A day late on this one guys.. But yesterday we featured Craig and Lianne’s amazing festival wedding. Part 2 is up later today!! This song is lovely and chilled.. Just what I need to hear on this hazy morning!! Enjoy…..

Lianne says – ‘Good story this – I decided probably about a year before the wedding that the first dance would be to Tindersticks’ ‘Buried Bones’.  We both love the band and it’s about the most romantic song they have (whilst still not really being very romantic at all).  The weekend before the wedding we were at End of the road Festival, we found ourselves on the Saturday night, a bit drunk, dancing at a forest disco and an extended mix of Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac came on.  We both shouted at each other ‘this would make a great first dance song’.  And it did!’


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Wedding beauty on its way!