Do you all remember our post on Sussex Love Bug? If you missed it then check the story out here.. Such a cute bug and perfect transport for a hippy inspired festival wedding!! Now Kelly has taken the plunge to go self employed and launch a range of events and fairs under her brand name ‘Belle’. Here is her story in her words!!
Earlier in the year my boss asked me to run an event to get Hove Town Hall recognised as a great venue. I immediately thought about a wedding fair, I generally haven’t enjoyed the ones I have been to in the past and haven’t had great experiences showing Belle at them either. Obviously it was quite cheeky of me, but that’s the way I am, so I approached my boss about doing a vintage wedding fair where I could have the car out the front. After she had agreed I set my sites on creating not only a fantastic vintage wedding fair but also a great day out for brides and their wedding party.

Helen from Doily Days and I decided around this time to hold a wedding suppliers networking evening in Brighton, this really helped get the ball rolling with people knowing who I was and what I was planning on doing. Soon enough I had plenty of enquiries flooding in and excel, a former stranger to me became my new best friend.

So, Belles Vintage Wedding Fair at Hove Town Hall in May this year was my first event and it’s ‘fair’ to say, sorry, that is was a great success, I had plenty of fantastic feedback from suppliers and brides. I was so chuffed when over 500 wonderful, friendly people came through the doors, especially as it was the same day as the Children’s Parade in Brighton and it was bad weather. Most of the suppliers were asking me to do another one and I was receiving e-mails from brides disappointed that they had missed it and asking when was it happening again.

I think the reason it worked so well because all the suppliers had fun doing it, I don’t have many rules, just turn up, set up and enjoy the day. I would love to mention everyone that came but there are too many, we had photographers, stationers, dresses, milliners, entertainment, ice cream, free cava on entry, the beetle, stylists, make up artists, cine film makers, a candy cart, a photo booth, the list goes on. The next Belle Vintage Wedding Fair is taking place on 9th September at Hove Town Hall. Check out all the fab suppliers here

Due to all the demand and meeting so many fantastic, like-minded suppliers I decided to arrange another fair, not through work this time but on my lonesome. I approached Brighton Unitarian Church, I had driven a bride there a month before and was taken with what a delightful place to get married it is. The church is in the centre of Brighton and is simply stunning, but not many people were getting married there, I had a chat with the administrator about doing a bridal event to help promote the church, and so Belles Bridal Bazaar was born. (The next Bazaar takes place on Saturday 20th October)

Shortly after, the wonderful ladies, Charlie and Emily of Brighton Bridal Boot Fayre called me to say that they no longer had the time to carry on the Boot Fayre and so would I be willing to take their baby and keep it going, how could I turn that down??

Yet more ideas were brewing, and a meeting with Proud Cabaret in Brighton has led to a very exciting event which will be happening on Nov 7th, ‘Wedding Belle’s Reception’ which is a showcasing night for wedding entertainers and performers, they get the chance to promote themselves to a club full of brides-to-be and their friends. It’s set to be a great night, not just for people planning their weddings but for anyone who loves a good old wedding reception, I might have to squeeze in to my wedding dress! Tickets will be on sale for this event shortly on the Proud Cabaret site.

All this was taking up a lot of time and with 2 children under 6, a teenage stepdaughter waiting for her GSCE results, a house, a husband and a part time job, I began to feel the pressure. Last week I decided that something had to go, it was the part time job, so on Monday, I gave my notice in and took my holiday so I could leave that day….

So this is week 1 of running Belles Events and Sussex Love Bug as my new full time job, and I couldn’t be happier….or busier!!


Belle’s Vintage Wedding Fair – 9th September 2012,  12-5pm

Belle’s Bridal Bazaar – 20th October 2012, 12-5pm

Wedding Belle’s Reception – 7th November 2012, from 8pm /

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