Happy Monday everyone – hope you all had a good weekend.

Mine was fab! Saw my sister for the first time in her wedding dress (she’s getting married in August next year) and she looked absolutely stunning. Obviously I can’t tell you anything about the dress apart from it’s perfect! Very VERY excited about her wedding – it’s all coming together!

Also, Kel and I went to the Designer Wedding Show yesterday and had a really lovely day meeting wedding industry peeps and going all gooey over dresses that we can’t afford! We also met a very clever young lady with a very unique business which we can’t wait to share with you! Watch this space!

Today’s independent love song is taking you back to the late 60’s early 70’s and is from, what I believe, is an album every music lover should listen too: VU by the Velvet Underground.

You may recognise this song from the film Juno which, coincidentally, also has a great soundtrack that’s worth a listen!

I’m Sticking With You is playful, simple and beautiful. It has a lovely innocence to it that reminds me of those first few exciting months in a relationship when you want to spend every possible minute with each other!

It’s quirkiness is charming and I think it will make a great alternative first dance love song.

Enjoy guys :0)

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Wedding beauty on its way!