Whilst I was travelling in 2008, Bob went to go and see The Guillemots at the O2 Wireless Festival and rang me while they were playing this song! I think I was in Thailand at the time and I’d never heard of them before. All I remember is Bob screaming ‘These are the Guillemots – they’re awesome!’ and then hearing your usual blurred festival noises with music in the background!

After that, on Bob’s recommendation, my Dad brought all of their albums out with him when my parents came to visit me in Australia and I uploaded all 3 of them onto my iPod. I have been hooked ever since!

This song in particular I love because it reminds me of Bob (pass the sick bucket I hear you cry!), but also because it is such a feel good love song with great lyrics that everyone can relate too. You will be smiling by the end!

A perfect alternative first dance love song for an off-beat couple.


Ps Sao Paulo and Annie Let’s Not Wait – two more great songs that are worth a listen from the Guillemots

If you have any suggestions for next weeks Independent Love Song then please let me know!

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