work it with loose braids, big, engraved silver bangles and turquoise stones – à la Gypsy.

Or with flats, a golden tan and a straw hat – à la beach cool.

The pompom trimmed wedding dress is chic, but it’s laid back. Those lil’ fluffy balls of gorgeousness are a statement of absolute chill. They’re a little bit playful, a lot a bit bohemian and just the ultimate it-girl effortless embellishment.

I told you, didn’t I?!

We. Are. Pom-sessed.

43 33Left: Fashion Passions  Right: Daily Look

Not forgetting of course, the accessories.

Babes, your dress is important (duh), but your accessories? They’re like make or break.

And FYI; pompoms will MAKE!

I died when I discovered this AMAZING INCREDIBLE RADICULOUS (there really is no better adjective!) veil by Ann Marie Faulkner.

I mean, a pompom trim veil?! You have my whole heart, girl!

(Also, FYI, Ann Marie’s entire collection is just beyond. If you’re not sure whether to get a veil in your life, you certainly will be once you’ve paid her a visit!)

444948OK, so I know this headdress is a little out there, but I’m totally game if you are?!

I’m thinking, maybe not ceremony (although, like I say if you’re game, I’m backin’ you 100%, girl! Such a rad statement!) but it’s totally late-night-party-worthy! You’ve eaten that incredible meal, the speeches have all been made (and well done guys, really, good job!) and tipi is now in full swing, music is pumpin’, granddad’s cracking out some bad boy moves and, to be perfectly honest? You just wanna change it up, have some fun and get your rave on, girl.

THIS headdress. That is all.

OR! If you’re dreaming of a slightly (understatement) more chilled reception vibe, you might wanna throw this round your shoulders as you snuggle up by that camp fire with your guests, late into the night…

371328 47Left: Billabong  Right: Mara Hoffman

3015We are loving life this morning!

So much world-inspired goodness going on right here. This pompom adorned jewellery just screams ‘exotic’!

Earrings, shoes, necklaces… We want it all! (But, it’s worth noting, not all at once! Keep it subtle, babes!)

Oh and a pompom laden bag tassel? Yes.

It’ll brighten up and bohemian up any bridal clutch bag for major festival vibes.



Love love love that straw bag. It’d make the perfect overnight bag for your maid of honour to deliver to your honeymoon suite, because I mean, hello? A bride needs to look super chic, albeit chilled for breakfast the next day!

And on that note, wedding night?

Yeah, pompoms are a given.

This sheer gown, though. Hearts for eyes.

38Simon Bolz, www.simonbolz.comLeft: Ella and Cee Bride  Right: Tara Firma

I can safely say, ‘You’re welcome, boyo!’

Your groom will love this simple, yet bohemian playfulness.

I mean, can I get a ‘witt woo’ or what!?

Moving on to your mini maids, and pompoms are (yes, you guessed it) just everything!

9125 32Left: J Crew  Right: Shop Belle

Really, do I need to even say anything?!

Pompom trims and little cotton dresses were a match forged at the beginning of time.

Whether you work a little Parisian chic into her look with a mini monochrome shift dress, a pop of neon, or keep it super girly and beautiful with a cream pompom on a dusky pink… She’ll look insanely cute.

Hashtag can I take her home?

Enough! Enough of my broodiness, I say!

Let’s talk decor and let’s kick things off with lighting…

161817There’s some cray-cray inspiration out there for statement pompom lighting right now.

So, whether it’s taking a lampshade frame and covering it like your life depends on it with a rainbow of pompoms, or taking a simple white paper lantern, and adorning it with lengths of white pompom trim… They are fabulous and sure to make a beautifully original feature in any tipi/barn/woodland!

1920 29Left: Crochet  Right: Mia Kinoko

14And, if you’re all over that wedding lounge trend, like us, then you’ll be looking for some low slung seating options right? Or maybe you’re just looking to boho-up the sofas already available to you?

Whelp. You guessed it. Get your mama, your mama-in-law-to-be, granny, bridesmaids, hell even your groom can surely make a pompom!? And attach to the corners, or add trim to the edges of any oversized floor cushion, or throw cushion for instant colour and a cool and eclectic look!

Don’t fall for the prices often attached to pompom adorned pieces in store, simple plain cushions are so easily customised for a fraction of the cost!

322 21Left: Babble  Right: Martha Stewart

23Yes! Even your cocktails!

Be it a drink stirrer, an adornment for your guest’s glass or a super easy, inexpensive garland for your mini bar (really, guys you can buy this trim in any colour, for pennies, by the metre on ebay!)…

Whatever the question, ‘pompom’ is the answer.

Escort cards? Yeah, baby! Pompom!

3134Potted succulent favours? Oh YEAH, baby! Pompom!

Napkin rings? (You get the idea) Pompom!

241LOVE this idea.

So often we see couples using frames to display table numbers, the menu, photos of the happy couple growing up… You know the drill.

So you could imagine our glee when we found this frame alternative! Simply print your sign/photo, back it with something a little stronger (thick card, or maybe a little MDF board, if you want it to be substantial) and glue on your pompom trim.

Swoon-worthy, right?

And, of course, it goes without saying (like, really, I don’t even need to say this, not sure why I’m bothering!) that if you’re featuring a little mini tipi den for your smaller guests, you’ll be adorning it with pompoms, right?!

Good. I knew you had that covered already.

25 42Left: You are the River   Right: Pinterest

41And this garland? I need this garland in my life. Exactly now. Delivered to my front door. Please.

So, ‘Whatever’ might be a bit of an anti-bride type notion for your big day, but y’all could totally recreate a slightly more amorous version of this sign without too much trouble (I’m thinking card letters, string, a shh tonne of glue and a bag of those kids crafting pompoms? If y’all want a DIY for it, holler at me!)

SO! In conclusion. If you get asked a question today, POMPOM is the answer.

Except maybe when your beau asks what you’d like for breakfast.

Or when your boss asks if you’re having a productive morning.

But, anything else: POMPOM.

Keep your eyes peeled for March’s DIY next week too you guys! You better believe we’re gonna be hittin’ up some pompoms and we’ll be wearing jewels by one of our all-time favourite designers (they’re TOTALLY bride-worthy!)

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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